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Shashi Nov 2010
The moon shattered over the eastern sky
Turned into a cloud burst
Rain fall softly on a lifeless body
Walking along the empty beach
Where has all the pain gone?

The sacred solitude spread
Under the dark clouded night
Shimmering, in wet silver sands
Of time
- Deadly
- Fascinating
‘If this is being dead,
Then its welcome too’.

Come, be within my empty feelings,
Fill my empty soul,
Come, sit besides me
In my desert spaces
And watch with me, the play of our loneliness
Souls, fluttering on the clothesline
Strung between the stars
‘Take one, if you need some change?’

One step after another
Becomes effortless
-When there is no place to go
- When you are nothing else, but dead
No desires to keep you alive; awake
No sun, No moon,
No shadow ******* your steps
Sooner or later, every thing stills, lying etched upon past

You know, living is easy
Moments just pass
In slow motion of
Lightening flash backs
Of memories littered, one the way; en-mass
Foot prints left on silver sand
Now, I remember
Where all the pain has gone

You know, being dead is easy too
You just need lot of life, un-lived
Om Namah Shivaya
@Shashi 11/2010
Shashi Nov 2010
River Song

As flow of cosmic creation
She streamed down from sky
Entangled in the web of icy locks
Lovingly nestled mountain’s arms
As she flows, her young heart
Hopping, skipping and jumping
Stone to Stone
Some times in streams of unending games
Sometime turning into falls

As she grew, in warm shadows of icy peaks
She lingered in warm hugs, within watchful eyes
Softly glowing in the warmth of love,
Living, dreaming in laps of belongingness
Yet, times moves on, on and on
Slowly, she finds her way out of this intense hold
Out in the open fields, and in gentle sway
As icy peaks held themselves away
She flowed on and on
A life of exploring;
Fields and bathing Ghats
Temple bells; moving carts
Bridges, bunds and floating mass

Vast as she is now, no one to hold
Her, in his strength of love
She lets loose fury of passion
As aggressive as her body flows
With lust; exploring, caressing and feeling
Edge of crumbling earth
In her entwined desires, needs
With every erosion, feeding her devouring soul
Banks don’t matter, not even the mountain
Lost long away in past

At last sun sets down on another day
Another life ends
In vastness of ocean,
No knowing; in nothingness
Old River merged in the churns
Of indifferent space and abysmal depths
Unquenched desired and un-quitted love
Mountains bleed tears, far away, alone
A River song – A farewell

Om Namah Shivaya
Shashi @Nov 2010
Shashi Nov 2010
I saw the old man at the Holy Ghat
Long time back, but
He still continues to follow
Me and my thoughts
Incite me to dig deeper
On life
On death
On the path that he has lost.

He does not know
I am handicapped too
By pain, loss and loneliness
Life to be, has become
A colorless phase
Slowly passing by, grain by grain
Like the sand, in the hour glass.

I have no clear vision
But only a blind spot of living
Even dreams are marred
By imposter Hopes
Playing kaleidoscope of light
At the end of life’s tunnel

Why there is a light,
only at the end
Which never ends, Alive
In the end
And we blindly live, on and on

Yet I keep walking, on and on
Dripping past Karma
In drops of sweat, tear and duty
Believing, drop by drop
I am loosing it all

The life’s been so long and slow
The old man caught up
Holding my hand,
That I am lost too
In the maze of life

Dust claims dust
We will die too
Karmic baggage still
All intact and packed
Another journey
Another tunnel’s end
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
@Shashi 5th Nov, 2010
I wrote this one for one of the most vibrant groups of online poets I have found "One Stop Poetry" when they featured me in their "One Stop Poetry Spotlight".
Please have a look here of my interview where I have talked how I have started write and Karma Yoga etc...and some selected verses they have chosen to reproduce there.
Shashi Oct 2010
Pond is agitated
Lost its calm
My thoughts are no skipping stone

Pond waits for ripples to calm down
Before reflecting the dark clouds of pain
Back to the bleeding sky

Sitting by the river
Drawing dreams with bleeding fingers
Memories escape riding those ripples

Your thoughts transform
From heart to eyes
Pearls in my lap

The least you can do
Is to let my existence fade peacefully
Soul mate, everything else is already dead

Each day brings me
Always an imposter
@Shashi 25th Oct - 31st Oct, 2010
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Shashi Oct 2010
Life in little steps of love
Falling, leaving, goodbyes and then denial
Happiness bleeds in little steps

You really know what love is
When you loose her
In few words

She was half playing
The game of love
But I lost completely

Too intense
Too insufficient
Loving has been painful to me

Her voice over phone
Simple, sweet and friendly
Isolates my love

The thin line of longing
That ties us
Cut me apart

Some words are so effective
Before you realise
They **** the happiness out of life

Your burden of being the only thing
That makes me happy
Is killing me softly

Broken heart beats silently
Fears to wake up mind
See, I told you so!

Can not say, what is harder
Breaking Heart or
Heart Break
25th Oct - 31st Oct 2010
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Shashi Oct 2010
Pain is
When you feel like
Stopping the sunrise

Words were timed perfectly
I was in pain
Primed to bleed

Your parting words are like meditation
I keep chanting them
To numb my pain

Sunset is clouded by pain
Hides behind
Lost happiness

The loneliness of beauty
Lies in the pain
It gives her love

Those fleeting nights
Swiftly passing days
Now stand still in my tearing pain

Our difference in feelings
So different
Pain and Happiness looks same
@Shashi 25th Oct - 31st Oct 2010
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Shashi Oct 2010
The laughing Buddha
Mocks every one
But the one with laughter in heart

The silent Buddha
Is not so silent, you see
Just listen from heart

The temple bell
Silently called my soul
Echoes in my prayers

Lotus pond
Waits silently
Petals too

River meanders
In deep forest, Slowly
Pregnant with leaves, roots and earth

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
@Shashi Oct10
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