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Hard Times
Life is struggle on very many with very many turns
At times we have to go through all miseries and pain
Hell is no where else embracing heaven with burns
At times there are showers of mercy from severerain

Love takesflight alwaysto embrace but the gallows
Where there isno solace but more torture to bear
Some miracle may happen and intensity just mellows
In rough water of the volcanic water a boat to stear

At a given time we have to complete very many tasks
Hatred, jealousy in own blood dominates for revenge
Different humans come across but with lot many masks
Even in moments of pleasure remains the bitter tinge

You want me to start with all vows and complaints
This will neither support friendhip and will nor love
Let us sip poison drop by drop with colorful paints
As both of us have opted wrath from below and above

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2018 Golden Glow

— The End —