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RyanMJenkins Feb 2012
David? Whatthefuck, back in the day we used to kick it,
today I wake to the news that you paid the ultimate ticket.
The world is wicked, and killing is shameful.
To know there'll never be just justice is painful.
Thinking back to some of the memories we had,
I laugh with the moments cuz they really made me glad to know you.
Still I've always known you to be a good person,
I know how occasions can lead to bad situations.
We all have a temper,
now it'sbest to remember that we should just cool down.
Otherwise there'll be other times where we find others are gone now.
I'm taking this time to reflect, because you getting shot is something i'd never expect.
You texted me months ago, and I saw you last week.
The questions of life is now something we're all to seek.
David, hopefully at least some will learn based on what was done,
and learn that f*cking with guns really aint that fun.
Much love to the heaven above for you or whatever place there may be.
You're gone but not gone, for in our hearts will always be Dahveeeeed!
Rest peacefully :/

— The End —