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mark jarrad  Nov 2010
mark jarrad Nov 2010
England's not America..Why make england that way ?
Children fighting from the day they're born ..the sound of gunshots everyday.....

So you wanna be a gangsta ?
Gangbangin in da hood ?
With yo ******* and drug money ?
Families murdered in cold blood ?

The life of a gangsta !
Do you want what it's about ?
Not knowing when a driveby
Is gonna take you out ?

Hangin with yo homeboys
Is that your idea of fun ?
Dealing in the crack *******
Killin brothers with your gun ?

Where you raised in the ghetto ?
Sick of poverty .. decay
Is crime the only answer ?
If you want to break away

So you become a gangsta
And be the badass every day
Do you think that you could handle it
If your friends got blown away ?

What if....
Suddenly you're out there ..alone but with your gun
Another gang has spotted you...there's nowhere you can run!
You have to take your chances .. squeeze off , maybe 2 or 3..
And the litter on the pavement the last thing that you see !

Live a life of violence ..
Is that what you wanna do ?
One day you are the mainman
Next ..they've got the jump on you ?

So what if you're a gangsta !
And the life you start to doubt
You're older , you got children
And decide that you want out ?

But when you are a gangsta
It does'nt go away ...
You helped create the **** you're in
And the **** is here to stay !

Still wanna be a gangsta ?
I hope you've thought it through
Theres no sanctuary in violence
Death's the ticket out for you

So think about your future
The decision is yours to make
Look what's happened in America
Don't make the same mistake !!
I wrote this after watching a documentary about gang culture in America , and i look at the  youth in England of today.. who seem to think that its cool to be a Gangsta !
I hope that my poem paints a picture on the realities of gang life.
Cydney Something Nov 2020
You're up a little late
Aren't you?

The light in your windows
Tells me all
I need to know

— The End —