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Jemimah  Jun 2013
Singing Honey
Jemimah Jun 2013
Singing honey    sucrose stream
Tidy shelving snug underneath
Nestled neatly inter-wing
Feather down cream

Mothers stroking cradle   rocks
A thousand balls of foam spill
Softly avalanche and bury
Pure angels in snow    hands

Petal sky smeared casual
Walks warmly sweetly
Silken fur raises brow
    At       the coming

Lily padded velvet pawed
Strong slender limbs graceful dancing
The Supple strength
Holds a breath for dawn

Long stalks arch backs
Purring release modesty
Pure unction weeps    complete
Smooth shell face washed in milk

A banner sail widened arms
Outstretched for breeze’s kiss
A wishing penny glides
Through water falling   leaf

Mallow clouds woolen sheep
Dandelion umbrellas    borne away
Slowly sinking Sun dyes autumn
Watercolour cascades melt

Thinly  delicately   imagined
Fragile world Mary’s peace
Doll dependent doting
Soul canopied sanctuary

Silence **speaks
this is an old poem, i just thought I'd share it.
Hope you can see the hidden message.

I will let you fancifully imagine that this means something -
it can if you want it to, or if you want to just shrug and carry on life
in a more literal world, well then, that's fine with me :)


— The End —