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Jan 2014
There were four of them
They wereΒ Β puppets of his skilled hands
The joker
The lovers
And the dreamer
Day after day Night after Night
He made them dance
And oh men clapped,a children screamed
But the puppets were slowly wearing away
Losing their game
Until one fateful night the Dreamer said
'We need to break free,we need to break free'
The lovers looked at each other and smiled
'Where ever you go there go,I'
The joker,the funny little joker
Actually cried 'I can't take it,I want to die!'
And so it was decided
They would break free
Or die fighting this mutiny
Strings break
Loyalties shift
Broken limbs
Broken spirits
Despite all the odds they broke free
Run to the out side world
Just to see,the puppeteer was himself a puppet
Of greater strings
And them breaking free was just part of the show
They had just shift from a smaller cage
To a bigger one,indeed
Shalini Ray
Written by
Shalini Ray
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