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Jul 2013 · 618
siren song (07.13.13)
Sheeda Jul 2013
I long for the siren who whispers my name in her song
Who calls me into the oceans of her eyes
And drowns me in her words.
Her voice lingers in my mind from times past
And like a scar on my heart forever lasts
Through my looking glass I, the oceans, peruse
In search of her, my first and only muse.
Jul 2013 · 501
Sheeda Jul 2013
To feel this much anger
at even picturing a persons face seems,
in itself, harsh.
But picturing that face
Those faces
Sends my mind in pursuit
Of a crusade
To avenge myself
The younger self
That was taken from me
And stripped bare
And shot
As I stood by watching.
Those faces plague me in my sleep
And torment me as though I've done wrong
But I haven't
And I will find them
And hurt them
As they have hurt me
Or worse.
They will weep.
I promise.
Sheeda Apr 2013
Drop a stone in a well
And wait for it to
Splash into the water depths
You feel
Interminable seconds pass
And the echo of contact
Does not bounce up the stony sides
A white pebble
Gleamless as it falls through dark darker
Than pitch at midnight
And nothing more
The consummation of sound
Is never made
It won't be
And yet
You wait
With an ear to the yawning mouth
You wait
Perhaps forever
For the satisfaction
The confirmation
Of a plink at the bottom of a well.
Mar 2013 · 742
Exercising my rights
Sheeda Mar 2013
When I turn 18
I'm gonna exercise my rights
That atrophied muscle I was denied
Since I was born.
I'm gonna start with a lotto ticket
And a pack of cigarettes
(don't think I'll smoke them though)*

I turned 18 eleven days ago
And since then my dreams
Like puffs of smoke from the cigarettes
I never bought
Have dissipated into air that just barely occupies my lungs
I have no home
No family
No rights to the one thing I wanted
The one thing I convinced myself I deserve:
Gangrene eats the atrophied fibers
And loss of hope eats my soul
Aren't these trials supposed to make me stronger?
Or am I too weak?
I don't want to carry on.
Things are tough right now.
Mar 2013 · 475
I Am A River (01.09.13)
Sheeda Mar 2013
For you I am a river
Ever changing, ever moving.
Give your troubles in to me
And watch them sink and be forgotten.
Build a boat and float it
Move with me.
I will carry you
Bear you off to foreign shores.
Then someday when you can take me no longer
Build a bridge over these troubled waters
Walk over them
And move on.
Mar 2013 · 474
Sheeda Mar 2013
I want to be an artist's muse
And sit in sunlit hallways
As she draws me in the ****.
Her eyes wandering across my body
Cartographers of the flesh
Mapping every shadow
that every curve casts upon itself
As she paints me beautiful
In colors never fading.
Mar 2013 · 2.6k
Unorthodox Kiss (03.17.13)
Sheeda Mar 2013
A kiss in the blue black dark
Inhibitions lost to drink
But slowly returning
Almost sober, but not quite
Forehead to forehead
Nose to nose
Chin to chin
Mouth to mouth
Resuscitation from this
Sparks fly between the two
But there are repercussions for that
Hands of another were held so tightly
Lips of another were made slightly wet
With a kiss unorthodox, taboo
Another's ******* pressed to his chest
While trying to make out another's eyes in the dark
A whispered goodnight
An event unregretted
A secret?
Lips that burned for more
But shushed
And feelings unrestrained.
Mar 2013 · 713
Mon Amii (03.09.13)
Sheeda Mar 2013
She makes me sing
On the inside and out
She makes my heart flutter and soar
To have her lips pressed against mine
To show her through fingers entwined
Just how much
How much she means to me
Would be so much more than I can ask
But sadly my hands are tied
I am a friend before a lover
And seek to maintain the peace
And prevent the pain
But as I told her and I tell myself
If she wants me
Needs me
I am here
Me and my heart
Broken or not.
Mon Amii, mais pas la mienne. :/
Mar 2013 · 722
Past (03.06.13)
Sheeda Mar 2013
You can't shake if off
Hold it tight and hide it deep
You can't disappear it or run away.
It attaches all the more strongly
A malevolent cancer comprised of memories.
It resurfaces, exposing all the ugly to the sun.
It reappears and catches up.
Grasps at your mind with greedy tendrils
And poisons it with regret, guilt, shame, and sorrow.
You pick yourself up from each dreadful bout
And move up and on and away.
But it follows like a steady companion
As sure as Yesterday and the day before
Wherever you try to follow your Tomorrow
It's a plague on the present and malady to the future
Doctor, Doctor I need a cure.
I need a cure for my inescapable past.
Feb 2013 · 448
Sheeda Feb 2013
Broken within, broken without
Broken within broken without
SAnity is but a dream
Row your boat to a merry place
And move move move on
Find the sunrise and abandon sunsets
Move move move east
Around and around circles
No relief
Row Row
Never stop
I hate the life I'm living now.
Feb 2013 · 578
dandy (02.15.13)
Sheeda Feb 2013
Beautiful, elusive
Dancing on light feet
To catch you and hold you close
Making wishes and promises
In six-inch voices
Is worth watching you
Float away
Just a little bit heavier
With the burden
Of my whispered dreams.
Feb 2013 · 616
I dare ya (02.14.13)
Sheeda Feb 2013
I dare ya to ask
I dare ya...
Hold my hand or place a rose in it
And look deep into these stargazing eyes
And say
just for today
Will you
Can you
Honey, please
Be, oh, be
Mine, mine
My valentine?
I guarantee you'll get a yes out of me
So I dare ya
Feb 2013 · 2.1k
Ode to Oreo (02.02.13)
Sheeda Feb 2013
Oh, oh Oreo
Oreo the cat
Who makes of ripped up paper towels
Very fancy hats
Oh, oh Oreo
My silly little friend
Who through ridiculous antics
Amuses to no end
Oh, oh Oreo
Sniffer of all shoes
Faced with the choice of sniffing strangers
It's their footwear that you choose.
Oh, oh Oreo
Speaker of cat tongue
I pretend to understand your words
But my translations are far-flung
Oh, oh Oreo
Warmer of my lap and heart
I promise now as I did before
We will never be apart.
Just a silly little ode to my kitten :] She's really dumb, but I love her. When I first got her, I promised that I would never leave her, ever. Never, ever, ever gonna break this promise. Oh, she isn't exactly Oreo colored... more like oreo-that-fell-in-mud colored (shes a calico :D). Also, she was sitting in my lap as I was writing this.
Sheeda Jan 2013
Once in my life
I have died and felt it
Once upon a dream.
A needle was embedded in the crook of my arm
And I drifted and sank
I felt my entire body go limp all at once
and the covers rise to cradle my form
All the more gently.
Every burden, every trouble dissolved
Into a darkening black
And relief washed over my soul
My mind
I was finally at peace.
As I embraced it
I was yanked from its grasp
Thrown back into the reality
Only dreams can impart
And then still further
Into the life I tried to escape through sleep.
I opened my eyes and lay there
Breath came slowly to and from my lungs
Disappointment clouded tear-filled eyes
And I longed for relief by death in a dream
That I have not had since.
That one dream will haunt my memory forever. I felt as though I had actually tasted death and I had never in my life felt as relieved as I did at that moment. I haven't had that sense of complete relaxation since then, but how I wish for it.
Jan 2013 · 356
Sheeda Jan 2013
What happens on the theater of life when the curtain closes?
Does the main character give one more bow
One more sweep of the audience through the opaque curtains
And then walk out stage left to a different reality?
This is kinda a muddled thought. No editing, just something that popped into my head.
Sheeda Jan 2013
The wind whistles
A low, low whistle
Through the tiny spaces
Between the windows and walls.

Little by little
This house falls apart
Much in the same way
The family did
So, so long ago.

When I see buildings scrape the sky
I imagine them swaying, enveloping, falling
Rooftops bending to kiss the earth
Glass exploding from windows
And raining down
Refracting vicious rainbows
Slicing the air.

When I see this house, though
It doesn't sway
It doesn't fall
It doesn't explode or implode

It just crumbles.

Little by little
Corners are worn and chipped
Paint peels into long, curling tongues
Cracks creep like slow lightning
Across dun walls
That once shone white.

Everything is falling apart with time
And we have not been spared
This house
                    or one another.
Jan 2013 · 536
Hope (01.04.13)
Sheeda Jan 2013
When you thought you're just a kid
You revel in your youth,
When you thought you're all alone
You realize that you are one being of billions,
When you thought everything is gone
You know there is more to be found,
When you thought there's no home
You feel home in your heart,
When you thought this is the end.
You find that it is also a beginning.

I'm doomed.
*You are not.
I wrote this as a response to Jethro Nhero Cuizon's poem "Frustration"
Jan 2013 · 595
Ten Worlds Apart (01.01.13)
Sheeda Jan 2013
True love can not be spoken
into a lover's ear.
It cannot be heard
by a most sweetest dear.
It cannot be given
in a box with a bow.
It cannot be taken
forcefully, or no.
It can though, be felt
by the sincerest of heart
Between two lovers
ten worlds apart
Who yearn for each other
and look to the moon
Knowing their lovers
are looking at it too.
One of those silly little poems on a concept I'm not supposed to know anything about because I am too young. Well, pooh.
Jan 2013 · 1.5k
New Year (01.01.13)
Sheeda Jan 2013
Out with the old and in with the new,
Make your resolutions and hold them true,
Paint grey skies with the color blue,
Wishing the best Happy New Year to you!
Happy New Year, everyone! :D
Sheeda Dec 2012
A conversation of depths so deep
Where thoughts are free to swim
An all-encompassing embrace
Ideas and Imagination
Where the significance of human life
And contemplation of of the future alike
are discussed and sunk in memory.

A conversation of depths so deep
that open and intoxicate the mind
with the loftiest of realizations
and cradle it gently in epiphany after epiphany.
That quench the thirst for knowledge
with oceans.

How I long for one.

Would you care to talk?
Dec 2012 · 571
Mirror, mirror
Sheeda Dec 2012
Mirror, mirror on the wall
You used to make me feel like ****
Every piece of me refracted back
Broken and misplaced.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
How I wished that I could change
Oh, why the long face, child?
Because I am sad
Because I am ugly
Because my face is long.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Reflections of every mistake
Many a lip have touched theirs to yours
*****, *****, *****.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
How much I've longed to break you
So what you show me for once holds true
Fractured within and without.
Mirror, mirror once on the wall
You are there no more
I took you down yesterday
And replaced you with a painting
Something I made myself
A real reflection of me.
Dec 2012 · 781
Hollow Fiend (12.16.12)
Sheeda Dec 2012
Music evoked a realization
That hollowed me out
Like a melon baller to the soul
The air got just a little bit thicker
and filled me in
life replaced
Swaying, Shivering
Substance lost in beads of sweat
Lost in the staff
Fractioned notes
in choppy measures.
Don't want to talk
Just move
Eyes shut
Ears open
Assaulted, Cradled
jolts to the brain
giving my heart the beat it won't make
Thumping through a dead chest
she's Alive
but not really
I am so lost right now... poetry seems out of my grasp, like a phase passed. :[ What am I supposed to do now?

“The world was to me a secret, which I desired to discover; to her it was a vacancy, which she sought to people with imaginations of her own.”
― Mary Shelley, Frankenstein
Dec 2012 · 455
Goodbye. (12.13.12)
Sheeda Dec 2012
Goodbye memories of the future we planned
Goodbye thoughts of you
Goodbye every promise, broken or not.
And every said, "I love you."
Goodbye to us and what we once were.
And hello to the future of you with her.
Dec 2012 · 543
Ideal Flow
Sheeda Dec 2012
It begins as a whisper on the wind
Floats like dandelion fluff
Into an open, waiting ear.
It dances through the canal
Tiptoes to the brain
And leaves behind
The heart of its matter
A seed
A seed, an idea
To be watered by inspiration
And sunned by experience
To grow into a thought
And bear the fruits of action.
To be eaten by the many
And digested by the few.
To come forth as words
Which echo throughout the world
Resonating from cacophony to quietude.
Then as whispers, move on the wind
Floating like dandelion fluff once again.
Dec 2012 · 431
I wrote you a letter.
Sheeda Dec 2012
I wrote you a letter,
but I never sent it.
All of my energy,
on you I spent it.
You said you loved me,
but you never meant it.
You said you gave me your heart,
but you only lent it.

Then you took it back.

Like a smack
Across the face.
Dec 2012 · 437
Sheeda Dec 2012
Tired and torn
Wearied and worn
The life that you had
Treated you bad

Broken apart
Lost all your heart
Solace in weeping
As death comes a-creeping

One look and you'll find
That you've lost your mind
To the depths of despair
So you search for repair

Forever and ever
held to the tether
Of who you once were
The whole one, her.
*badly <--- for the grammar police :]
Dec 2012 · 525
Sheeda Dec 2012
Seize me by the waist
Hold me tightly in your arms
And make me cry a sweet surrender.
Steal kisses that would have been gladly bestowed
And consume my body with bites of fire
Mark red trails down my back
And leave me shivering not from cold
But heated pleasure of the flesh
Condemn me to a hell
Become heaven by your touch
And hold me on the edge of precious release
Where I shall beg to be spared
The wait
Gripping the sheets
For you
To take me
And let me have
My sweet surrender.
Dec 2012 · 576
Sheets (12.09.12)
Sheeda Dec 2012
Living to linger between the sheets
The wet, fresh ink of a poet

And her pen
Twisting, turning, writhing
Contorting cursive q's and z's
And ever eternal O's

Seeking immortality

Accepting immorality

On, in, and lingering between
Blank, White
Dec 2012 · 485
To Swim, To Fly
Sheeda Dec 2012
To swim, to fly
In your deep blue eyes
The ocean and sky
Is all I ask of you.
Nov 2012 · 1.0k
Sepulveda (11.28.12)
Sheeda Nov 2012
I stood in the rain today
And waited for the bus
Instead of getting a ride
The curiosity was getting the best of me
I wondered if you would show up
Even though it was a whole week since
On my way back home
I saw you
Or, rather, you saw me
And our eyes met
And I smiled and you smiled back
And when I got off of the bus you waved
And I waved back
Hopefully that wasn't a wave goodbye
Because I never caught your name
Or had the chance to throw mine
You seemed like a really cool guy
And I liked your hat.
It was a fedora :] This isn't really a poem I think... more of a thought in passing.
Nov 2012 · 843
Memorial (11.27.12)
Sheeda Nov 2012
Someday, I won't remember
Any of you at all
You will fade from my mind
And move past my past
Dissolve into black like
The end of so many movies.
Turn like the blank pages
Before new chapters, new books
Get lost in space
Like balloons set free.
I won't remember
The heat of our bodies
As they burned through our clothes
In fiery passion,
Infatuation of the flesh.
The rough urgency of your lips
Against mine,
As they forced entrance to the
Savage dancing of tongues.
The letters of your names will blur
And jumble
Worse than a three-year old singing his
ABC's and Elemeno-P's
And the images of your faces
Will get washed down the drain
As I rub you off my skin
With soap and hot water.
You are immortal as long as you are remembered
So sorry, guys, but the time has come
For the shiny blade of the guillotine to fall
And behead your existence
From my oh-so-sacred
And once so pure
Memory and
May you rest in forgotten peace.
Sheeda Nov 2012
I should step more carefully
while walking on
the precipice.
Sheeda Nov 2012
This anger
This hatred I feel
Soothed only by the throbbing in my head
and thoughts of my demise
Through the blooming of rosy waterfalls
as I shower and slice
Through the cascade of pills and
poisons down my throat
Through the stepping off a precipice
while the wing rings in my ears
Thoughts will remain thoughts, though
Because I haven't yet built up the nerve
Or lost sight of the tomorrow
you promised.
I really don't like feeling this way...
Nov 2012 · 521
Thanksgiving 2012
Sheeda Nov 2012
Thank you for this broken home
And for a broken night
For every single argument
And every single fight.
Thank you for every punch
And every stone that has been thrown
For every single insult hurled
For leaving me alone.
Thank you for every single
Tear that I have cried
And for every part of me
That has been lost or died.
Thank you for all my weaknesses
For every weight I've had to pull
For every single failure
And every time I've been a fool.
Thank you for helping me
Find my strengths inside
For showing me the silver lining
The dark clouds have belied.
Thank you for showing me
That nothing is out of reach
That everyone I meet in life
Has something to teach.
Thank you for showing me
That I could do it on my own
And that with my friends, my family
I will never be alone.
Just something I threw together... oh well
Nov 2012 · 1.2k
Sheeda Nov 2012
I like that you like dragons
and that you can cook
and bake
(cheesecake, especially)
I want to kiss you and hold your hand
and go sky diving with you
the day I turn 18
I want to show you all of my favorite places
and see all of yours
I want to sing for you
and play all the lovey-dovey songs
I know on my ukulele.
I like that your favorite number is mine divided by 7
and that me + you would equal two
I want to lie with you in a meadow
under the clouds and the sky
and point out all the silly shapes
like millions have done before us
then flip over and watch the grass grow
I want to introduce you to Almond Joy
You make me feel silly
and giddy
Like I've spun for way too long
and then suddenly stopped
while the world keeps rushing around in fits of color
You make by heart beat fast and pound at my ribs
You make me feel like how I haven't felt in a long while
You make me blush - and I don't usually blush
I smile every time I think of you.
I really, really like you.
A lot.
meep~ this feeling is... great. I wonder if you'll see this o_O
Nov 2012 · 735
star light, star bright
Sheeda Nov 2012
Though the sun may outshine you during the day
Your light and his can't compare

You are a star who transcends time
Night's diamond of beauty so rare.

As I see you now, I see your past
It is as it was, shining true.

Remark my words as I send myself
A million light years to be next to you.
Sheeda Nov 2012
The fountain of inspiration
seems down to
its last drops.
I might not post for a while. :/ Sometimes even good happenings fall into routine, good becomes normal and life loses the luster that sets each day apart from any other. Inspiration tends to evaporate under those conditions for me.
Nov 2012 · 946
Anchor (10.05.12)
Sheeda Nov 2012
Drifting together and drifting apart
Friends on the sea of life
Never really knowing where we'll end up
That is a true source of strife.
Changing and changing over again
To always become someone new
And more often than not, losing yourself
And what made you really you.
Well, my friend, if it happens to you
Then I will be here forever
An anchor in the sea of life
Constant in every endeavor.
Nov 2012 · 742
Slow as Honey
Sheeda Nov 2012
In other places around the world
Time moves like honey
Dripping from a spoon
And life is slow and sweet.
People live under the warm amber light
That is the sun.
Words rolls on their tongues
like sugar apple seeds
tucked into their cheeks
to be saved for planting.
They wander with slippered feet
Until the sun sinks into the top of the buildings
And the sky turns pink, purple, then deep navy blue.
The moon lights a slow dance
Between the waves and the shore
While a breeze plays the palm trees
And the wings of crickets sing.
With backs to softly rocking hammocks
And eyes open to the stars above
The people of a calmer world
Drift slowly off to sleep.
Companion piece to Busy as Bees. Life is so much better when you take the time to slow down and look around.
Nov 2012 · 1.4k
Busy as Bees
Sheeda Nov 2012
You say time moves too fast in your life
Well, that's because you're running the race
Missing everything you pass by
And only looking forward to the finish:
Your 401k and then your grave.
Time for you moves faster than the bullet train
That you ride every morning to your cubicle job
And every evening to your home that doesn't feel like home.
Busy bees always moving never stopping never pausing for a comma.
Living for the sweet honeyed relief of retirement or death
And never knowing that as you are living to die,
You are dying to live.
Repetition is your life and it moves really fast.
Day in, day out.
Day in, day out
metro, boulot, dodo
Train, job, sleep
And unfulfilling sleep at that.
You convince yourself that all these petty things that make up your life
That get you closer to your petty dream of riches and *******
Are actually worth something.
World problems don't bug you, you live in a world all on your own.
You glue your eyes to the pavement and walk with "purpose"
Long strides and arms swinging and making buzzy noises
As the sleeves of your suit rub against your sides
You can't let any time be wasted so you flood your day
With meetings and work, cigarettes and nights at the bar.
Stress is your best enemy and insomnia is a close friend.
Busy busy, buzz buzz
Moving, always moving.
So fast that death comes as a surprise
And you think
What the hell just happened?
Companion to Slow as Honey.
Nov 2012 · 5.0k
Peas and carrots
Sheeda Nov 2012
Whispers backstage
Peas and carrots, peas and carrots.
The show is about to begin.
I remember when I was younger and we were doing plays in school, they would always tell us to say "peas and carrots" when we stage-whispered. :]
Sheeda Oct 2012
Remember me?
You once called me the apple of your eye
And now you don't call at all.
I can't say we both look upon the same set of stars
because we don't.
And I can't say we both look at the same moon
when I see it from my bedroom window
because I know it is daytime there.
Remember when you taught me
to love the ocean
as we sat out together on the rocks
while you caught fish
and I caught *****?
How we would fish until the sun sank into the water
and the tides and the moon rose?
Do you remember?
All of those times you said "I love you"
all the times you hugged me so tightly
How if anyone would ask about me
you'd hold me under your arm
and say, "This is my daughter!"
with the biggest grin on your face.
Do you remember?
All the stories you used to tell
about the first scrambled egg
or the higgledy-piggledy wangra
Are they still there?
Or has the heat of the Sri Lankan sun
and the hum of the ceiling fan
let these memories drift away?
Have you forgotten me?
I let you back into my heart
just so you could break it again
with silence.
You told me how bad it felt
To lose your dad.
Why did you take away mine?
I miss my dad...
Oct 2012 · 423
Messages. (10.29.12)
Sheeda Oct 2012
to be completely honest.. it hurt. really badly.
i really liked you, like you.. and it hurts.
what did i do wrong?
when you told me that we were thinking the same thing
i actually thought i had a chance
and i couldnt help but smile
even after my cheeks hurt.
Sheeda Oct 2012
Every song brings back the pain
Makes me die inside
Over and over again
Oct 2012 · 626
Slipping (10.29.12)
Sheeda Oct 2012
Kiss me like it'll be the last time
Because it might be
Hold me in your arms like I'm already slipping
Because I am
Find me in these bottomless depths
Because I'm lost
Show me a reason to live
Because I can't find one
Look into my eyes for as long as stars are old
Because the light is dying
Pick up the pieces of me I left behind
Because I don't know where they are
Plaster a smile onto my face
Because I want to feel how I look
Wipe the tears from my eyes
Because I can't see anymore
Tell me everything will be okay
Because I honestly want to believe it
What happened to me?
Who am I?
Oct 2012 · 1.2k
Sometimes I cry.
Sheeda Oct 2012
Sometimes I cry.
Usually it's before bed.
My pillow becomes wet with tears
let loose by loneliness, anger, surrender.
My body shakes as each sob tears through my soul
and vibrates through my vocal chords to come out as helpless whimpers.
My arms constantly reach for comfort and reassurance, but grasp nothing but despair.
I blink through the tears, seeing nothing,
and wonder why I'm still alive.
If anyone would miss me if I were gone.
My lungs search for air in gasps
between each bout of fresh tears
and take in thick fog
that suffocates everything but my cries.
I can feel my heart physically breaking
and losing its once-steady beat.
This goes on for the longest time.
Until my throat is parched, my tongue is dry, and my eyes are empty
My body numbs over and everything goes limp.
I am already unconscious though I am awake, so there is no transition to sleep.
I do not dream.
I wake up the next morning with crusty eyes
and a sunken feeling.
There is no relief.
Oct 2012 · 1.7k
Ophelia (10.27.12)
Sheeda Oct 2012
They say you fell into the creek.

Well you did, but not by accident.

You fell from the willow,
Like the tears you so often shed of late.

Life was too much
So you breathed the water like it was air,
Gasping between unheard sobs.

Drop by drop by bucketful of current
Moved between the folds of your dress
And pulled you in deeper and deeper.

The wreaths of flowers entangled around
Your wrists, your hair, your neck;
Beautiful nooses,
Symbolic of despair and misdirection.

Your life left you
Like a hey nonny, nonny
As innocence fled from Denmark
To the safety of inexistence.

How she wanted to pull you free,
But didn't.

This was your final escape.
You deserved it.

And now you lie
In a grave dug by comic relief
And filled with regret.

An unmarked grave
For an unmarked soul
Tainted by nothing,
But the wet mark of suicide.
Oct 2012 · 5.3k
Dreamcatcher (10.21.12)
Sheeda Oct 2012
I want to be your dreamcatcher
And skim sweet dreams
Off of nightmares black.
Made by the most careful hands
To hang over your bed on the darkest nights.
Twine entwined 'round a circle never ending
And feathers tumbling to the wind
That seeps in through the
Window cracked open.
Night night
and only the sweetest of dreams
to plague your sleep.
Oct 2012 · 3.4k
Idioms (10.14.12)
Sheeda Oct 2012
You want me to love you again
And I really do want to try
But please just remember, dear,
Once bitten, twice shy.

The last time I fell for you
My life was tickled pink.
But as the end approached, my dear,
I was walking on the brink.

You were a bull in a china shop
And a warning I did impart,
But still something was bound to break
Too bad it was my heart.

Now you're saying all has changed
Black will take no other hue.
You say you want to try again
And bite off more than you can chew.

Well, if you still insist, my dear,
Lets **** two birds with one stone
For this could end in the breaking of
Your heart and my own.
Sheeda Oct 2012
|                                                                ­ |
|                                                                ­ |
|                                                                ­ |
|                             Huh.                           |
|       I always imagined writer's block    |
|                   To look like this.                   |
|                                                                ­ |
|                                                                ­ |
|                                                                ­ |
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