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I will LOVE U while u live & SHOW it,
I will tell U hw much I LOVE U,
I will protect & care for U,
I will tell U ur strenght,
Looking for d best in U & bring it out,
I will cherish U while U live.

Why do I need to wait untill U sick or die,
To serve U or tell U & D world,
How much U meant to me, When
Ur lifeless body can't laugh back at my compliments,
Not even my loudest cries or sobbing,
I am committed to U while you live.

Why do we ignore kind gestures and LOVE?
Why do we feel shy & unreceptive to the good nature offers?
Why do we treat those that LOVE us as tho they don't?
Why do we treat people that love us as tho not loved?
Why do we tarry long 'till D graveside?
To say D kind-hearted words of LOVE.

Why do we seal our emotios against loved ones?
Waiting 'till lifeless before we open it for them,
When their own is sealed & can't be touched,
Why do we care in silence, hiding our feeling?
Why not making every moments with frieds counts & make life worthy of living for them?

A little "How 're U?", A little smile,
Makes U dear to my heart,
Tho you might not solve my problem all D time,
But a litte care that put smiles on me removes my phobia,
I am lucky to have U around me,
And will never be ashamed to EXPRESS
How much "I CARE AND LOVE U"
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
dfing threw the night when my radio played. when i drive i dont talk i turn my music up real loud. so we can just enjoy what we stand for. my stereo was stolen. i pick you up and we go for a ride. how far idk where we going. any where we want. but breaking the silence forces me to feel all these emotios. my music turned up to the point where it cant get any higher. when i drive i drive in silence to enjoy life.  i hide between the up rise from riots. i want t escape from what has drained my thoughts. .

the only escape from society is driing with music blasting out my speakers loud.i drive with no talking just scilence. if you know what i mean. i my lungs fil with air and deflate with fire spitting out my burt soul in anger.
Ryan Nyberg  Oct 2015
Ryan Nyberg Oct 2015
His eyes are oceans and I drown in his gaze every night
His voice - my motions, my emotios and my light.
His movements hypnotise me,
I cant look away
Every word he says is binding
I am led astray.
His smile's spell casting, charming, mesmerising
His figure Lean, so confident so tough
My knees go weak around him,
His touch's so surprising
I think this is how people define love.
He holds you still and all you dare to do
Is breath evenly, steadily, rarely,
Shaking through and through.

— The End —