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  Mar 2015 shelby alexandria
Zoe Sue
She's thoroughbred hunger
From her double shift mom to her deadbeat dad

She tiptoes through junkyard junglegyms
Collecting alleyway beach glass

She learned to swindle
Haggled survival with the big guy
Big sisters traded on corners

She was one
Karma mustve forgotten
While doing rounds

She's got an invincible soul
Stitched of disappointments
Wrapped in sorrow
Hope as a bow

He's thoroughbred gluttony
From mommas limelight jewels to daddy's sin-shined shoes

He learned to swindle
To thrive
Wall street walk on the 99%

Politician promises
To impermanent faces

Costly trips
To extravagant places

Mixing up "enough"
With "more"

Looking for happiness
In a store

Though it seems to me
Whats made of life
Is what makes life worth living for
  Jun 2014 shelby alexandria
Zoe Sue
Be a soldier
**** men
Be a hero
Be a civilian
**** men
Be sentenced to death by THE man
No no
Let me clarify
It's okay
When the man kills the man who kills the other man
Because we can't **** the men in OUR great country
Just the men of OTHERS
And I think of it like sibling rivalries
Ganging up on one another
Under the same roof
Let me tell you of the greatest country in the world
Brave souls who had to evict the native Americans
Because only savages don't have guns
And resistors did die
But we won our land
(Christened in their blood)
Grabbing at it like pocketed gas station goodies
And it was easy enough
To suspend your conscience for long enough
We learned
So last week I decided to walk into the nicest house I could find and claim it mine
It didn't work
Maybe next time I'll bring my guns
And as their fear becomes my power
I don't know what I'll become
But I think Niccolo put it best
Better being feared than loved
So we point our nukes at the bad men
The ones that live in the less civilized  (less american) parts
Because violence is NOT the answer, kids, but war is
If you wish to ****
Go buy a gun
And **** yourself
I hope my sarcasm translates well enough, as it makes up the majority of this poem.
  May 2014 shelby alexandria
Zoe Sue
Your god complex
You are narcissus
Did no one ever teach you?
The worldly revolutions
Have nothing to do with you
And though your body is heavenly
(Made me feel like god)
Your words are not my scripture
And you are much more like
A churchless Sunday
Than a sinless schoolgirl smile
No, you never saved me
Dear god
I guess it's a good thing
I'm an atheist
You're the reason I believe in ghosts
I try to convince myself that I'm going mad
when I see your pale face against the morning sunrise
when I see your brown hair
the flowers in it are still as vibrant as before
when I stand stagnant and look at myself in the mirror
seeing nothing about myself you could have loved
feeling my collarbone -- the last place you kissed
I touch it tenderly, as if I could break it
and I try endlessly to search for answers
that I almost get lost in thought
about your pink lips and brown eyes
But I remember your body
like the L-train map
I could never forget
the feel of your thigh
the curve of your spine
I remember the scent of your blood
You thought of your body as a haunted house
and there was nothing you could do to escape it
how your skin turned purple at the touch
and how I got drunk one night and cried
thanking every ounce of blood within you for continuing to run
even though you tried so desperately to stop it in its tracks
The first time we met
you swallowed me soul
and I never asked for it back
I tried for months
to drown myself in my own tears
but you still haunt my heart
I lie in bed and I can see your silhouette
outlined next to my fragile, shivering body
still craving your warmth
sometimes I hear your moans that haunted me
even when we were still together
I close my eyes and pretend that the
moon shining through my window
is your pale, glowing, glorious face

— The End —