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Sie Sep 2017
You ****** her.
You promised that would never happened.
You ****** her right next to me.
It was my birthday.
You ****** her and didn't care about me.
You didn't even seem to care.
You ****** her.
You broke me.
I can see it happening
I can see you looking at me
I can see you deciding I didn't matter
You ****** her
And you knew it would break me
Every little thing I've done for you
Spoiled you
Loved you
I loved you
But you didn't love me
Because you ****** her
Sie Aug 2017
It's been months if not a year since it's been this bad.
The marks are up and down my legs with no remorse.
Dark red lines that will catch anyone's  eye.
It's not like life  hasn't been rad
I just have no path no course
I had forgotten how addictive it was  to be this sad.
Y'all  I'm okay I promise just a rough patch in life.
Sie Jul 2017
I do believe in love at first sight.
I remember the exact second I saw you.
It was even better when we actually met.
You saved me from myself so many times. You're still doing it too.
All our dumb pictures still hang on my wall.
I fell in love with you that first day of band class.
As we hung out more you became the best friend I didn't really have. You were always there. I am so thankful for you.
Even to this day almost 2 years later I still love you.
My little goth baby
You have always been in my heart.
I destroyed everything except my love for you.
That's why I haven't let go.
No matter what he say or what I've done. Absolutely nothing can't take you from my heart.
Sie Jul 2017
I have your letters sitting next to my pillows.
I wonder if you burned the ones I sent to you.
I'm caught up in a world without you.
I'll wait for you under the willows.
Reading your words now I could see you falling back in love with me.
Why was I so blind?
Baby I hurt you without thinking.
The agony of him pulling me away from you and every friend I've ever had.
I may not get any of that back.
All I really want is you.
I read those letters now and I'm left alone sobbing.
I refuse to be another one of his little play things anymore.
I hold on if its for you.
Our letters will never leave me.
Letter to the the girl I love.
Koda baby its taken me too long to realize what I was doing but now I swear that I will always have you in my heart. Nobody can replace you.
Koda I love you. I mean these words with all of my heart.
Sie May 2017
I wish you would talk to me
I want to be the one to fix your pain
Even if it was me who was the key
To all rain
And the hatred in your brain

I was trapped in a world of his making
Somewhere i thought i could be happy
He even gave me a ring
Be happy
Im not happy

But it was you who stayed in my thoughts
I cried and dreamed of my best friend
A girl I fell in love with but we got caught
In a twisted web we thought was our end
I love you...Send

Koda if only you could read this I wamt you to know. I care. I wont give up on you. Not again. Not evet again. I. Love you with all my heart. Even if you dont love me anymore. i broke up with him it. Was causing to much. Knowing you are in pain.
Im sorry my love if i am a bother
I just want a real chance wheb i finially will give myself that chance. But its probably to little to late.
I want you
Sie Feb 2017
She was always there for me even when I hurt myself.
I thought she would be there no matter what.
Except I let myself so what I do best.
Break peoples hearts
**** I want to die
I want my best friend back.
Every ******* day.
Hey I forgot to tell you how much I love you.
Please don't forget about me.
**** I want to dissapear
come back babygirl i never got the chance to show you how deep I can love
I'd say I'm sorry but that fixes nothing.
I'd say I love you but you wouldn't care.
I'd say anything about you and everyone thinks I'm a *****.
Sie Jun 2016
We were like a pair of marches at first started aflame quick and bright yet we kept going even after we burned out
After the hurt
The ******* that wasn't done with each other
The angry words ***** ****  
The night of bruised knuckles and empty bottles
We kept going that's what was wrong with us we held on too tight
I shouldn't have gone back again
Holding on to tight sometimes cause wounds
These wounds they are never gonna close
He took me into the dark and he made me into nothing
Now he got what he wanted and then left
And I'm here violated and worth nothing anymore
Just another *****
I hate him
I hate him so much
For what he did to me
He's the reason I'm not okay
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