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S R Mats Sep 4
Ringing tones
Water flow
Plane flown
Things that go
Sometimes fast,
Sometimes slow,
Life goes on and on
S R Mats Sep 4
Watching a death can consume you
With each heaving breath.  Is this the last?
Where the death rattle that is said will come?
When will the peace, the angelic expression,
Spread across the pale tortured face?
I have seen it, and yet I watch and wonder,
When, when, when both our release?
S R Mats Sep 4
Fade away flowers,
Just as my love has.
Do not return to grip me
In illusions, in delusions of love.

Brittle each leaf, each rotting bloom
Live for an eternity in this box;
Until the garbage heap consumes you
Just as my love has me.
S R Mats Aug 21
Somewhere, I may never have traveled,
Haunts my memory in foggy dreams

I smell the fire in the fireplace burning
I see the cabin door swinging

Outside the snow that had fallen
Lies melting, hardening to ice

Mountain air fills my lungs and exhilarates
With the smell of pine and of juniper and cedar

A distant crow's caw brings me back to reality
And I am suddenly in the snow at the door of a cabin

Somewhere I may never have traveled to
S R Mats Aug 20
Grape kisses
On eyelids
Purple shimmers
Across the cheeks
Button nose aglow
Eyes that sparkle
Mine and yours
We walkthrough
An exquisite tunnel  
Cascading with flowers
Of wisteria tunnels
I lead you out
You want to stay
Forever, you say
S R Mats Aug 8
Like a summer rain
Which sizzles
When it strikes
Heated pavement
Dripping wet
We step out
Of the water
And watermelon
Down our mouths
Going down
An orange sun
Hangs briefly
Then dips
The horizon
Heat is quivering
Across the grass
You brush aside
The damp clump
Of hair stuck
To my cheek
And it is mouth
On mouth, again
S R Mats Aug 5
Mouth on mouth
Pounding chest
Breathing for you
Until pale skin
And all is lost

Sudden spark
Then faint pink
Tiny thumping
Vigor renewed
Again I breathe
For you
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