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Without you o, I
A river without water
A flower without fragrance
A body without soul

My heart and my liver
Like the two hot rocks
Lying aloof in a dried river
Under the unbearable hot rays of the sun

Your memories
Come like the sea waves
Striking strongly against the shores
And break down the stones into pieces

My endless ****** tears
Flow like the jehlum
Expressing my helplessness
and my misery

My days without you
No better than dark nights
And for me the beautiful moon
Is like the hot sun at noon
I with- tied legs
Like a leg tied horse
Try always to see you
But fall down at every step

Amongst the poisonous snakes
In a dark jungle you live now
And I a tortured and troubled soul
Always cry and pray for a visit

I exist
When you exist
I breathe
When you breathe
Bashir Ali Najar Apr 2020
The sound on the streets of lalchowk
Remind me of my past
When my father took my little hand into his
Now it's lost
Where's the time
Being child everything my mine ...
The travelling along the Road of panthachowk
The sky touching poplar trees
The paddy fields full of grass hoppers
The mesmerizing butterflies on the flowers of almond tress ....
The waters of jehlum's anticipating sound
Being child everything was mine
The rowing of boats along the Dal
Going picnic to Manasbal..
The biting of the pencil reminds me of that excitement
That curiousity of looking at insects
Where is the past
Do u think it's lost ...
Those  days I was making a clays house
Now these days on internet I browse ....
What I got
What I forgot
The days I used to eat cotton candy
And lick one rupee orange icecream
Now where's the time
Being child everything was mine
The olden days !!
Where are those golden days
Let me be a child again
Let me wonder along the streets and karewas to regain....
Bashir Ali Najar  Jun 2020
Bashir Ali Najar Jun 2020
You cant escape reality
When it hugs you like a casket
Ready to burry you deep into the ground
It’s there where you I found
The roar of clouds
Or shining of Sun
When I saw you it all seemed a Fun
Whether the black Cuckoo on your windowsill
Playing the music with her projecting beak
Or the disseminate  of Rain drops on your cheeks
All remind me the days of jolliness
Its all your beautiful curls among the wilderness
The dangling earrings dancing with the wind
And the long braids moving with the breeze
The sway  of your feet in the waters of Lidder
Every drop seemed  Sind
Come and hold me near
It’s all along the banks of jehlum

— The End —