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EC Pollick
Pennsylvania    @irishpierogies The writers are the magicians. If I was wine, I'd be Cabernet. I'd marry the Beast for a library like that too.
Texas    I publish 2 magazines THE ENIGMATIST AND BLUE HOLE and am co chair of THE GEORGETOWN POETRY FESTIVAL.... which is a free festival the first ...
Dara Slick
22/F/Savannah    My place, with whiskey, is the place to be.
David Tollick
Have been writing for over two years, inspired by Local Arts Association poetry/singer-songwriter open mic sessions in Dumfries. Much of my inspiration comes from the ...
aubrey flickinger
US    College student currently pursuing a degree in Nursing. If you are interested in more poetry follow the link to my DeviantArt account:
Jasmine Blick
33/M/Washington State, USA    I have the pleasure of knowing that nobody cares about who I am or why. Very liberating. I am a musician, poet, father, son, brother. ...
Patrick Gillick Weil
I am simply me. I don't write my poems in a specific format, I just write.
We're all flowers.
Peter Pawlicki
Reilly Moon Hulick
New Jersey    Poetry creates comfort for many people, including me. Hopefully my words will reach you. I'm a sixteen year old girl who hopes to create something ...
16/F/Wilkes-Barre, Pa   

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