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Jude kyrie  Sep 2016
Jude kyrie Sep 2016

a poem
Jude Kyrie

Do you remember my love
we were just children back then.
we played in the summer rain.
Dancing in puddles.
Splashing in rubber boots.

I think that's when
I fell in love with you.
I knew even then
we would marry one day.

Remember we always
loved walking in the rain
The olive green days
of our life my love.

Then the sickness came
you tried to hide it from me.
but I knew ...I knew.

Remember that last day
my love.
you asked is it raining
I said yes my love.

Take me outside you said.
Dance with me in the rain
just one more time.

Now  when I feel
lonely and sad
I stand in the pouring rain
and can feel you close to me.
and the gentle pure rain
washes away my tears
Clare Coffey Nov 2017
I’ve learned to dance in the rain
To embrace each drop as it falls
Glistening in teardrop perfection
Caressing the windows and walls

I allow my child free rein
As I splash in puddles with glee
Nothing left that holds me back
I am running wild and free

Lightening rips across the sky
Crackling and spitting bright sparks
Silver and gold in confusion
No corner is kept in the dark

The drum beat on the slate rooftops
Echoes the rhythm of my heart
Present only in this moment
I wait for the thunder to start

Once I would have danced all alone
Coveting each inch of my space
But today through the downpour
I catch a brief glimpse of your face

A sudden stillness surrounds me
I have found my eye of the storm
Love weathers the darkness united
Dancing together until dawn

— The End —