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Ady  Nov 2017
Not your dream girl
Ady Nov 2017
Let me tell you why i cound't love him,
when all he thought of me was idealized
like some fairy in a fairytale ready to
aid him on his quest on his story.
How he loved my dyed hair or how i never
seemed to settle on a color
but not because i was fickle  and adventurous
but because color fades naturally.
Let me tell you how he treated me like some
discovery, a treasure for greedy pirates
and suddenly i wans't even a person,
i was his involuntary manic pixie dream girl;
a level in a game, a mage to give him answers
when i didn't even understood the questions.
How i was somehow supposed to teach him
life and love when its just me being me,
a girl attempting to live her life and every flaw
suddenly glitter covered and gold encrusted;
my anxiety reduced to a quirk and my depression
just so edgy.
Let me tell you that I couldn't love a boy,
-selfcentered and presumptious-
when all he saw in me was a character and not
a partner.

A boy who never even knew me but pretended.
Leo Pais  Jan 2015
Leo Pais Jan 2015
There are son many things I offer
Why can't  you see that?
Now you say I'm selfcentered?
I never crossed my mind it was always you
You hate what I've become
Just had to do something for me
Now you choose black instead of white?
Just everything with white seems to slow me down
Don't you steal my heart!
Trust me, wouldn't even try, full of mines of lies surrounding it.
You say I never loved you?
When I have you my heart, was that not love?
Just don't want to loose you.
Its been lost for a while now

— The End —