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14.6k · Oct 2013
Music, Marijuana, Warm Skin.
September Oct 2013
The switch is welcomed
with arms open
like a soldier's homecoming.

It's not love,
but it's
certainly not hate.
and it is exactly what i need right now.
7.9k · Jan 2014
September Jan 2014
*** and Radiohead
We are high and everything but dry.
6.1k · May 2017
September May 2017
Separate beds and shades
Of reds. Intimacy is
A ****** handprint.
A haiku for every lover.
5.2k · Oct 2015
September Oct 2015
I don't miss you—I just think of you
4.7k · Jan 2014
Polaroid Prostitute
September Jan 2014
You are not defined by your fading photographs.
Your personality does not have a white frame.
You are a Polaroid *******.
4.2k · Dec 2011
September Dec 2011
You came, you saw, you conquered.

Ripped my flesh off to reveal my internals.
Walked out wordless;
     left me to wonder...

What   just   happened?

Your memory is a stale reminder of how I will never find another
     just quite you.

We were two halves of a broken heart,
but our torn and serrated edges willed us not to connect.

When you left, it
was tough.
     Is tough.
3.6k · Oct 2011
A Marvelous Oxymoron.
September Oct 2011
I think in statistics,
and you in heartbeats.

I am. You are. I am. You are.
I am chemical-based, you are a meaningful scar.

You explore,
and hoard,
anything near you.

While I am
looking at my addiction,
through a lens.

I am forever cursed:
to skim for importance,
to look only at the bigger picture,
to glance only with logic's borrowed eye,

but you are here beside me, and you take in every little detail.

To me, blood is but a fluid,
yet in your eyes,
it is the fuel for lovers and the ink for poetry.

You are feather pens, I am erasable chalk.

The insomniac that is so filled with dreamer-talk.
So enticed by the world, that you couldn’t close an eye.

My mind is logic, reasoning, and your complete opposite.
Every word has a different meaning in your perspective
and every syllable holds a secret—
     one you must find out.

I am textbooks and punctuality and schedules.
But you, you are the only person I can wait on.

This is a cycle with ragged edges, bizarre.
I am. You are. I am. You are.

We are combined; a marvelous oxymoron.
These are just spare thoughts that I thought I should write down.
3.6k · Dec 2011
Snowflakes and Fingerprints.
September Dec 2011
Snowflakes and fingerprints
We are all 'unique.'
But if we account into this,
the law of probablilty
and an infinite amount of time.
Will there ever be two identical snowflakes?
Will my DNA ever be replicated,
or am I already a copy of someone else's view
And even in
one billion years
will there
another you?
September Nov 2012
For long, I've had a pen
And at the beginning of that time:
I used to write fantasy,
With set syllable and rhyme.

I gave it to the public,
And they gave it back to me.
Told me it was bland,
Somehow, I could agree.

And then I changed it to
First person—

Wrote about my troubles
Gave up on punctuation
And that ******* filter.

To write about my fight with needles,
A cyclic session of depression and regression,
Is release.

I am,
the butcher who chopped apart her soul
Drained blood into words.
Ground the bones into a bag and
Fed it to the birds

I won't dwell upon the rhyme scheme
Chime whenever the hell I want.

I hid my words in shadows
Did not care for
The world's gaze

And suddenly I found myself—
Showered with honest praise.
2.9k · Jul 2013
September Jul 2013
Little blue, little blue.
Picked up in the night.
3am may be black but

8 is sure bright.
why not?
2.9k · Jan 2014
Chemical Cocktail
September Jan 2014
chemical cocktail—
serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, etcetera.
i'd write you a poem but i'd rather
spend my time in bed drinking
this chemical cocktail
with you.
It's all looking up love.
2.5k · Oct 2012
The Seduction
September Oct 2012
The tempt, sing to bring my vanity.
The temptation, to travel to unravel my sanity.
The tempted, rather than gather my trust.
The tempter, would not neglect to inject me with lust.
September Jan 2013
******* on sale at the supermarket
Boxed in warning
But still
You got out your credit card

Does this even make sense
2.3k · Oct 2011
September Oct 2011
My physics teacher told me;
we never quite touch.
The electrons don’t allow it,
or something of the such.

It would be fun to say a sentence,
and trite.
Perhaps a little something such:

“You touched my heart, you gave it a chill.”


September Jan 2016
Your words were so sweet—
I bet that when you lied through your teeth—
You got cavities.
2.2k · Oct 2011
September Oct 2011
You grabbed my arm
and pulled me out
of Hell? No, only my mind.
A cheap knock-off.

False control to heal the soul,
How ingenius.

You gave a new name to Amanda Munro,
Through it all, you were my placebo.

Never tell me of this false cure,
let me believe the lies.
2.2k · Dec 2013
The Ego.
September Dec 2013
I am the narcissist that
fell in love with my own
mind and sadly found out:
It's an abusive relationship.
don't purge your ego. embrace it.
2.1k · Nov 2013
Glacier Water
September Nov 2013
your apartment is a glass bottle of ***** and we're drowning in the bottom of it
and the only way to save ourselves is tip the world over
and sip.
2.1k · Dec 2012
September Dec 2012
Once       more
I am        floored
by        indulgence
a            greed
a      ­   lust
a    need
complete   me        to bleed
in    my        left     nostril.
Last night,      I  fell   from   the           sky.
Saw    why       I   existed
and        misted   the   glass
with    my   bind,    i   am   bound
I   found   M D A   in   my      D N A
A  ray     of
Ad   dic  tion—
con flic tion,     res tric tion,    cru ci fi xion
He was     more than       just a friend
Ended in me      coming     back
attack of       parachutes.
no—not   an      american  raid
blade    cut the     lines
weighed     out the     fines
swallowing paper       and singing the      signs.

He  saw  though     the   redbull,
the   xanax, the pro  zac,
the    this-   that
your    mix-   match emotions
that    k i l l e d   like   a rat-trap.

And   for    what?
Artificial    love.
A       c r a c k
in   my    parachute   attack:      I deny.
Last   night,    I   f e l l   from  the  sky.
2.0k · Dec 2013
September Dec 2013
Fond memories are used as gift wrap
for the simple ideas
in the complex times—

I wish I hurt you.
I wish I could have hurt you.
1.9k · Mar 2013
September Mar 2013
He asked me when
I started writing so I
turned to him and
frowned. "Have you
forgotten my
birthday already?"
1.9k · Jan 2014
"Nice Guy"
September Jan 2014
"Nice guys finish last because they always let the girl finish first"
Taking that advice like a shot of fireball,
I still wish you would have
kissed me.
1.9k · Jun 2014
Reality is Fleeting
September Jun 2014
reality is fleeting
sanity-insanity, seen-unseen
i slip from meaning to mean
mean to meaning
i am scared
1.8k · Oct 2012
The Three Word Story.
September Oct 2012
The science of my praise cannot fix this conundrum.
1.8k · Mar 2013
To My Best Friend's Mother.
September Mar 2013
I saw you in Tim Hortons for the first time in three years.
You told me I had grown and
I congratulated on you on your weight loss.

She is my best friend.
You didn't raise a child,
You raised an ironwork frame.
You threw a girl into reality before she could even spell the word.

And I would love to look at the other side, but I can't—
it always loops back around like that little girl
doing circles around on her ten-speed as she pulls up
to the convenience store to buy you cigarettes.

Hey, at least you called her an ambulance—
On Thanksgiving Day when she passed out
from lack of nutrition because you spent your last welfare check
on something I don't even want to hear your excuse for.

I remember my mother, coming into my room at eleven pm on a Wednesday, telling me to put some shoes on because you snapped a pool cue and placed it to a guy's neck.

My pajama pants ripped as I broke into your apartment to wake my best friend up and tell her that my mom was parked outside and she had to spend the night at my house.

You spent the night in the drunk tank hitting on officers.
She spent the night beside me crying and asking for any other mother but you.

We were in grade 6.

When she was 13, she had to live with me for 3 months because social services deemed you, "unstable."
When she was 14, she moved away to the city because she couldn't handle you anymore.

I went to visit her last weekend and she didn't say a single word about you.
I think this is the most unrefined thing I have ever posted online. I just kinda wanted to get it off my chest because honestly it's been seething inside me for a long time, and I just recently saw the mother sooooooo..
1.8k · Feb 2013
Sapphire Martini
September Feb 2013
My birthstone shudders as I
Hit the sky's floor.
1.8k · Sep 2013
Chemistry Dropout
September Sep 2013
Failing class because I'm distracted
Impacted by your body extracted
Mine reacted with you.

There was nothing I could do.
There was nothing I could do.
1.8k · Apr 2014
I Think of You
September Apr 2014
I think of you. Your ******-touch that crosses my eyelids
with chlamydia fingernails accenting in all the
wrong places. The white powder trail leading like a
highway to your right nostril—the unemployment rate
like a dropped lit cigarette in the ******* apartments available. I think of you.
I think of you.
I thought of you.
I want nothing more than to be done with you.
Written about my hometown, Powell River.
1.7k · Nov 2017
September Nov 2017
Sorry I can't
hear you any
I think we're

breaking up.

I think we're

breaking down
each other.
draft from fall 2013
1.7k · Apr 2012
September Apr 2012
When I was little,
My dad used to drive my mom to the airport on Fridays
And everytime we passed
Cliffe St Apartments
An old man sat eternally
Looking a thousand miles out the window.

And now
I know
Dream I had.
1.7k · Oct 2011
September Oct 2011
We   cut    and  shook
our    hands,   formed
a  bond   as  you  told
me,   "I will always be
in you as your blood."
But now you have dis-
appeared and all I am
left with is a  scar and

1.7k · Sep 2012
Breaking Down Bruises
September Sep 2012
That double crescent moon bite mark
That Thom made on my arm
To show me he was, "*****."

Those five purple fingerprints
That Riley left, to remind me
My pants? Gone last night.

That weird, mysterious oval
On the inside of my thigh.
...Was that Kelsey or Nyssa?

That tiny yellow mark that splotched my eyebrow
From when I ran into a telephone pole
—completely sober.
Tyler still mocks me about that.

That blood red under-eye
That made me realize
We all get hit.

That Texas-shaped purple-to-yellow transition
That screamed to me,
We all heal.
1.7k · Nov 2010
September Nov 2010
Quickly cunning,
armed with a witted tounge.
Eyes of a murderer,
    with the rope already strung.
Coat of copper,
lying sweetly as it promises,
the appearance of a dog.

The fox feeds once again.

He runs through the brambles,
reminiscent of an open door.
Eats all the farmer's poultry.
His mouth waters no more.

As quickly as he came,
the bushes he now does part.
He has stolen a living.
He has stolen my heart.
1.6k · Sep 2012
September Sep 2012
I am nothing compared to your past.
You are everything, even with your flaws.
I love all of you.
Every problem and addiction,
makes my love dig deeper another foot.

My favorite is your insomnia.
How we stay up talking—
albeit on the phone.
Hours go well spent as we break the midnight barrier.

I am not your lover.
I am not even your best friend.
But I love you.
I love your random fits of ADHD,
and your strength through your past.
I love your drug addiction and insomnia.
They make you, you.

And you, you are beautifully flawed.
I found this on an old site from 2010. I loved him so much. If he sees this, then oh terror, the embarrassment.
1.6k · Sep 2012
September Sep 2012
Boy of my dreams,
On the night of my life,
Offers me my first,

You've got
A campfire-made halo.
Such a beautiful smile.

I carry only one around,
So when I see you once more,
I can offer you (not your first)

And use
Your beautiful smile
And hope
You feel like I

"I quit."

And this cigarette goes,
Back into my pocket,
And I do too.
Silly, stupid, and something-ly so.
September Nov 2013
who told you that you could say that
there's blood and ***** and drunk tears on the neck of your sweater
and in the corner of your eye.
substance lettering not making any sense.

who told you that you could say that

Christmas lights are beautiful
But only out of season

I sure as hell didn't.
1.5k · Nov 2013
Rose Garden
September Nov 2013
You remind me of my first acid trip.
Of all the quirky people in the world
holding handfuls of trees

You're the one I would like
to wrap in ivy leaves and
take home.

Can you believe me?

I will unwrap you in a year and we will
find god under the sea.
Swimming like seagulls, fishing like carpenters—
we have no skills but we will build a house.

It will be a simple house.
1.5k · May 2013
Swallow Bones
September May 2013
Komodo Dragons don't stop
to pick off the skin and gut
a ****. Eat the liver.
Eat the kidney. Eat the jugular
vein. Eat the
Cardiac artery.
September Mar 2018
tired because of the things he does,
always remembering where i was.

these fickle things nostalgia brings,
icicle fingers touching ribs—stings.
September Feb 2016
All three lights were red
but we kept going—
afraid of the silence that would settle
between us if we
were stationary.

In silence
there would have been truth:
We have no common conversation.
Do not read between the lines—there is nothing written there.
"Wake up slow"
1.5k · Jan 2014
September Jan 2014
Love is fickle
but lust isn't—
so come over here and
I'll fix this rift
I created with words
Tongue that created the problem, also solving it. Maybe it was weird to say the L-word, but I can fix this weirdness with the only thing we know how to do.
1.5k · Jun 2013
"Atop the Dams"
September Jun 2013
This is the Wednesday's one am.

A song I don't know and eyes I
have yet to look into.
1.5k · Jan 2014
Whisper This Poem.
September Jan 2014
Kissing, supporting—
then sniffing, then snorting:
Xanax, ******, Tylenol.
Alcohol will never expire
dealer, buyer—
you're getting higher and—and—and
Louder, louder—
you're drowning in prescription powder.

You're given ***, speed, salvation
It's not love, it's medication.
Whisper it.
1.4k · Jul 2014
September Jul 2014
you were the greatest catch of my life
but i am no fisherman
i was never meant to reel you in
i was always meant to throw you back
shark in the head
1.4k · Apr 2013
A Collection.
September Apr 2013
You fade away like the borders of a country I will only ever visit on a map

(A world government:

unrelatable, irreversible.
1.4k · Mar 2013
Sleeping Through Screaming.
September Mar 2013
Turn off your electric
Fold yourself into
flesh origami
Undress into blankets
In you, I find
eternity yearns.

Let us sleep forever
Wake up when the past returns.
Through war and dystopia we shall
sleep forever
and wake
at every
March 1st, 2013.
I could sleep away a war with you, I could sleep away a revolution.
1.4k · Jul 2013
September Jul 2013
you are not special
you are not special
you are only
my imagination.
you are not my foundation, fixation, frustration.

you are fire flirtation.
pupil dilation.
tablet temptation.

closed circuit consideration.
and this is all you will ever be.
you were never my medication.

you are not special
you are not special
the mantra is *******
just a bad   habit//
1.4k · Apr 2012
September Apr 2012
I am
plagued by this—
recurring dream?

And ghosts in the closet
They howl and moan
And make it hard
to stop the nightmare.
And make it hard
to fall asleep.
1.4k · May 2014
Real Unreal
September May 2014
i wanted sin and *** appeal,
but you were my achille's heel.
i singed my skin so i could no longer feel
what's real, unreal—
what's real—
you're not real
not real
1.4k · Feb 2015
September Feb 2015
Firsts can never change,
But they can most certainly
Oh, be forgotten.

Do not say my name.
Say my name again—say hers.
This time: I dare you.

When I stripped you of
Your faith, I had asked you if
God was still watching.

Perhaps flirtation—
Music taste, or lucky liquor.
Perhaps loneliness.

Never spoke a word,
Until substance set us free
Upon each other.

We were nothing more
Than slutty dancing, slurred words,
And a messy bed.

Sleep—an illusion.
I start to wonder if you,
Love, were one as well.

I was more to you
In one night—than you were to
Me in seven years

Little golden boy:
How can you hate the whole world
Yet say you love me?

I was sick, alone.
You were not special—just there.
Still sick. Still alone.

I stole from God again.
You were young, and I— Oh, I
Just want to stargaze

Smoke green under green—
sweat under sheets—broken bones—
Blood on hardwood floors.

Hands can hold tightly.
Skin can connect easily.
Words can lie sweetly.

You have green eyes, and—
soft hands, and— loving skin, and—
Nothing I deserve

Let's talk about ***.
Let's talk about love. Let's talk
*About the sadness
I regret nothing of my life.
Written about fifteen people who I'm told are supposed to mean something to me.
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