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WritinginStars  Aug 2017
The One
WritinginStars Aug 2017
My heart starts beating fast
I keep wishing the moment would last
Seconds, minutes, hours?
I guess they all pass
When I see you.
I can't even look at you
My eyes dart around the room
Checking if anyone else can see
What your meer presence does to me.
purple heart  May 2
purple heart May 2
Some old;
Some less old;
Some brand new;
And the only one which was there since the beginning.

Could you be that light for me honey?
The one who is never replaced,
The one who stays forever,
The one who is there every night,
The one who never asks for anything,
And still shines endlessly expect some nights.
Those nights are terrible and I’m lost.
Could you be that?
Also a bit more?
Could you do that?

Will you say and really stay?
Will you wave and never say goodbye?
Will you understand me when I don’t want to be understood?
Will you sit outside by the door when I want to be left alone?
Will you set my plate even when I say I m not hungry just in case?
Will you be mine even when I am not being me?
Will you believe in me even when it’s not easy?
Will you do all this and still act like it’s nothing!
Will you be my lover forever?
‘Cause I would love to love you forever baby!
Liam B  Mar 2018
My Heart's Thief
Liam B Mar 2018
As ships pass in the night
I still tremble upon your vision
morning and night your beauty never escapes
your smile melts me as a cutting torch renders the steel
and the warm rush fills the void

My soul pants for thee,
for you, O thief of my heart
my heart that waged a secret war within my chest
waving the white flag of surrender
you have won for I cannot fight it

The battle was as if
sending smoke signals from adjacent hilltops
a wordless struggle trying to search
finding two hearts that beat as one

As in the spoils of war
I am your secret trophy
if just only in your heart
where I hope you keep me

For my life is forever changed
just knowing you exist
a beautiful dream
I shall never forget.
You were the it,
the only thing.
The inspiration I hadn't yet met.
The hypothetical metaphor,
in story book prose.
Once in the lifetime
Everyone find

Leads towards the

The dream
The thought
The sunlight
The time
And, the life

All right
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The Chemistry
and *******
baby girl i don't know
if you know this,
but you shine.

this sensation or rush
or tsunami of bliss.
the movements
of the shift of your hips.

the way your hands
fit perfectly in mine
your lips, your jaw, your thighs
my everyday wine and dine.

the sand
underneath my feet flows
as you nourish
my soul and my mind.

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