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Apr 2020
It is not pretend
it is not fake
it is not in the mind
it is in the body
it is real it
is there
do not call me a liar
do not say I am faking
you do not understand
therefore you cannot accept

Our nerves are always hurting
are muscles are constantly seizing
are bones constantly swelling and in pain
These are the signs remember them

Some of us can walk some of us can move some of us are stuck some of us cannot
some of us have it easy meds are helping some of us are not so lucky meds are failing

For me I'm the ladder I am stuck I am in pain meds do nothing
This is just how it is this is how it will always be
Remember this condition is real and it is not fake

Scarlet rose
April 13th 2020
I wrote this to remind people that those of us who have fibromyalgia should not be ignored and then we should not be told that we are Liars are pretending just because you do not know about the condition does not mean it does not exist we do have days that we can move around and walk with ease but we have for many more of those days when we are in constant pain I am tired of people assuming that I am all right when I am not tired of people calling me a liar or bartender just because they don't know and don't want to take the time to learn
shayla ennis
Written by
shayla ennis  36/Androgynous/northampton ma
(36/Androgynous/northampton ma)   
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