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Brandon  Nov 2014
Brandon Nov 2014
How quickly the falling leaves of autumn
Gave way to the bitter frost of winter

As the sun ended its shift earlier every day
And the cold dark night sky stretched across the horizon

Stars frozen in place
Shimmering on iced-over lakes

And glittered snowflakes fell to the earth
Compacted and crunched beneath our road weary feet

Our breath hung still in the air like ghosts made of vapor

We were lost in the white blanketed landscape

With only the warmth of each other for company
It is wintertime.

You are in the forest. There are pine trees and other trees around.
There is some snow and pine cones scattered on the ground. A light covering.

It is gently snowing. Large size flakes start to fall very slowly.

As you stand in the forest -- there are no sounds except a few birds in the trees softly chirping.

It is so quiet you can almost hear the snow fall.

You close your eyes to listen to the quiet and feel the stillness of the moment.

Snowflakes gently touch your face but you are not cold.

There is total peace around you.

When you open your eyes, you see a doe looking at you.

Still, quiet and peaceful.

— The End —