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Lorenzo Neltje Florence
18/FTM/Australia    Emotional overload turned into poetry
Florence Maude
Older, wiser, more eloquent. Novelist. Current novel: Auvera Jane To A Science
Michelle Florence Winters
transient    how odd and beautiful. Inviting you a glimpse of my universe through my fingertips. Enjoy, enjoy.
florence clark
Sebastian FL    TOTAL REVISION: New philosophy of life: 1. I Enjoy my life, even on the days I don't feel well!!! 2. Advice to readers: Please enjoy ...
Sydney, Australia    the waitress was miserable and so was your food
Florence Woo
Hong Kong   
J Florence Easterling
15/Gender Fluid/nowhere    I’m sad, but I write happy things. Well, sometimes. Stick around, you might like what you find. Or not, who am I to assume.
18/F    lovestruck, melancholy, and bursting open. pink rosewater femme

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