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Spires of dreams, space,
Time, to see beyond the seen,
A fourth dimension,
Daily we take a quantum leap.
Spacetime is just a mathematical object.
Who can escape the hanging pendulum?
Back and forth it and we go.
Does time flow at different rates
At different points in space?
Time relative to beyond the known,
General relativity predicts
What is yet unpredictable.
Is life itself just a mathematical theory?
In spires of dreams all is possible.
Nov 30 · 26
My Prayer
S R Mats Nov 30
Help me to first see the blessing in all things.
Help me to show appreciation for even the smallest thing.
Help me to know the satisfying feeling of sincere gratitude.
Help me to rise above adversity and show true grace.
Help me to know the happiness of hidden good works.
Help me to know the bliss of helping when no other human is watching.
Help me to know the joy of giving in ways that no one else may see.
Help me to win over the dejected, the downtrodden with only a smile.
Help me to lift-up others, especially the depressed & the lonely.
Help me to smooth, sooth, and comfort the frazzled ends in others' lives.
Help to listen quietly more often even when I've heard it before.
Help me to find lost souls seeking to be found as they are ready to be.
Help me to be truly kind to each human and to all other creatures.
Help me to show that even the most lowly among us has value.
Help me to see beauty where others are repulsed by appearances.
Help me to always appreciate that there is amazing beauty in human diversity.
Help me to acknowledge and see the value of the cultures of this world.
Help me to not fear touching others, whether the heart or the hand.
Help me to do these things regardless of reward or acknowledgement.
S R Mats Nov 25
It is the little things that get broken
China, a glass, toys,

A heart.

It is the little things that get lost
A button, your car keys,

A heart.

It is the little things which bring joy
Touching your hand, you touching me,

Love from the heart.

It is the little things which remain unspoken
I love you more than life itself.
S R Mats Nov 23
The scent of new snow
To Inhale exquisite
Hints of other worlds
Nov 23 · 230
Maturation, 7/31/2016
S R Mats Nov 23
Under the burning cranberry sky

Sat and watched
As sherbet, which I so love,


With its raspberry, orange, fading


Peach.  I want to dip a spoon
In to gather a large bite of

Nov 22 · 40
Grandchildren Growing
S R Mats Nov 22
I wish your feet were little again.
And I could kiss your chubby tiny toes.
Then watch the flutter of your butterfly eyes
And kiss your sweet pug nose.
Nov 22 · 57
a Haiku, 7/4/2017
S R Mats Nov 22
The scent of new snow
Hints of other worlds
*not traditional haiku
S R Mats Nov 22
You were not Captain America.
You were not Captain Hero.
You were my downfall. 
You were Captain Undertow.

If one cannot heal one's own heart 
How can one heal the heart of another?
But power does not dwell in a vacuum.

I thought it was my duty to heal you. 
I tried so hard; my mission taken seriously!
It took me many long pain-filled years
To see that you did not want to be saved. 

We could not heal our own hearts, could we?
How could we heal the hearts of one another?
The power vacuum continued to dwell in us, lovers.

And yet, we needed each other.
S R Mats Nov 22
Bright tambourine shaker, where are you?
Shake over me, shake.  Fill this desert!

Sift the sands around my lonely oasis.
Dig up all its well-hidden treasures.

Come into me unfurled, unfettered.
Find the delights, measure by measure.

Searching hands seek to interlace
As vines, among a secret grove, this garden.

The arms of a mighty cedar, you 
Are still strong, though grown old.

Never mind that.  Come home.
Dwell here and stay forever. O, stay!

My nomad, become the vine that wraps me
By the heat of day and cold of night, stay.

Become my incidental canopy of full cover 
For your every whim and unspent pleasure.

I make the music, give the bursting springs
Within this isolated place of treasures.
Nov 21 · 161
Captured Love, 9/2018
S R Mats Nov 21
So, it would seem, yes it would seem,
My fellow, you have been caught
Between the wings.
Between the wings, my lover,
Like some flitting thing.
A buzz and a hum
Between fingers and thumb
You are such an amazing specimen.
Nov 21 · 34
How To Make Poetry
S R Mats Nov 21
A taste, a sight, a sound, a smell,
A touch, a feel, a thought, a breath,
A life, a death, a being, or nothing at all.

Within a mind almost devoid of thought
These begin to swirl and paint the words
On the canvas of a mind.
Nov 21 · 23
Night Tides
S R Mats Nov 21
At the water's edge
A crow keeps watch
For what I do not know,

Yet it calls out
Every now and then
As if to give a warning.

The light tides
Rising and falling
As though breathing.

I hear, feel, the waves plight
As they struggle to move,
To gain any kind of momentum,

A sound like gasping.
Then with sudden stillness
All is quiet except for gentle lapping.
S R Mats Nov 21
There is gold in the wings,
This Gossamer, which floats and stings
Hanging as if on invisible strings

Suspended in nothing but air it seems.
My mind tries to catch the wonder of this thing
But it sips then zips and always eludes me.
Nov 18 · 251
S R Mats Nov 18
A watchful cat sleeps
The small mouse skitters forward
The sly cat smiles knowingly
He soon will have his dinner
Nov 18 · 56
Haiku 9-23-2019
S R Mats Nov 18
A woodlouse strolling
The spider watches from strands
Vibrations are gone
Nov 18 · 38
Haiku #2
S R Mats Nov 18

Cherry blossoms fall
Pink carpets my bamboo hat
Smiles float on lips
Nov 18 · 282
Haiku 1-13-2020
S R Mats Nov 18
Your hate throws large rocks
My hope is greater than fear
I go for a hug
Nov 8 · 68
S R Mats Nov 8
On the dry and empty ground
Covered in stubble brittle and bleached
Nothing exciting could have ever happened
In this barren place.
Yet, there, beneath them lay clues all around
Pointing to the ancient just within reach,
By an inquiring mind who goes out to seek.
They were men of that sort on bended knee.
The wastes between the Dead Sea
And beyond the Gulf of Aqaba pleaded,
"I am lost, come find me."
So, they unpacked their shovels, brushes & trowels,
At the foot of sandstone cliffs and started to dig.
Together with the Bedouins, the group slept on
A ground covered in their robes.  Strewn about lay
Piles of black ****, byproduct of copper smelting
Beckoning.  So, they ate the unleavened bread,
Just as did the freed Israelites who were fleeing Egypt. 
But then, of course.  Nothing ever happened here.
S R Mats Nov 6
Seeing you once again,
So very much makes me long
For that sweetness of your sting

And the heat, which throbs bright red
Pumping out an intoxicating cocktail
To rush throughout my skin.

Who knew such poison could be 'friend'?
Desires now past are to become craved.
I **** my throbbing wound going to the grave.

Yet, I do not mourn, I do not rage nor rave.
It is done and I am too satisfied to die
With you upon my lips.
S R Mats Nov 6
My memories, like lightning bugs,
flash then disappear from my imagery.
Redundancies of an aging mind; an hourglass
with only inches left.
“We become contemporaries with our own ancestors”
and taking a close seat,
We listen for lessons, for understanding and,
perhaps, forgiveness both ways.
Time like a sunflower, which slowly dries,
blown by winds singularly drops seed.
Birds flock, open-beaked, break open substance,
leaving random survivors to sprout.
In a dark field clouded by time my eyes try to focus
to read the code flashing
As grains drop among this tall stand of acres
and acres of glowing sunflowers.

This is the true format which gets truncated on this site.  Drives me crazy, LOL!

My memories, like lightning bugs, flash then disappear from my imagery;
Redundancies of an aging mind; an hourglass with only inches left.
“We become contemporaries with our own ancestors” and taking a close seat,
We listen for lessons, for understanding and, perhaps, forgiveness both ways.

Time like a sunflower, which slowly dries, blown by winds singularly drops seed.
Birds flock, open-beaked, break open substance, leaving random survivors to sprout.
In a dark field clouded by time my eyes try to focus to read the code flashing
As grains drop among this tall stand of acres and acres of glowing sunflowers.
S R Mats Nov 2
With the tide, coming in, going out
The boat rises and falls
Like our gentle rocking.
Rising and falling
Like your chest does now.
I lay my heard on you,
Listen to a heart that pounds
Afterwards.  You cradle me
In the warm ocean of love.
Nov 2 · 297
After Me
S R Mats Nov 2
I grew and it made more room for me
But it also made more room for you.

Did you actually think you found love
After me? You left for her, after all.

If I could I would tell you what I know:
Love expands, it lifts up, it wants the best,

It guides our paths through darkness.
Love illuminates the way as it opens up.

It does not implode after you have died.
True love never dies no matter how one tried.
Nov 1 · 40
Life With You
S R Mats Nov 1
We climb the stars
Make honey in our hearts
Mad as a jack rabbit
We leap into dark holes
Walk among winged creatures
Quiver in our skins
And swear that we can fly
Feather light on love alone
I'm pretty sure I posted this poem previously.  However, I couldn't find it.  So . . .
S R Mats Oct 26
My trust is left as fragile as a spider web,
Yet, my love was as strong as a single thread,
As strong as a steel girder in one of your buildings.
When you hurt me, it seemed that the dark night
Would never stop trembling within me.
I was left to sleep outdoors with our children.

My heart lay in my chest bruised and wounded.
For a while it was black and putrid with hatred.
This was not the man that I knew so well,
Fell in love with, happily married.  No, some
Evil "other" put poison into the vein to overpower.
As the fang bites deeper and they secure the grip.

The bite perfected with each attempt, at first
That which was only a snag of a fang held until
Both fangs could drip a poisonous brew into you.
Threads of the web slowly broken by her design
To envenomate and poison a "forever-bound" love.
She said, "Let me free you from the web.  

Here, taste this."
This poem certainly says what I feel, but feel it needs to be more succinct.  I may rework it to distill and refine it.
S R Mats Oct 19
Through lessons learning, at times hard,
The young man makes note within his personality,
Files it away for later days to work on.
And he continues with life with only a flicker of recall.

Sometime during his 60s he flips through the files
Seeking to amend some deficiency there in
And finds the file on his lack of patience, his lack
Of understanding, his deep-seated prejudices.

Thus, he sets to work.  By the end of his lifespan
He is at long last a decent enough human being.
So late.  But too late?  Those who come to know this man
Think only of the loving, patient, and open-minded man
Which they see before them.  Redemption is sweeter than pride.
Oct 15 · 92
Kulhads Mitti Attar
S R Mats Oct 15
Rain-scented perfume, this
Aromatic smell of rain-soaked earth
Monsoon-infused, centuries-old.

A man turns his head towards the laughter
As he crushes a batch of ancient clay.
Knowingly his attention returns to his family.

It is the smell of the baked, parched soil
When the first rains arrive after the drought
Which concerns the artisan of scented oils.

The enticing fragrance fills the air
With each precious drop of heavy syrup
Eked from the ages, eked from eternity.

Captured in the tiny bottle, power-filled.
The process has survived the fall of civilizations
And empires and conquerors.

It is said to have healing powers.
Aged like the land and its ancient people,
Deep and rich, the liquor of the essence of time.

It must come from this land, this people.
Oct 15 · 63
A Sudden Loss of Self
S R Mats Oct 15
Different moments throughout our lives,
The passing of time, who we are changing
Throughout the years, evolving, letting go 
Are not unlike the participating self-evolvement
Over the course of living. Yet, disease takes away
These basic anchors of reality, time, and place,
And all the coordinates that we rely on
In every moment of our lives are suddenly lost.
Oct 15 · 187
Guardians of The Sun
S R Mats Oct 15
Once the ribbons of colors, layered
Peach, tangerine, deep lavender,
(Which cradled the struggling sun)
Decide the child has grown enough
Up and out into the world's view
It slides breaking free of its bands.
It is a new day, and it reigns in glory
In the clear blue of the sky of day.
Oct 14 · 240
Parle moi d’Amour
S R Mats Oct 14
Out of rosebud lips
Set in honey-hued skin
Love begins to speak, again.

And to hearts it whispers,
"Now listen to me friend."
Then leads that heart astray.

Within windows of desire,
Now flung open wide, it inspires
Many a Billet Doux, sweet love notes

Written from me to you.
Oct 8 · 54
A Continuum of Time
S R Mats Oct 8
At times I catch glimpses of my own mortality.
The fact that although I am present in this moment
I will be gone and become the past.  A memory.
At least one could, would, should hope for that.

Family, those present and gone are always, in effect, present
With me.  My ancestors live large in my life because I choose
To remember their existence, that they acted, were once here.
And thus, it is I who, now, hope to remain, if only in this way.

Yes, it's a surreal way to live.  Past and present meld into future.
And one never knows who it is that will make the choice
To recall, call the name, think upon some act once engaged in.
Yet, we all live side by side in a continuum of time.
S R Mats Oct 4
Her fears rise-up like a great angry bird suddenly
Flapping black wings. Flitting here, then there.
Glimpses of what had been, what was, what might be.
But these are only the shadows of clouded eyes
Dulled with age and thickened in time.
Held within a brain dulled and thickened the same.
Shadows had darkened her life before,
Throughout her almost 90 years.  Now once more
They were back like an unwanted friend,
Yet these had never really been real
Only in that they now grip her life.
Sep 30 · 275
To Mourn an Ancient Tree
S R Mats Sep 30
Eons and generations
Come and go.  You remained,
Standing in freezing cold,
Through withering heat.
Sunrises and sunsets
Marked the days and nights.
Comets streamed past,
You, looking skyward to witness.
You became a beautiful green meteor
Falling to earth.
Sep 30 · 51
What Is a Weed, Truly
S R Mats Sep 30
There are weeds that exists only
In the minds of short-sighted ones
Who fails to see their beauty.
Sep 29 · 61
S R Mats Sep 29
This chapter is now closed.
Relegated to the last vestiges,
Foggy scenes through time's mist.
Memories can become happier,

Now faded and worn.
Time's safe place, fuzzy and warm
Is like a sweater that you only pull out
For a season then pack away until next time.
Sep 27 · 798
Dancing With Daddy
S R Mats Sep 27
When I was a teen you Texas two-stepped me around the floor
When the family went to Eddie's Country Ballroom.  
You insisted we learn to dance.
"Just relax.  Follow me." you'd say "1-2-3, 1-2-3, see?" And I did.
When older, you walked me down the aisle of Grace Episcopal Church.
As we slowly stepped in metered step, we moved down the aisle in a kind of a dance.
"Just lean on me." you said.  And I did.
Sep 27 · 141
Season 5
S R Mats Sep 27
The warning was clear
If you leave
You can never come back
And with that
They killed off the character
Sep 27 · 52
Rotten to The Bone
S R Mats Sep 27
His words wrapped around my very bones
Their underpinning became fragile
And began to crack and crumble

Just as the empty shell of an egg brakes apart
With a sudden thwack

His words stabbed deep into my heart and back
Like some black worm gnawing at the roots
The plant we grew together withers and dies
Sep 25 · 60
You Hurt Me, Today
S R Mats Sep 25
At times we are all fragile.
Casual words spoken at the time
Can cut to the bone
Leaving you hurt and feeling alone.

It's not another's responsibility to nurture you.
Only you can keep "you" from feeling like a fool.
Thus, tap deep into the core of who you really are
And all the good you may have wished to do.

Then ask yourself: What part did I play
In making the world the worse or better today?
Could my next actions alter those next casual words
Said with such disregard or even said in mirth?

The only "I" that is within my own control
Is the better "I" that slowly comes to the old.
That which has the hardest time erasing pasts acts
Can bring the knowledge that all things change and pass.

Even self-worth.
S R Mats Sep 17
Should an army of emotions
Set up a camp against me
My heart will not fear
Though war break out against me
Even then, I will not fear
My confidence is a stronghold
When you are near.
Sep 17 · 44
S R Mats Sep 17
When I hear that piece I will think of you.
The fading memory will start anew.
Recessed within a heart and mind
I soon will find,
Sep 17 · 133
S R Mats Sep 17
Love ignited flames, the torch threw
Sleep sweet, my Only - to rise anew
Faith & steady hope, I know to be true

But, my Only, I will be missing you
For my love, my Only, you died too soon
And I will wait, if need be, for an eternity
Inspired by the death of my ex-husband.
Sep 12 · 57
Moon, Shadow & Light
S R Mats Sep 12
Moon, intermingle all shadows and light,
Your underbelly glows, bathed in warmth
Your earth is washed in glow even in the night

With an unobstructed horizon, I see you peeking
Until the bright yellow sun comes creeping
And all past is the unquiet sky of storm
Sep 12 · 90
Lavender Nights
S R Mats Sep 12
Night, crowded with a pale haze, a lavender mystery
Even darkness was grateful that the moon wasn't having it
As it beamed through low whispered wind and intrigue intermingling
Continue your deep slumber, uninterrupted by any queries or controversies
The last few lights go out as dreams are counted one by one, longings promised
Yet, unfulfilled and unfulfillable when the night sky has other plans for sleeping heads
The oldest secrets are explained in unknown languages in encrypted symbols held within a fog
Across galaxies streaming onwards from its origins into the present constellations of understanding
The moon and its mythology wrap the night around a soul that wants to hide among the warm lavender night
The format, which isn't possible here, is one of short to long by the end of the poem.  I love the dramatic effect.
S R Mats Sep 4
Dream about it,
Then pray for forgiveness,
Why shouldn't you?  I do.

Just a bite of the forbidden fruit
And the poison would rush in
Throughout our veins

This is a study in futility
For neither of us will bite
Even to die in one another's arms
Sep 4 · 32
What of Sunrise
S R Mats Sep 4
As all the lovely birds fly by, and
I am held, breathless, in this moment
Transfixed to the beauty of time and space
And the continuum of time and times and tides;
Across a sky lit by the morning sunrise.
I am caught in the thought, "What is a sunrise?"
It is a sight out the window of life, yes.  Thus,
As the earth slowly turns we get to watch it go by
Ever so slowly and we think we are seeing the sun "rise."
And thus "the world turns" imperceivable in its orbit,
A blue orb in a graceful dance with a bright orange orb.
All the lovely birds have since flown into the morning;
While standing here still I am wondering,
"What is a sunrise, really?
Sep 4 · 52
Eternal Continues
S R Mats Sep 4
Ringing tones
Water flow
Plane flown
Things that go
Sometimes fast,
Sometimes slow,
Life goes on and on
Sep 4 · 463
Death Watch
S R Mats Sep 4
Watching a death can consume you
With each heaving breath.  Is this the last?
Where the death rattle that is said will come?
When will the peace, the angelic expression,
Spread across the pale tortured face?
I have seen it, and yet I watch and wonder,
When, when, when both our release?
Sep 4 · 686
Dying Love, Slowly
S R Mats Sep 4
Fade away flowers,
Just as my love has.
Do not return to grip me
In illusions, in delusions of love.

Brittle each leaf, each rotting bloom
Live for an eternity in this box;
Until the garbage heap consumes you
Just as my love has me.
Aug 21 · 279
A Travel in Time
S R Mats Aug 21
Somewhere, I may never have traveled,
Haunts my memory in foggy dreams

I smell the fire in the fireplace burning
I see the cabin door swinging

Outside the snow that had fallen
Lies melting, hardening to ice

Mountain air fills my lungs and exhilarates
With the smell of pine and of juniper and cedar

A distant crow's caw brings me back to reality
And I am suddenly in the snow at the door of a cabin

Somewhere I may never have traveled to
Aug 20 · 91
S R Mats Aug 20
Grape kisses
On eyelids
Purple shimmers
Across the cheeks
Button nose aglow
Eyes that sparkle
Mine and yours
We walkthrough
An exquisite tunnel  
Cascading with flowers
Of wisteria tunnels
I lead you out
You want to stay
Forever, you say
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