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King Bacon Oct 2014
Hey yo start the beat
I'm Coño mixed with “pardon me”
and part of me thought to see
the kid behind the harmony,
where’s the scholarly artistry?
you burn my chest so viciously,
Caught heart disease,
these bars, emcee
are so clogged into your arteries.

I know its hard to be
as raw as me
and still rap consciously

But your consciously
conflicted between honesty and modesty.

Well honestly
I'm probably a prodigy
just trying to make a profit
of this prophecy
so I can feed the body
of the God in me.

We stay calm
with made bombs
and grey palms
Im saying what I say, calm!
But know this is my song.

Your the kid by the bricks with his homies to smoke ****.

No! I’m the kid in the back of the class getting no sleep.

Same story different penmanship
but this sentence in irreverent
Your browner than the cypher.

I'm In tune with my sentiments.
sonically logical
grammatically accurate.

Quick the masking
get off that fashion
you know you have to be disastrous.

You know my life
we hold the mic
my flow is to bring the soul to life
I met faith face to face
and that's the reason I roll the dice
I’m prolific with the written
and that’s the way you know its me
perfect with the poetry
and we don’t need to know to read.

Hey yo Yeshua do me a favor and elevate those decimals
and watch those foot soldiers dismember your generals

You promise me you'll forget it
but the feeling is unforgettable
but now I’m trying to get it
cause you said I wasn't ghettoble.

But I don’t need a step up stool
to ****** you off your pedestal.

Shut up!
My mother use to make me eat knowledge
instead of vegetables,
but now I grab a fork and knife
what ever metaphor is right,
Don’t swarm me like locust
You know I really don’t like to fight
i’ll beat a dead pig to life
don’t catch my photons
you’ll burn with light
cause I have skills like your favorite Emcee

Before the Hype?
now the locust is scattering like roaches
guess they saw the light
make them look so bad
you think they would want to fight?

Cause' when they see me speak
they start to laugh at me a first
then they get shattered
and they beg for me to do a verse

Dude? Your brain is disproportion
You have three endorphin?

They work when I
write words
perform words
or record them
and do it with no sleep
and beat breeze

Don’t ask me what that **** means
its a riddle with a sick scheme,

So put me on your playlist
don't put me on your **** list!
If you are just in this for business
then skip this.

But soon all you fools
in this
just witness
that this kid is gifted
like rich kids on Christmas.

The sickness with which I'm afflicted
is lethal
Yeshua be careful what you shoot up
through that needle.


I don't give a ****
You won't win this fight
cause' I won this fight
get off my mic...
Battle between Me, Myself, and I
pcbzzzt Jun 2010
Father could reprogram all six billion of us
if He felt the  need, anytime
In fact that's exactly what He did
at Babel when our dodgy one-accord
threatened to bring the end nearer
than the six millenniums of earthtime
He'd allocated for us to seek His truth

He even re-wired Balak for a minute
to hear his donkey speak
and think of the Assyrians that fled
when He caused four lepers to sound
like a mighty mercenary army
coming to rescue Jerusalem
YHWH is omnipotent, like it not

The reason He's not 'interfering' right now
is simply because His plan is dead on time
He intends to blow the chaff from  His wheat
The true wheat, His remnant that stays faithful
(through Revelations and the mark)
will form a new constitution when Yeshua returns
for a thousand years of peace on earth

You may think "Oh I'll wait and see
if it's true, like, if the two witnesses
really die and then rise again in three days"
Problem with that approach is simple
You could be brainwashed before then
The neurophone is widely used today
Think of 911, why Bush isn't impeached
and read

Those of us who really care
will continue to bug you and **** your spirit
Hopefully you'll make the right choice
and refuse the mark of the beast
Consider these things while there's time
'After me the storm' won't cut it
There are less than three short years to go

* Gen 6:3 And Jehovah said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, in his erring; he is flesh. Yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.
The 120 years referred to here in fact represent 120 jubilees, or 6000 years (2000 from Adam to the flood, 2000 from the flood to Yeshua and 2000 from Yeshua till 2017)
princenobody May 30
Yeshua is coming.
Yet we know not the time.
Are you prepared,
As his beloved bride?

Yeshua is coming.
Yet we know not the day.
Are you prepared,
To be taken away?

Yeshua is coming.
Only the Father knows when.
Are you prepared,
To depart and ascend?

Yeshua is coming
Wake up to the signs.
Remain in the word my beloved.
Truly my brothers and sisters, remain in the Vine.