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Matt Overbey Apr 2015
Lay down, close your eyes, dont make a peep, count sheep until you fall asleep. But what if you don't? You toss and turn left and right and get up with the same thoughts you lay with. Wondering why do I think of the most random things, the most frightening things when all day they don't cross paths?

Could all the souls of the sleepless feel the burdens of one another?
Could the stirs we have in our beds be the thoughts of one who thinks as me? Thoughts that go in flight into the night and descend into the mind of one who can relate the most?

And when the lids get heavy and the tossing and turning ceases, could these nightowl's company be what makes us peaceful?
Matt Overbey Mar 2015
Idols are made out of people who are the same as us. Placing them on pedestals for thinking as we do. We hear the stimulating words vibrate in our cannals. We feel a connection from a source that's just as flawed as you and I.

Don't let us find out your secret. Make us forget there's such a thing as narcissism or we'll become the lost sheep of this entire race. Beware of the grip that this vice holds. It has no limitations. No boundaries. These are the dangers of the human mind.
Matt Overbey Mar 2015
Drenched. From head to toe.
The peaceful water from the sky quickly becomes to overflow.
This body and soul screams of renewal from this dated state I'm in. Why do we think we have to die in this world before we can begin again?

This filth and dirt are begging to be cleansed.
To never again descend into the depths and races of this poor soul.
I dive in head first and it's all washed away and I no longer remember how long the pain took its toll.

How long are we to beg for an eradication rather than a peaceful cleansing? Let the regeneration from the heavens renew you and I this day. As a whole we scream for death but doesn't that seem strange when these tears are falling down on us making us want to change?
Matt Overbey Mar 2015
A building with no recipients to look around at the beauty of the inside.

Trees without beings for them to help breathe, a car with no engine stays at a stanstill.

Each with no direction.
None of them fulfilling. Neither are words without true meaning.
Matt Overbey Feb 2015
I've come up with every single scenario that's never happened and the letdown comes and comes. I've got nobody else to blame but me for my self made despair. The hurt I've caused myself has led me deeply astray and writing these words on this paper is the closest thing to make it go away.

How easy would it be if I could point my finger at everybody else but me? The sweet relief of blame off my shoulders doesn't cure the ignorance in me. All I want is peace of mind without my anger robbing it from me yet again. So I turn away, I walk on without regret. I never needed you.

It took months for me to break this heart made of stone. But when it hits again, I'll know this time I'm not alone.
Matt Overbey Jan 2015
Sadness, the only thing that's ever been close to me. When I felt alone with no hope left, she came with arms extended. No judgement comes from her. She races to me at the sight of tragedy. Sadness. My only friend. She comes the only way she knows how. Holds me tight until the tears start racing then all the pain begins escaping.

One after another they kept dragging me down. Making me want to leave this town, but she gazes at me and understands. Sadness is restless and knows me so well.

Everything fell a part one day. I just needed somewhere for my head to lay. Sadness didnt come that day. I guess she knew it was over for me.
Matt Overbey Jan 2015
While trying to find you, I had lost myself.

Now I pick up the shattered pieces of who I used to know and rework them to who I am going to be.

These puzzle pieces don't always fit in one spot.
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