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Shashi Sep 2010
Nine is divine
One is one
Humbled in collective pain
We stand in silence
while the world calls 911
@Shashi 9/11/10
Shashi Sep 2010
The sound keep melting in me
The sound of silence
The sound of conch
The sound of devotees
Dancing in circle
Till I was no longer me

I swirled with my hand outstretched
Like the old mystic's and Sufi's
Floated in the group
Went high and higher in thoughts
and then merged
In the overall consciousness
Of you and of me
In the Universe
That got small enough to be with in me
And the circle of dance.

She took me in her arms
and went away to the stars
A long silver thread followed
From the manifestations
Of Her
Which was still dancing down in the circular group
Singers still singing your songs

I woke up in the dew
That was hanging at the grass blade
Till sun knocked
With morning rays
And I woke in your love
Lying still among the chants.
@Shashi 2005
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Shashi Sep 2010
Life's magical moments
Lets you play with the fire again
And singe
Again and again
And let's you... Ask

To let you know
That there is no way
If one leaves an empty space
That can not be filled
Drop by drop
Moment by moment
Something will....
Some one will....
May be on a different plane?

And some emotions gets stretched
Taut strings
Across the lonely guitar
To play the life's note
One by one
Each string breaks
Raising a melodious song
To reverbrate in the future
Thrashing on some threshold

May be there will not be any more notes left
To play any more
May be
The notes will play
Alone again
@Shashi 2009
Shashi Sep 2010
A bell tolls
Friends join in to walk
With me to the end of the path
Carrying on heavy shoulders,
All that last journey, and
All that was not said
And all that silences
Which will echo forever in our hearts.

Some where
Silence waits for the desert spaces
To speak up
And break our lives
Into small grains of sand
Which pours within the Hour Glass
Of our togetherness

Some where - a blast-off to distant stars
In the cloud of dust
In the drum beats of
Shiva's Tandav* dance.

Some where, Love alone
Worships the intensity of the togetherness
Truthfulness of belongingness.
A mute spectator to the Tandav* of emotions

Silence some time does sound
In, Our lives
A bell tolls forever
Calling in lost soul
Or soul mates
To be in the valley of lost flower stars.
Tandav is the eternal dance of Lord Shiva, a dance of destruction as well as creation...
@Shashi, June 2010
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Shashi Sep 2010
A dog sleeps
Using the steps of Barista Coffee Shop
As a pillow
A range rover hovers nearby
Waiting for the eventual girlfriend
To turn up

Two young school going girls
Across the road
And me
At my corner table, alone
Bond with my black coffee

A girl in red pajamas
Waits, with her big Shopper Stop Bag
Till some one, all smiles comes and says
And I still wait and wait
To let the sun take its own time,
To complete the journey
Of this side of the sea
And travel beyond
To say “hi”

And I keep waiting to be free
From the time
From the thought
Bound in the memory of life time
Do you see that?
Or I have to walk into the night
From  the evening sunset to morning sun rise
To say,
I see you.

Bandra Bandstand is in Mumbai at the sea face, where I love to have coffee, read books and watch the sun set down, in the evenings. I wrote this watching the happenings out side the Barista Cafe
@Shashi, June 2010
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Shashi Sep 2010
She walked out
In her small tottering steps
From behind the wall
Looked at me and smiled
She actually remembered me, my darling
Even after so many months,
After so many miles away from her thoughts.

Her hug is like a long lost love
Her smile is as fresh as dew drops
And she hangs on to me like the early morning rays
From the rain drenched tree tops
And I could not hold her attention any longer
And she moves on to her
New plays and new sights and sounds.

Her eyes catch up suddenly
The pen in my pocket
The twinkle in her eyes
Also catch up the mouth freshener
That I got in the aircraft.
Another play in the making
And she just wraps me around her fingers
And I get lost in her love
And her hugs
Again and again
Anumeha is my younger brothers 1 year old daughter, who I met her after many months, that day.
@Shashi, June 2010
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Shashi Sep 2010
Between my mind and heart...

The tremors that my hand felt

From her fingers
Travelled to the heart
Within my smile
Holding her silence within
My lips
I felt my love
Flutter in her Arms

"Wait - hold me before you leave"
Hung somewhere between my mind
And  her Heart
Posted here at my blog too...
Shashi Sep 2010
The blanket I wear on all occasions
Is gathering patches of pain by day
And every night when I throw it off
It moves on from the night sky to dawn
Gathering more patches of pain.

Some times stars
Sprinkle their desires on the rough pattern
That my blanket carries
Some times
Dawn, leave traces of dew drops
In the wild passionate love
That the night makes in the cosmic fabric.

Some times, the Sun disowns the love
It has for night and its stars
Some times, love does not even know
when its lost in the passions of physical pounding,
Loving, cries being merged on a negative staff.
Some times loving, the being
Does not know whether its an insect
Or a butterfly, thats lost among the lotus pond.
@Shashi 08/2010
Shashi Sep 2010
How it feels
When each strands that held us together
Starts breaking.
One by one
With every twang, another strand looses
Its bonding with the rest of us

One by one
Each one breaks away
From the memories
The touch
And the belongingness
Like some one plucking
Petal by petal
Loves me, Loves me not
While the flower, in the process
Dies a slow death.

Wish you were here
Holding unto my arms
A promise of loved future
and a dying breath
How it feels to lie down slowly
In the loneliness
Of timeless
Fading depths.

Sands of times run out, grain by grain

From our clasped fingers and shaking hands.

It feels so lonely - The softness of dying breath.
@Shashi 2009
Shashi Dec 2010
This poetry is one of the collections of poetry I am writing, called “Kalina” about a small girl and her world, her feelings her thoughts. ‘Butterfly’ was submitted to ‘One Stop Poetry’ for the competition “Through a Child’s Eyes” and was selected as one of the finalist. Click here to read to read the article…

I have edited this one below after submission; hence here you have the latest version


Look, there she is
There on the window pane
A new friend from the dreams last night
She promised to teach me
How to fly, where ever, whenever
In sunshine or rain

How bright and beautiful, she is
Pinker than my ma’s cheek
Her little wings have so many colors
Like the rainbow
I painted last summer, for my Pa’s Birthday
Before he left for the war,
You know, to make money for us to eat

Tell me butterfly,
How does one eat money?
How does one go to the war?
I don’t want Pa to go to the war;
I don’t want any money to eat; At all
You know, whenever I hug him,
I don’t feel hungry,
God Swear, not at all

Oh! Butterfly!!
Why are you flying away
Going so far?
See, out side, the day is still full of light;
Sure you can wait a little more?
Promise, Ma will be back soon,
From her nightshift,
And, sure she will let you in
Don’t you see, I can not;
I am in the bed,
Too sick to let you in

Butterfly, my dear Butterfly,
You really have to teach me how to fly
Before you came in my dreams
I promised Pa - a hug tonight,
I know where he “wars” now;
Ma showed me the other night,
When she cried,
“There, Kalina, there he is, in the sky
That beautiful bright Evening Star”

You know Butterfly;
I love him so much,
Much more than I love Ma,
You must teach me to fly,
As I have to go today,
Yesterday, Pa told me
Its time now
Here you see
My Ma does not even smile much

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
@Shashi / Nov 2010
Shashi Sep 2010
You focus on intense words
And me, on the silence within
You shackle your thoughts
With your language
And I free them,
With my need for space within

But you know
I will and you may not
Walk all the way along

As you, my love, will
Fall out, out of rhythm
And a total burn out
Chained to the memories of past
@Shashi, June 2010
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Shashi Dec 2010
This poetry is one of the collections of poetry I am writing, called “Kalina” about a small girl and her world, her feelings her thoughts. ‘

As she walked ahead
In her enthusiastic little hop, skip and jump - steps
I fell behind, in my own thoughts; old and aging
Yet keeping pace with her fresh world
That turns in, with a burst of rainbow
On every turn, flying like a butterfly
Across her little universe of wonder

Now she stops; the deep forest
Climbing up the steep incline of the mountain
Has her attention; complete with one hand under her chin
And I know, she knows what to ask,
With a sweet little smile behind her knit wool gloved little hand
And stump me with her wide charmed eyes

“Why those clouds are leaving the mountain alone?
Do you think Grandpa, Peakoo* will be happy without them to play?
Do you think they are coming over to play with us?
Can you give your extra blanket to put them up, in the attic for the night?
Grandpa, it’s very cold now, you know, they will shiver

Before I could think an answer and say,
“Kalina, lets go now, it’s going to rain”
She has already moved on
Playing with the soft cold breeze, moving up from the valley

With her hands out stretched, running, almost flying
Like the autumn leaves, that joined in to play, in her wake
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
@Shashi Nov 2010
Shashi Sep 2010
The stars are coming closer
Over the sea
And I find you walking down the waves
Waving to me
How the stars have fenced the sea

Come sit next to me
I remove the space between
“Come walk with me
These moments”
So that they leave foot prints in me

No man has said this before
No one has
Fluttered your heart
No one has loved so much
Yes no had asked me before
How I love

What do I do
Sleep is playing tricks with me
I am dead now
Now I am dreaming
That you love
Now you are leaving

Throw a little dirt
Cover it with your laughs
I am lying awake
In my piece of space
Six feet deep in earth

Death is acceptable
But what do I do
Its not coming
Before that
Your pain happened
@Shashi 2006
Shashi Sep 2010
Holding your thoughts in my heart
Emotions flutter like the butterflies
Moving from one feeling to another
I feel your electric surge in my soul

Like a exploding warmth
Like an enlightenment exprienced
Like the skipped beating of heart
Your smile makes me smile, sadly

I move away from you
Begin to walk - to the raging sea
Fenced by the lonely stars
Moon envelops the darkness of the night

You are looking so lovely
As you drift apart
That I could not feel, how painful it would be
To continously hold you in my heart

After you have gone.
@Shashi 2008
Shashi Sep 2010
I slept, dreaming of animal cries
Seeds engaged in birthing
Woke up with a cosmic tree growing all over belly
Shashi Sep 2010
The overcast sky hung over

Opperessing my soul

I walked across raging sea

To reach out

And shake the rains free
@Shashi 2008
Shashi Sep 2010
The sound reaching out to me from the sea
Is not what I desire
Or even want to hear
But still it reaches out to me
Through the open window
Of the high rise building, where I am enclosed in
And trying to live and close
But still the Window remains
A window out to the sea
That I can not close.

Even if I try hard or desire harder
The window glass that I broke
The other night
In frenzy of what remains of my desires
Unbroken, unfulfilled.
In the stupor of alcohol induced passion
And the call of the stormy night

The window remains just a window
Nothing more and a lot less
Glassless, desire less and view less
To the open world.

Still I didn't hear the cry
Or the sound of waves
Pounding on the beach, few hundred yards away
Still I let my heart break into pieces
On the breakwater
That walks out
Few hundred yards deeper into the deep sea
And I see
The waves breaking against it
A break out from the prisons of earth
Out to the sea
Try as hard as waves might
Could not stop breakwater from moving in depth
And deeper still

Then Why still
All the time the Sea calls me?

Is it free from stopping, bonding and holding

The Breakwater free from breaking me?
Does it want me to come
Merge in her depths
Just like the path that sinks in her
After few meters of walking along, with me.

Or is it just a sign - an omen
Of my solitude
All alone
Like the sea
Even though Rivers, clouds and the horizon
Sink into her depths and be within.

Why? Why?
She is not with me, now
When she was with me
Long lives ago
("Long time" if you will!)
And she is not coming back to sink
Into my depths of desires, needs
Or in my intense pleasure
Or, my darling,
My watery grave with me.
Shashi Sep 2010
Die another Death
Inside you
I die thousand deaths
Every time I don’t find you in my thoughts.
My love,
I spread myself in whole of the sky
Stake me with tall deodar trees
And I die thousand deaths

Inside me, there is a person
Willing to lie
To let you know that I am what I am
But not what I can be
And cry.
And you know my love
That person is not me
But I suspect its you
In my heart who is willing to die

To let me live
A thousand lives
Alone and hurt
Bleeding and blunt
No emotions and no feelings
Just a stone statue,
Where we loved
That we loved
That first day
And that we hugged
Why it has to be spread so thin
Thick in our love
That it has become so transparent
It hides nothing
It holds nothing
It does not even promise an eternity
But just our hurt feeling
And missed chances to be one

Why my love
You are so far away
To be loved
Even when you are just sleeping next to me

Posted at my blog too...
Shashi Sep 2010
The sand slipped out of my hands
Bit by bit
Holding on to you
Feels like
A heart in closed fist
It’s paining
More, if I let it go…

Dreams came crashing down
On all sides
While silence prevailed
In the shatters
I grew weak
Bit by bit
In my love

Woke up in the morning
Got ready to dress
Put on the shoes that you loved
Got out the shirt you liked
Went on hanging around the eating place
That holds your memories
Bit by bit

And I lost my appetite
And you
Just empty spaces
Drained, Bit by memory bit
And I lost my self too
@Shashi 2006
Shashi Sep 2010
I lie on the stones
The eagles circle around in the cloudless sky
With stones in their claws
Ready to drop
On my soul
Crunching my senses with the final blow
I wait for death

A traveler passes by
And I request him
To stop me
From drying up
I have lost my love
My will to fight
The overhead circling death and harsh sun

“how can he stop me from drying up"
In this harsh heat of hate and lost love
Even the cold earth is no longer cold
Baked up sand, and wilted love
Form the fabric of my deathbed

The stone leaves the claw
Rushing down to the heart
I raise myself a little more
Trying to meet half way
The Hell of pain
To liberating soul
And it missed
And in the mist of drummed up sadness
And of churned up dust
A voice reverberates
“Take the drop of water to the sea
To keep it from ever drying up"

The eternal
Is in sea of love
In the arms of lover
In the heat of love
Love survives
In the hearts of soul
Who belongs to one
@Shashi 2006
Shashi Sep 2010
The sound of Bells
Echoes on and on
Spaces closes in
On me
I feel far
Far away
The sea crashes
On empty beach

The sound of a crash
Lives on and on
The door still bears
Some angry steps
Every day
A seat
Lives on emptily
Enclosed in walls
Empty like me

How to go about
Living on and on
In a sleepless dream
How long can one
Hold on to
A touch
A Smile
A moment of bliss

Where is my
In space
Where is my
In time

I am still
On and on
On empty dreams
@Shashi 2006
Shashi Sep 2010
Holding on to the sands
Running away from my fingers
I feel left out and light

My eyes hold on to the memories
The togtherness
And the tears

And some where, the time
My heart skips few beats

My dear,
Can you hold on to me
Till I close my eyes, and sleep

And find you within my dream
In me, and
A soul around mine

My love
You envelop me like
A shade in the scorching sun

You fill me
Like the drink
After the thirst

You love me, like
A flower
Flowering in the void of my heart
16th April
Shashi Sep 2010
Sounds of Construction site
Hammers and power saws - though trying hard
Could not drown the sound of your silence


How a flashback
Gets off my thoughts
Makes a room, painfully in my heart


Pregnant with life
Whispers the colors of sunrise


The night turned around, before leaving
looked me in the eye
Asked - can you dream alone


She is on my mind all the time
Wonder what she does
when I am alone.



I slipped in joyous stream
Bit by bit, pleasure eroded me
The river is on its way with my pebbled blood



She walks alone on the beach
Tidal waves, stormy sea
Me, morning and my scattered dreams


Sun paints the sky, red
My thoughts start turning, blue & black
Night fall on my white hot loneliness



Old Bunyan tree
Tapped on temple door with a floating leaf
A boon came out to see


Om Namah Shivaya
@Shashi 27/9/2010
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Shashi Sep 2010
It pained to know
That I am dead
I searched within
For the prana and pulse
It was dead too.

But why did it pain?
When senses were dead too
And who is this talking about it now?
Who is dead!

Or is it me
The unknown
The unraveled
The one that can never be dead
Unattached, untouched and unscathed
@Shashi 07/2010
Shashi Sep 2010
Moment by moment
Life drips out
And empties the soul
Of living

Full and contented
Living is not meant to be
Each moment passes by
Bringing its own emptying-ness
Scouring another few bits of happiness
To dump it in the trash of memories
And experiences
To live on

While life is being wasted
On living
In and out of belongingness
@Shashi  2009
Note: The Title is a quote by the famous writer of "Hitch Hiker's Guide to Galaxy" by Douglas Adams that pormpted me to write this one. In fact to the think of it, he says in his book the secret of life is 42...
Shashi Sep 2010
How lonely
Every moment
Can be

When the silence
Is stalked
By pain

Veiled behind the night
The trees are dancing
In the winter mist

Just away...
Far away from pain
In rain
@Shashi 07/2010
Shashi Sep 2010
One by one
All desires
Are stripped
Plucked one by one
From the roots to the sprouting leaves
And leave the imposter hope
Where are you, I am lost in wishes
Soft, and neutral self.
@Shashi 08/2010
Shashi Sep 2010
There is a very thin line
Between love and lust
Between sea and sky
Between me and you

Such a fine line
That I can see
Touch it from
Enclosed in the high rise monster
(That mostly dot the sea face, all around the sea in Mumbai)
reaching out to be.

From here
-Where silence is whispering to the sea
Waves percolating through my window
Where darkness of my ****** thoughts
Seep in through the night's gateway
A window with three glass frames
Barred, framed and up-curtained
Unveiled and naked.
From here I see it all bared

I can actually reach out
And separate them
The love and the lust
The entangled Sea with the sky
Create a divide between them
With my desire

Some times I just want to BE
Some times Sea in all its thrashing about
With waves and tsunami's just want to BE too
Some times the sky
With its dark cloud and their silver linings
Just wanna BE, you see?

Some times all of us want to
Reach out
Separate love from lust
And desire just to BE
Just to BE in love
Pure, undiluted, undefined, unnamed
Unbinding, untagged
Just Love,
I Love to BE
@Shashi 2010
Shashi Sep 2010
The waves thrash on the rocks
And flowers into a spray of water drops
Is it you,
That is sending me the bouquets
From far off

I hear your voice some times
Each thought that gets thought of
In our soul song
Flowers into a milky way
Across our hearts
Shashi @ 23/04/10
Shashi Sep 2010
The moments between the blink of eyes
The moments between the thoughts
And memories
The moments between
The hug and warmth of care

Are the moments
When love says I am here.

Love me when I am around
Love me when I am not
Love me when I lost my self in your love
Love, love me

When i am not in love
@Shashi 2008
Shashi Sep 2010
So the Sun moved on beyond horizon
But the bright shadow of Love
Still clings on to me
Long after the setting Sun

Yes, I agree
The light moved on
From Sun Rise to Sun Set
Bound by desires and duties to perform
Some times to the birth of a life
Some times
End of another

But Some times ....
Some desires remains
Attached to you
Like a Shadow
Not willing to cast you away
Tattoed to your soul
Like a bright sun spot
Willing to move on with your soul
Till the end of the life...
Willing to move on ... with you

Some times, love remains eternal within you
Even when the life moves on.
@ Shashi 2009
Shashi Sep 2010
The pieces of clouds
fluttered down the autumn sky
Settled softly
On children's tongue
New Rainfall

I woke up
Memories still clinging
On the cobwebs of sleep
Did you smile in your dreams?

The dark skies
Winds sweeps
The clouds together,
Shutting off sunrise
Are you making rains today?

She wanders
In and out of my thoughts
Weaving cosmic dreams
With foot prints
In my heart

There is a thin line
Between love and lust
Between sea and sky
Between me and you
Lend me an eraser

Flew all over clear sky
Trying very hard
Like a stubborn child
To leave few foot prints, in your life
Off my memories
Om Namah Shivaya

Gogyohka is a new form of poetry which has been developed in Japan. Gogyohka simply means verse which is written in five lines, but each line generally represents one phrase and has a different feel to five-line verse commonly found in Western poetry. This new form of verse was developed by a poet called Enta Kusakabe, who first came up with the concept in 1957
@Shashi 27/9/2010
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Shashi Sep 2010
Two small verses about nature.
Sets the day
And rest

Between me and sky
Sea sets its foot down
In rain

@Shashi 08/2010
Shashi Sep 2010
Its sad
To know that some one is burning bridges
Even before my heart could smell
The acrid smoke of neglect
The bridge is already burnt down
While the water passes under it.

Heart tries hard to keep
The fire going on in heart
Seeing her face, turned away
In the flicker of light
In the bits of food, that one feeds to
One's dying love, but fails at last.

Made of blood, as foolish as it sounds;
Letters Drop, oozing out from a squeezed heart
Her name is cast again and again
On the sands of time
And waves upon waves
Sea wipes the effort, in vain, again and again

Why do I write
Why do I write on the sands
As I know it will be wiped out
In no time, but still I do
As I know she is oriented
Towards Sea - the sea of humanity and of love

I still have not burned my bridges...
@Shashi 08/2010
Shashi Sep 2010
Waiting for the sun to move up more
Lights to fall in full force
On the day
I take my few steps
On worn out path of office goers.

As the life moves on
In the rustle of traffic Jams
Honking of cars
The roads have grown roots
Along with tree lined path

A bright smile
Stretches across in yellow line
A line of school kids
Walk the Zebra cross
in front of my large smile

A new day
Traffic Light by traffic lights
As the office blocks looms large
My thoughts reach out to hold hands
@Shashi 08/2010
Shashi Sep 2010
When memories die out...
When passions run dry

When the dreams lay shattered on the sands of time

When the Hope
Becomes nothing but
An Imposter

Then my dear, old is
Time to lay down your arms
Bury yourself
Under 6 feet of earth
And lie down and die
@Shashi 07/2010
Shashi Nov 2010
I saw the old man at the Holy Ghat
Long time back, but
He still continues to follow
Me and my thoughts
Incite me to dig deeper
On life
On death
On the path that he has lost.

He does not know
I am handicapped too
By pain, loss and loneliness
Life to be, has become
A colorless phase
Slowly passing by, grain by grain
Like the sand, in the hour glass.

I have no clear vision
But only a blind spot of living
Even dreams are marred
By imposter Hopes
Playing kaleidoscope of light
At the end of life’s tunnel

Why there is a light,
only at the end
Which never ends, Alive
In the end
And we blindly live, on and on

Yet I keep walking, on and on
Dripping past Karma
In drops of sweat, tear and duty
Believing, drop by drop
I am loosing it all

The life’s been so long and slow
The old man caught up
Holding my hand,
That I am lost too
In the maze of life

Dust claims dust
We will die too
Karmic baggage still
All intact and packed
Another journey
Another tunnel’s end
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
@Shashi 5th Nov, 2010
I wrote this one for one of the most vibrant groups of online poets I have found "One Stop Poetry" when they featured me in their "One Stop Poetry Spotlight".
Please have a look here of my interview where I have talked how I have started write and Karma Yoga etc...and some selected verses they have chosen to reproduce there.
Shashi Dec 2010
The night went on and on
Some times in words
Some times in thoughts
Some times the silence
Took over the lightness of our being
And soared above our dreams

A life time to spend
A life time to walk
A life time to share
And a life time to talk

The night’s window
Fluttered open
The gate way to our stars in the sky
The Milky Way bridged the night
To the morning light
And she said to wake her up
To say good bye
How sad it is, that I did

That hug
And our clasped hands
That took her away
Still lasts in me, eternally
As my heart echoes, on and on
Don’t go, my love, don’t go so far
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
@Shashi 2010
Shashi Sep 2010
A warmness
Thats spread on the bed
A passion that is fully cupped in
A hot liquid flows in the hug
And bit by bit
You are spooned in love
@Shashi 27th April, 2010
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Shashi Sep 2010
The roughness etched on the waves
Like scratches of nails on my Face
The drops leave the foaming sea
Like the sweat drops from my body

To merge in your passion
And in rhythmic creation
Your sighs
And cries, meet
The lashings of the waves
on the beach, like me

then the cloudburst
and I am still wet
@Shashi, Dec 2006
Shashi Sep 2010
Rain, Rain
Rain lust again
Brings out the desires
Of wet drops
Slithering down the spine
Touching the crevices
Of passion

Easing out the worst
From the ***** shell
Digging out the best
Of tarnished soul

Touch me with drops
Of your love
In mouth full of salivating lust
A touch that desires
The shortest distance
Betwen my soul to yours
Lips to lips
While tongue of sinful pleasures
Gropes in the darkness of enclosed mouth
Blindness of our souls

Rain Rain
Wash out the lust in me
And cleanse my soul
With desireless
Between entwined legs
Between writhing souls
Fighting for a space
In the chaos
That is mind, my soul mate.
@shashi 2006
Shashi Sep 2010
Sitting by the river
Having a chat
While I draw out one of my dreams
From my thoughts
She gave me some drops of water
And I went about brushing off my dreams
Stroke by stroke
From the plains of my heart

Spread all over the sky
With many dark clouds
- Floating like doubts
My memories stretch
My imagination
To the last life line of strand
Before it breaks with a twang
She looks up
Did you say something
I said
No! I just broke another dream
Shattered another past.

And she flowed silently away
Looking back till her last bend
Around the corner
Where the tree
Leaned over to hug her
Kiss her
How I wish
I could have been that tree again
Rooted to the spot
In her embrace
While she said her goodbye
And my dreams trace
Another break from Past
How I wish I should have not been that tree
Rooted to the spot.

How I wish
Cut myself in pieces of logs
Thrown in the river
To float silently
In her self
Till she ends it
By jumpingIn the sea
And I hang around
Searching for her
In that universal consciousness
That I am lost.
@Shashi 07/2010
Shashi Nov 2010
River Song

As flow of cosmic creation
She streamed down from sky
Entangled in the web of icy locks
Lovingly nestled mountain’s arms
As she flows, her young heart
Hopping, skipping and jumping
Stone to Stone
Some times in streams of unending games
Sometime turning into falls

As she grew, in warm shadows of icy peaks
She lingered in warm hugs, within watchful eyes
Softly glowing in the warmth of love,
Living, dreaming in laps of belongingness
Yet, times moves on, on and on
Slowly, she finds her way out of this intense hold
Out in the open fields, and in gentle sway
As icy peaks held themselves away
She flowed on and on
A life of exploring;
Fields and bathing Ghats
Temple bells; moving carts
Bridges, bunds and floating mass

Vast as she is now, no one to hold
Her, in his strength of love
She lets loose fury of passion
As aggressive as her body flows
With lust; exploring, caressing and feeling
Edge of crumbling earth
In her entwined desires, needs
With every erosion, feeding her devouring soul
Banks don’t matter, not even the mountain
Lost long away in past

At last sun sets down on another day
Another life ends
In vastness of ocean,
No knowing; in nothingness
Old River merged in the churns
Of indifferent space and abysmal depths
Unquenched desired and un-quitted love
Mountains bleed tears, far away, alone
A River song – A farewell

Om Namah Shivaya
Shashi @Nov 2010
Shashi Sep 2010

Far away
The sea crashes
On empty beach


Between bites
Her eyes find me
I reach out to remove a crumb from her lips


She throws her leg over
My dreams


Sweet chocolate
Life seeps in birthdays


White shroud Covers
What leaves, leave behind

The tree strechted to scour the sky
Entiwined within your arms
The love snowed warmth in my heart

Small brush with feelings
Takes a long time to fade,
On the lips or on the memories of life
@Shashi 2002 -2009
Shashi Sep 2010
The touch that lingers
Like phantoms in my mind
The feelings
Sieves out of passionate warmth
Hold me closer
Than your body scent
That lives within my thoughts

The more passionate - thoughts
Coils my mind all around
The more pain,
Breaks out in my heart
Like the grip of your slender legs
Squeezes out pleasure
My last drops

How can I hold you more firmly?
In my thoughts
When your passions
Flutter with winds
A storm that comes along,
Leaving behind
Just some shattered dreams
@Shashi 2006
Shashi Oct 2010
Life in little steps of love
Falling, leaving, goodbyes and then denial
Happiness bleeds in little steps

You really know what love is
When you loose her
In few words

She was half playing
The game of love
But I lost completely

Too intense
Too insufficient
Loving has been painful to me

Her voice over phone
Simple, sweet and friendly
Isolates my love

The thin line of longing
That ties us
Cut me apart

Some words are so effective
Before you realise
They **** the happiness out of life

Your burden of being the only thing
That makes me happy
Is killing me softly

Broken heart beats silently
Fears to wake up mind
See, I told you so!

Can not say, what is harder
Breaking Heart or
Heart Break
25th Oct - 31st Oct 2010
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Shashi Oct 2010
Pain is
When you feel like
Stopping the sunrise

Words were timed perfectly
I was in pain
Primed to bleed

Your parting words are like meditation
I keep chanting them
To numb my pain

Sunset is clouded by pain
Hides behind
Lost happiness

The loneliness of beauty
Lies in the pain
It gives her love

Those fleeting nights
Swiftly passing days
Now stand still in my tearing pain

Our difference in feelings
So different
Pain and Happiness looks same
@Shashi 25th Oct - 31st Oct 2010
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Shashi Oct 2010
Pond is agitated
Lost its calm
My thoughts are no skipping stone

Pond waits for ripples to calm down
Before reflecting the dark clouds of pain
Back to the bleeding sky

Sitting by the river
Drawing dreams with bleeding fingers
Memories escape riding those ripples

Your thoughts transform
From heart to eyes
Pearls in my lap

The least you can do
Is to let my existence fade peacefully
Soul mate, everything else is already dead

Each day brings me
Always an imposter
@Shashi 25th Oct - 31st Oct, 2010
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Shashi Dec 2010
The silence of my room
Loosing its peace
Over the noisy rain call
Shouting outside
Deep forest behind
Shakes off its dirt
Dances with breeze,
In fresh green trees
Cold thoughts fall softly as raindrops
Holding on to my tattered blanket of life
I watch my memories and winter pass by

The milky way in the night sky
Lost its way
Comes down in torrents of rain
To ask me for one dance
Took off the cloaks of my shadow
Running arms wide open
On the wings of love,
I soar to distant stars
While, in the puddles of rainwater
My little ego fish, finds its greatness
Buddha smiles, lotus pond waits
To bring me back

Mind exists in it's own world of passion
Possessiveness and touch
Fleshy wounds, senses dirt
The power of the dusty path
Is not in the eternal wait of life's traveler
But in bringing the end of
Karmic shell
The lightness of being to be released

One by one, pain stripped off
My wanting, my needing, my attachment
Slowly Buddha reached out to me
Lying tattered on the path
Invisible bundle of pure love and joy
Covered in rags of past
Buddha, is that really me?
As I prepare to sleep
In my cold lonely shell
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
@Shashi Nov 2010
Shashi Sep 2010
Anchored in Karma,
Chained to the past
Life tries to break free
From darkness that is lost

Among memories that were forgotten
Among things that were not done
Among friends that were not made
Among roads that were not ...taken
Among choices that were made
And choices that were not.
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