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Without you o, I
A river without water
A flower without fragrance
A body without soul

My heart and my liver
Like the two hot rocks
Lying aloof in a dried river
Under the unbearable hot rays of the sun

Your memories
Come like the sea waves
Striking strongly against the shores
And break down the stones into pieces

My endless ****** tears
Flow like the jehlum
Expressing my helplessness
and my misery

My days without you
No better than dark nights
And for me the beautiful moon
Is like the hot sun at noon
I with- tied legs
Like a leg tied horse
Try always to see you
But fall down at every step

Amongst the poisonous snakes
In a dark jungle you live now
And I a tortured and troubled soul
Always cry and pray for a visit

I exist
When you exist
I breathe
When you breathe
Saw In a dream last night
A beautiful damsel
Whose eyes were bright
Like the stars in twilight

She looked at me
And I looked at her
Amazing was the whole scene
And the day too was serene

The nightingale was singing on a tree
And was encouraging me
So were humming honey bees
And singing birds on the trees

On the damsel’s red lips
The butterflies were dancing a dance
Flowers were her lips
The butterflies understood wrong

Coming close, she said to me
She was in love with me
Sweat came on my face
As her voice was filled with grace

I kissed her hand
Then we both sat down on sand
Where we started to talk
Near a huge rock

I saw myself in her eyes
Where I thought it is wasn’t wise
To give the heart to the lady
Who belongs to a fairyland

But she embraced me
Wept and assured me
I truly love thee
As a flower loves a bee

The girl was going to say
Things that would make me gay
But the birds called me
Day has dawned, don’t you see

— The End —