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Dark n Beautiful Apr 2012
While the children sleep
I learn from my immediate elders who taught me
the good, the bad and the ugly;
however, my strength is hiding deep within.
If only the pain weren’t so severe.

An ugly duckling who suffers Verbal and physical abuse
From the cool, pretty crowds of clueless incompetent?
You with your tawny hair, they often shout
Flat jacks with granny strap
String beans without the lean

So cruel; so mean those  terrorist sounds  
That goes round and round on the playground
While the children sleep  through the night
I play with night flyers
Golden wings and friendly flittering smiles we dance,
Into Twinkling lights of the meadow;
Late at night without the feuds or the abuse of the inferiors
I got teary eyes as I say farewell to my misty friends

Bigotry and hatred, Playgrounds terror,
  Children of the cornfields rules the inner cities school
Throughout kindergarten into high school

You must process the Skill of a tiger, speed of a leopard
Going to school going isn’t any fun anymore

This is the day of trouble, and of rebuke, and blasphemy: the
The children are coming to birth and there is not strength
To bring forth:(bibical)
Edward Feb 2020
Be of strong courage, know that there were Great People.
That suffered from Depression so be of strong courage.
King David suffered from great depression here too.
So did Jacob/Israel suffered from great depression here.
For there are many Israel heroes whom suffered much.
Peter the Apostle suffered from great depression here.
He was handed over to the devil to sift after denying Christ.
So many bibical heroes suffered from Great suffering.

— The End —