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Donna Apr 2018
So me and Dean have
just come back from milking the
cows and there mooing (paganpaul :D ) :-))

So we woke this morn
To a grey rainy pavement
And slushy wet mud

Our poor trainers have
Mothers Earth literally stuck
to bottom of souls

So I must invest
in some Wellington boots , yeap
makes total sense..yeap yeap

Albie  is peeing
like a watering can , his
driving us crazy

But he is so cute
and ***** he runs into
doors chairs and the walls

Because the weather
as been so rainy our clothes
are forever wet

So now we are just
wearing wet suits , we look like
seals in the ocean

Oh okay I'm just
being silly but hey it's
super super fun

The kids have gone home
Well older ones have ,yay more
food for me and Dean

Now this is the truth
Me and Dean had cheese on toast
topped with some brown sauce

And it was ******
lovely , dean had tea with his
and i had coffee

Oops a Massive dose
of caffeine oh no my brain
is in overdrive

Oh no that now means
i won't sleep tonight , ah well
I best read a book
Hi everyone hope u all well I will catch up soon love  u all your all beautiful xxxx

— The End —