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Shashi Sep 2010
A warmness
Thats spread on the bed
A passion that is fully cupped in
A hot liquid flows in the hug
And bit by bit
You are spooned in love
@Shashi 27th April, 2010
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Shashi Sep 2010
The waves thrash on the rocks
And flowers into a spray of water drops
Is it you,
That is sending me the bouquets
From far off

I hear your voice some times
Each thought that gets thought of
In our soul song
Flowers into a milky way
Across our hearts
Shashi @ 23/04/10
Shashi Sep 2010
Holding on to the sands
Running away from my fingers
I feel left out and light

My eyes hold on to the memories
The togtherness
And the tears

And some where, the time
My heart skips few beats

My dear,
Can you hold on to me
Till I close my eyes, and sleep

And find you within my dream
In me, and
A soul around mine

My love
You envelop me like
A shade in the scorching sun

You fill me
Like the drink
After the thirst

You love me, like
A flower
Flowering in the void of my heart
16th April
Shashi Sep 2010
Sounds of Construction site
Hammers and power saws - though trying hard
Could not drown the sound of your silence


How a flashback
Gets off my thoughts
Makes a room, painfully in my heart


Pregnant with life
Whispers the colors of sunrise


The night turned around, before leaving
looked me in the eye
Asked - can you dream alone


She is on my mind all the time
Wonder what she does
when I am alone.



I slipped in joyous stream
Bit by bit, pleasure eroded me
The river is on its way with my pebbled blood



She walks alone on the beach
Tidal waves, stormy sea
Me, morning and my scattered dreams


Sun paints the sky, red
My thoughts start turning, blue & black
Night fall on my white hot loneliness



Old Bunyan tree
Tapped on temple door with a floating leaf
A boon came out to see


Om Namah Shivaya
@Shashi 27/9/2010
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Shashi Sep 2010
The pieces of clouds
fluttered down the autumn sky
Settled softly
On children's tongue
New Rainfall

I woke up
Memories still clinging
On the cobwebs of sleep
Did you smile in your dreams?

The dark skies
Winds sweeps
The clouds together,
Shutting off sunrise
Are you making rains today?

She wanders
In and out of my thoughts
Weaving cosmic dreams
With foot prints
In my heart

There is a thin line
Between love and lust
Between sea and sky
Between me and you
Lend me an eraser

Flew all over clear sky
Trying very hard
Like a stubborn child
To leave few foot prints, in your life
Off my memories
Om Namah Shivaya

Gogyohka is a new form of poetry which has been developed in Japan. Gogyohka simply means verse which is written in five lines, but each line generally represents one phrase and has a different feel to five-line verse commonly found in Western poetry. This new form of verse was developed by a poet called Enta Kusakabe, who first came up with the concept in 1957
@Shashi 27/9/2010
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Shashi Sep 2010
She walked out
In her small tottering steps
From behind the wall
Looked at me and smiled
She actually remembered me, my darling
Even after so many months,
After so many miles away from her thoughts.

Her hug is like a long lost love
Her smile is as fresh as dew drops
And she hangs on to me like the early morning rays
From the rain drenched tree tops
And I could not hold her attention any longer
And she moves on to her
New plays and new sights and sounds.

Her eyes catch up suddenly
The pen in my pocket
The twinkle in her eyes
Also catch up the mouth freshener
That I got in the aircraft.
Another play in the making
And she just wraps me around her fingers
And I get lost in her love
And her hugs
Again and again
Anumeha is my younger brothers 1 year old daughter, who I met her after many months, that day.
@Shashi, June 2010
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Shashi Sep 2010
A bell tolls
Friends join in to walk
With me to the end of the path
Carrying on heavy shoulders,
All that last journey, and
All that was not said
And all that silences
Which will echo forever in our hearts.

Some where
Silence waits for the desert spaces
To speak up
And break our lives
Into small grains of sand
Which pours within the Hour Glass
Of our togetherness

Some where - a blast-off to distant stars
In the cloud of dust
In the drum beats of
Shiva's Tandav* dance.

Some where, Love alone
Worships the intensity of the togetherness
Truthfulness of belongingness.
A mute spectator to the Tandav* of emotions

Silence some time does sound
In, Our lives
A bell tolls forever
Calling in lost soul
Or soul mates
To be in the valley of lost flower stars.
Tandav is the eternal dance of Lord Shiva, a dance of destruction as well as creation...
@Shashi, June 2010
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