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13.4k · Mar 2015
The Hand's Communication
S R Mats Mar 2015
When Dona died
The spring grasses yellowed,
Our cheeks ashen.  Her hair became a little redder
In our minds.  The boy and the man strained

Under the constraints
Of communication.  What was the sign
For "everything will be alright"?  "Fine,"
Yes, you should say, "Fine."  That is better.

Better than just, "okay".
9.0k · Mar 2015
Queen Bumblebee - A Life
S R Mats Mar 2015
Six months on, and hundreds of offspring later,
She is much too languid to even move.

The listless queen bee is stung repeatedly;
Her own children have seemingly turned on her.

Once good and dead she is tossed from the nest.
Merciless? Or mercy killing?

I will leave you to decide.
7.2k · Mar 2015
S R Mats Mar 2015
You said, "I love you."
I hear your echoes even now;

Although our love has fallen.  Down
With the trappings of human sentiment.

Who needs LOVE, anyway?  Not
Not sure this is a finished piece...
6.7k · Mar 2015
S R Mats Mar 2015
"Handsome fellow,"
She said.  Blue-black,
Eyes of knowing, cocked
Head, he is peering
At her with certainty.
"Caw!" His answer of love.
6.4k · Mar 2015
Sparkle, Shine
S R Mats Mar 2015
Forget all those stars.  You are the stars!
And you are the light of eons traveling,
Unraveling trails across time to light my sky.
6.3k · May 2015
S R Mats May 2015
Walking alone day after day.  I am a regular.
The giraffes know.  The elephants remember.

The carousel and I go round and round, chasing;
Never catching anything or anyone.  You are gone.

The monkeys at the zoo could never be true to you,
They told me so.  I felt quite sad about it.
Ah, the mysteries of poetry, not always knowing where the fruitage came from.
5.8k · Mar 2015
Lives Living Life Fight
S R Mats Mar 2015
The unfortunate things take our Lives.
They storm the castle walls of Living,
And run like hordes throughout Life.
We, at times, are too lazy to Fight.
5.8k · Mar 2015
Unrealistic Securities
S R Mats Mar 2015
Shark and Grizzly wander in and out

More so than psychotic humans
Scary thought-

I live in the city
5.7k · Jun 2015
S R Mats Jun 2015
Success can be subjective
Failures teach us how to succeed

I have something shocking to tell you:

Victory is a figment of your imagination
Think about that . . . Let  that sink in . . .

Imagine yourself victorious
5.7k · Apr 2015
S R Mats Apr 2015
I stretch out my wing;  
The Pin you placed seems
to be holding.  Your Mercy
was the thing,
which held me aloft
until my heartbreak oft
had been forgotten,
until my diaphragmatic
flight had gotten
ground free.
5.5k · Mar 2015
Crow Time
S R Mats Mar 2015
The crow works its way sideways on the wire.
Nature lives at full tilt. It does not worry

That it may soon be used up.  It lives in the moment
In pursuit of having a fulfilled purpose.

For the busy crow the fleeting moments pass unnoticed;
Time scarcely has consequences for the satisfied;

Down he flies for crusts of hamburger buns.
5.3k · Mar 2015
Spring Gratitude
S R Mats Mar 2015
Diminutive flowers burst onto the scene.
I am grateful to at last see that it really is Spring.
I was beginning to wonder-

The Winter birds will wing their way on;
Flying long distance to their Summer home.
They are a wonder-

Winter brought heartbreak, but some fun and joy.
A happy farewell to that harshest of seasons, boy!
Little wonder-
4.3k · Jul 2015
S R Mats Jul 2015
"Lovely" The word slips between my lips
As a sigh.

The day is hot,
The water cool.

We are young
And reasonably beautiful;

Something, which no one can take away
From us, except for time.
(2nd publishing run)
4.2k · Mar 2015
Old-fashioned Comfort
S R Mats Mar 2015
We loved your ample bosoms,
Dear Grandmothers,
So soft and pillow-like;
The perfect place to lay sleepy heads.

We loved your voluminous laps,
Dear Grannies,
Wrapped in yards of cotton;
The perfect place to rest teary faces.

We loved your full long dresses,
Dear mothers of our parents,
In lengths well past your knees;
The perfect place to hide a shy child.
4.1k · Mar 2015
Soul Ballet
S R Mats Mar 2015
I watch

You sleeping;
The movement of your body,

Your breathing,

It’s like a soul ballet.
And quietly, softly,

I watch

From a corner across the room

The dance.
3.8k · Apr 2015
Surgery Went Just Fine.
S R Mats Apr 2015
The staff was shocked.  I being the
Only patient to ever do yoga stretches
Afterward on the gurney,
My recovery time was cut in half.
Now to deal with this pain!
Writing my Meditation . . .
Best sleep I've had in years!

So . . .boy was I still under the influence of anesthesia when I wrote and posted this!  Woe, pain is really kicking in, now!
3.5k · Mar 2015
Eating Pi
S R Mats Mar 2015
What is infinite is the eating of pie,
Cherry, pumpkin, apple, rhubarb, cocoanut...
3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592­30781640628620899862803482534211706 ways,

Until there is enough pie for everyone.
3.3k · May 2015
S R Mats May 2015
You bought the dawn paying such a high price,
Spending the darkness like fake money,

Saving up your hopes like a hoarder;
Looking for someone else to bring your joy

Wading through the denseness to you.
Throw open the windows, the doors;

The light was out there, waiting, all along
For your open eyes.
S R Mats Jun 2015
I need sunshine.
That's what I need,
But I also need sleep.

Could I close my eyes,
See the sunlight
Through closed eyelids,
With shadows darting,
As I fall asleep.

Cool breeze, warm sun,
Best rest ever!
Wish it was like it was
When I was young.
O, adulthood, you took away that deep rest.  You stole the sleep from my eyes.
3.2k · Apr 2015
S R Mats Apr 2015
What doesn't **** you doesn't **** you.
It does not necessarily make you stronger.
Does a crack in the wall make it stronger?

The bone heals the fracture.  Stronger -
The pipefitter welds the pipe.  Stronger -
Only work on "the broken" can make it stronger.

Become stronger -
3.1k · Jun 2015
Summer Heat
S R Mats Jun 2015
I can smell the heat of the day
The off gassing of materials
The decomposition of grass
I smell the earth drying in the bake
         of this southern sky.
After many weeks of thunderstorms it felt like summer had been postponed.  Summer is here and we are in the 90's.
2.9k · Mar 2015
Tanka 3-20-2015
S R Mats Mar 2015
"I can hardly wait
(My friend the diabetic)
to taste the poison."
He takes seppuku serious;
So many sweet things are here!
2.9k · Mar 2015
Senryu 3-17-2015
S R Mats Mar 2015
An invitation-
With maturity, wonder!
So come into your own age.
2.7k · Mar 2015
Senyru 3-26-2015
S R Mats Mar 2015
raindrops collecting
in a bottle it fills me
and yet I am still empty
There is a "nature/natural" element to this, and a "human" aspect within this piece.  I love the duality in many forms of poetry.
2.6k · Mar 2015
Late Nighter
S R Mats Mar 2015
It is truly cold out, 32 degrees,
and into late night.

But, in order for me to write

I stay up late, eating ****** Nuts and ice-cream
and letting my feet freeze.
2.5k · Mar 2015
We Shall Be Water
S R Mats Mar 2015
We shall be water, my love.  For water flows around or through
obstacles that seek to impede it's true course.

It seeks another way to flow in it's coursing desire to go onward,
an effort to reach the sea.

We shall be water, Love, you with me.
I absolutely loved this when I wrote it many years ago.  Now I feel it is just okay.  I know that happens to most poets.
2.4k · Apr 2015
Haiku 4-12-2015
S R Mats Apr 2015
Your white velvet soothes
When the magnolias bloom
Heat parches our lips
2.4k · Mar 2015
Soul Art
S R Mats Mar 2015
You come to my bed with prose written on your skin
And because of your love stories I let you in.

I would rather have honey than candied treats
And the nature of you makes it twice as sweet.

Your art and your song complete my thoughts
By your candlelight’s glow my heart is taught

To open wide to the possibility of you.
2.4k · Mar 2015
My Old Friend From Spain
S R Mats Mar 2015
I remember when you donned
-your polka-dot dress
And danced the flamenco

Such pretty and delicate hands
-the men who play guitar
Who played flamenco

You are suddenly young again
-the older boys gather
And you dance flamenco
This poem can be read 3 different ways.
2.3k · Mar 2015
As We Age
S R Mats Mar 2015
I will look upon your face
And I will love it, Sweet Gentle.
I will love it, soft and tender,
Wrinkle by wrinkle.
2.2k · May 2015
Chosen One
S R Mats May 2015
The most exquisite symbol that I could give,
“A teardrop on the cheek of time”.  This tomb
Of my heart white walls of marble enclose.

Nothing matters.  Even if the people suffer,
Their blood will stain the Makrana stone;
Unclean, no longer pure.  My love rests

With your moldering body forever.  Only
Our youthful memories keep me until
I lie with you, again, Mumtaz.
2.2k · Feb 2015
Slow and Silent Flight
S R Mats Feb 2015
Mastering the ****
Is a major part of skill
For things with wings.

You angle your face
To pin-point the sound
Of the beating heart.

Slow and silent is your flight.
2.1k · Mar 2015
S R Mats Mar 2015
Head trust, heart must cuddle,
Care and,
“More wine over here!”

Is this a dream?  All things are,
It seems,
Because I always wake up to something

I am forever goddess
By candlelight.  Poke out the eye

Of love,
That blind it might be,
And stupid,

Stupid, stupid.
But, there’s another crumb in my bed,
I just know it!
S R Mats May 2015
You are a fly.  Not the brown-black kind,
But the shiny green-blue type.  You know,
The one that is attracted to stink?
Some people thrive on crap!
What is the value in that?
1.9k · Mar 2015
Haiku 3-21-2015
S R Mats Mar 2015
You flow kinetic
Like a quiet rain - Motion
Leaf in pond water
Kinetic motion, water.
1.8k · Mar 2015
Haiku 3-17-2015c
S R Mats Mar 2015
Essence, raw resins
Yellow, brown sticky substance
A scent too earthy
1.8k · May 2015
S R Mats May 2015
Antiquity was waiting to breathe
And awaiting the moisture of lungs.

A hole, eyeball wide, offered just a peek;
Along with an ancient mote,
Which flew from eternity into sight.
Remarkable things were seen!

In the heat the buzz was slight.  
As was the bite.  But, ultimately,
The fevers started burning in the night
(For after all, the cobra had eaten the yellow canary).

How your coverings and remains sparkled like the sun!
Thousands of years of hiding suddenly undone.  

But, we all rot together, eventually eaten.
1.7k · Feb 2015
S R Mats Feb 2015
A very light mist starts,

it is freezing!
I hold my breath because

that is how
You make it snow,

you hold your breath.
How to stop?
1.7k · Mar 2015
S R Mats Mar 2015
Meet me under the apricot-sky
And linger

Until the ember-coal-moon shines
In the Dutch-oven-dark heavens

Then sigh when I sigh.
S R Mats Jul 2016
I can feel your sighs.
I can hear the breath coming in
And going out of your chest.

I can hear your heartbeat,
Feel the warmth of your blood
Gushing through dilated veins
Flush with heat.

And I wonder,
Where am I
In the equation?
1.6k · Oct 2021
Haiku, 10-15-2021
S R Mats Oct 2021
Pink snow falling soft
A stroll in cherry blossoms
My soul rejoices
As we move toward winter with possibilities of snowfall we can look back on spring's snow, the falling of blossoms from trees.
1.5k · Mar 2015
Haiku 3-17-2015b
S R Mats Mar 2015
Leaves rot in dampness
The summer rains came quickly
-An odd musty smell
S R Mats Dec 2020
Soft and warm, a quiet storm
Quiet as when flowers talk at break of dawn, break of dawn
A power source of tender force
Generatin', radiatin', turnin' me on, turnin' me on

Oh, you short circuit all my nerves
Promising electric pains
You touch me and suddenly there's rainbow rings

Quiet storm blowing
Through my life, oh
Quiet storm blowing
Through my life, oh blow, baby

Oh, when you sigh, we can ride
A butterfly caught up in a hurricane, hurricane
Lucky me, I'm glad I'm free
Suddenly I'm caught up in your summer rain

oh, shower me with your sweet love
I will bathe in every drop
Through all the seasons
Let it pour and never stop

Quiet storm blowing
Through my life, through my life
You're just like a quiet storm blowing
Through my life, through my life, through my life
through my life, through my life

Blowin', blowin', blowin', blowin'
Ah, through my life

Hail soft storms of loving me
Let them play on my desires
Kiss me softly
Let your lightenin' light my fire

Quiet storm blowing
Through my life, through my life
You're just like a quiet storm blowing (blowing, blowing)
Through my life, through my life

Quiet storm blowing
Through my life
Quiet storm blowing (Oh, yeah)
Through my life


Shower me with your sweet love
I will bathe in ever drop
Through all the seasons
Let it pour and never stop

Quiet storm blowing
Through my life, through my life
You're just like a quiet storm (blowing)
Warm and tender, through my life (oh through my life)

Quiet storm, you're blowing
Through my life, through my life, through my life
Quiet storm blowing
Through my life

Blow, baby
Blow, baby
Blow, baby
Blow, baby

Oh yeah, quiet storm
yeah, quiet storm
Blow, baby
Blow, baby
Blow, baby
One of my all-time faves.
1.5k · Mar 2015
This Panting Flower
S R Mats Mar 2015
Upon the heat of the day
When Sol high above our heads towered,

Raindrops fell cool on panting flowers.
You took my hand and led me where

You picked damp flowers
And then placed them in my hair.

With drops that fell and touched my lips
Mouth was drawn to mouth in tender kiss.

The drops each sizzled in heated bliss
To satiated this withering flower.

With this bedewing came a glistening spill,
In the heating of the day

As Sol above us towered,
And renewed this panting flower.
written years ago
1.5k · Apr 2015
Until You Know
S R Mats Apr 2015
Give me the words that tell you everything,
Let me start an echo against your heart;
Rhythmic words to bounce and return,
Caressing, Love, until you know.
1.5k · Feb 2015
S R Mats Feb 2015
I like the strings you pluck.
They sound through me and feel
Like a low hum.

I love the rub of friction
As you squeak quickly to move
Across the bridge;

Or a bow sawing back and forth,
Vibrating in my jaw.  Running
Down into the soul.
1.4k · Mar 2015
S R Mats Mar 2015

These are words that describe my love
And you.
1.4k · Mar 2015
S R Mats Mar 2015
Are we junk?  Waste,
Shard and smear,
Empty symbol made by
“Doled out Poet’s papers,
Hoarded like sweets?”

Our awkward secrets
1.4k · May 2015
Fifty Shades
S R Mats May 2015
I'll give you fifty shades of Love
In many brilliant hues

The beauty of a love,
Which is honest and true

My love is unfettered
It has no need to be bound

It reaches through the mind
Until the heart is found
1.4k · Apr 2015
It Is Design
S R Mats Apr 2015
When it is dark enough to hold the stars in your hands
And caress the mighty heaven's vast expanse with fingertips,
Look up.  That sky is efflorescent.  O!  All those stars
In phosphorescent twinkle, the clouds so effervescent,
Together boil an exhilarating brew.  
My lover's gaze is contagious, you see.  
May it intoxicate you to see design.
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