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Stuck in a community
Stay an outcast or pay for immunity
Jelousy, greed, selfishness, slander gover ns the majority's behaviour
Masquerading as saints that worship christ the saviour
Men intended to play the role of the head
Exchanged roles with eve so he could disguise himself to gossip instead
Left the women wandering with an identity crisis
Seeking the mens attention charging different prices
Unveiling a community built on its vices
Brotherhood and acceptance publicized to distract you from the hateful plotting practised in closed doors forwarded through their devices
Running their mouths so that they can gloat
Exaggerating events to undermine you
Walking on water like Jesus forgetting to mention the boat
Fabricating a life of stability when most of them clearly stuck the picture with glue
Achievements and awards are hanged on the wall
They despise your discretion, if you display you become a fool
Premeditating your demise, they watch you intently anticipating your downfall
Why are we so determined to destroy each other?
Inferiority complex imherited from our forefather?
Have we redefined the meaning of brotherhood?
Is this the reason behind the new breed of men afraid of fatherhood?
Why the women feel it is alright to be misunderstood?
Hegemonic masculanity taking over after Eve took a bite of the fruit knowing everything except sisterhood?
Why we love what is bad and doubt what is good?
Obsessed with fattening the body with junk no longer enjoying the taste of spiritual food?
Gotta stay alert in such a neighbourhood!
It takes a certain man to teach how to be far from the hood,
But to understand the street.

Done by Gabriella Kundiona
Inspired by putra perdana closed knit community comfortable with ignorance and self hate
....Continuation from Part One

Do you know what it feels like to be me,
So many things the world is blind to only i can see
Cursed with injustice, misconceptions, conspiracies
Even now without the chains i still hope to be free
Even now that my voice can be heard it seems the audience could care less despite their oh so very subtle gestures signalling each other to ignore my high notes(pause#sigh#) EXSISTENCE!! You still anticipate and wait for me to react to
Subliminal provocation intended to give me discomfort.
The audacity!

(CLEAR my throat as if delivering an important message at a rally. Gabriella get inspiration from ****** or mlk to unleash the power of the words below)

I blame the system! i blame miseducation!
I blame fabricated history!
Let the *****, coily hair i possess release a mighty frequency,
Connect with the gods and master the ability of this forgotten ancestral contingency
Unfold the truth hidden in between the lines
Acknowledge the struggles and weaknesses of our predecessors; sold their souls and heritage for a mysterious briefcase fit for a coffin for bribery. Hidden and buried beneath the half hearted stamped agreements sticking out from the shimmering dimes.
and so begins the misery,
Banished from using our hands, conditioned to a life of being fed
Restrained from using our heads, conformity weaved us together like thread

Previously, dispersed,  Discarded and fowarded in shipments
so they could use us as a contaminated abomination the world should dread.
Obstructing all efforts to spread to our sentiments.
The darker the flesh then the deeper the roots rip tupac
What good are the roots when they wiped out all evidence leaving no proof

Done by Gabriella kundiona
They said baby come home,
Worried and anxious about how you living alone,
I said i'd lost patience sick and tired of waiting for your dreams to come along,
And so i packed my bags, wrote a note and i was gone!

what does it feel like to be me?
When you stare at my reflection what'd you see?
A smudged painting, ripped canvas that's all i could be
An error in your work of art
You forgot i chose my life
I am glad i let go because now i can breathe

They said baby come home,
Although It's not the same, people ambushed, still put to shame
Killed for sport, life cut short used as the governments pawn,
I heard a baby wail, a mother cry gunshots that have left a wound that will take 5 generations to heal,
An orphaned child grown but immature to fulfil his fathers will
Hate, revenge and melancholy is all the heart can feel
Numb to love , peace, joy because he was raised in a warzone
Homes become barracks
Relatives become comrades
Friends become foes
Prying over deep rooted pains feeding off people's ignorance so long noone knows
But i know,
The soil bleeds me, when night time comes i listen to the moon console the land beneath me
I transform into a Goddess, strong and ready for battle,
The lines on my face and the past i carry is fatal
Remember abantu!!!
Remember abantu!!!
We can no longer fight for what rightfully belongs to us, that time is past

To continued.

Done by Gabriella Kundiona (Afrikka)
I envisioned the world as an art gallery exhibiting different types artwork. I obsessed over the thought so much i worked on an art piece i imagined displayed in the hall of fame show room. The desire became stronger and i kept going back to the drawing board. I was frustrated! All i just wanted was to design a masterpiece!! I penned down my disappointment ready to give up,  i scribbled my few feelings and the words seemed to rhyme, a form of artistry that would eventually lead me to the creation of my masterpiece. The art of poetry. From then i mastered singing the writeups the art of music. I painted wonderful pictures through the use of my words, it was an influential choice of art this could be it. I wanted to discover more of my artistic ability. I watched myself become that very thing i wanted to create. An artist who began to transform into a piece of art. I became art personified. if words failed me, i sang. If the mic signature faded, i became a incomplete canvas smeared in ink subtly revealing the my passion for art. All along i was the masterpiece, an embodiment of everything art. Since then the art gallery displays my idiosyncratic
artistic composition. Yes, aristole was right , "we are what we repeatedly do".  

Done by Gabriella Kundiona
Civilisation turned us into barbarians,
Legislation turned fugitives into librarians,
Socialisation turned humanity into amphibians, cold hearted creatures looking for warmth and desire through a virtual reality,
Masked by calm, luring identities covering the cold-blooded repitilian behind it!
Religion promoted mass deception. Dividing humanity into seperate factions that blurred the internal and external vision,
I can no longer deny that this may have been a rogue mission!
To create a system,
When traced bears no roots but a stem
Layered with thick fabric, attempts to cut it down failed since time immemorial it still stands firm.
Those that tried where either incarcerated or completely obliterated.
They posed a threat, preached a word that resonated so deeply within the people's hearts the words they spoke and anyone who dared to lend an ear became enemies of the state their sentencing was extermination,
To avoid repitition other's weere reprogrammed, instituionalised through examination,
Examination that came through the form of education with the hopes or creating a new foundation with a new set of people born and bred through assimilation- a narcisstic repressing humanitarian tactic that stole true tradition by creating an ideal specimen contingent on colonisation.
If i search within me what my heart desires, what i yearn for and find out that this world cannot offer it, the only logical explanation is i was made for another world.
I still anticipate the day utopia will unfold
I will listen to the stories that have been untold
Enjoy my youth and inspire when i am old
Raise my sons to be Kings wise and bold
Continue the legacy that my ancestors foretold.

— The End —