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17/F/Earth and skies    Ink stains are all that is left.
My love inspired me to write.
Kathryn Dixon
Texas    I'm a musician primarily. Poetry is just always something I've loved.


sean  Oct 2014
// xo - xo
sean Oct 2014
the seasons have been changing &
i’m not sure why i thought we wouldn’t
succumb to the ways of mother nature
it’s a lot of should have, could have,
would have and not enough
stay with me tonight & we can figure the
rest out in the morning
but this isn’t about the staying or the going
you’re breathing slowly &
i’m drinking more than i should
we’re drifting through a phase of
let me try this without you but
what about the handful of nights i woke up in a
panic because i dreamt of your
name coming out of a mouth
that wasn’t mine
i heard love is supposed to be
a game of tug of war
when really it’s me & our ghost
pulling on an empty rope
because the only type of fight you know
is running until your hands feel innocent again
i crossed the border last night
& i swear that the street lights were talking to me
in a way that would lead me
straight to your house
but i kept telling them you weren't there anymore
that you had a bad habit of
moving wherever the sun looked best
the ground i walk on isn't as strong these days
& i've got to stop dancing to our song in the kitchen alone
i'm sorry that i'm anchored to
the moments you were in love with me
it's just that i think if you would've picked up
the phone that night then i wouldn't have to
keep begging you to come home
everything starts over at the time it began
& i'll wait until december comes again
lX0st  Jul 2014
lX0st Jul 2014
I feel so bloated
When I think of you
Like I've swallowed a hundred pills
To forget your silhouette
Against the moonlight
And the perfect edge
Of your sculpted jawline
And the contours of your chest
That move with your ragged breath
And your very strong hands
That are oddly so gentle.
It's almost like I can hear you
Whispering my name
Or feel your arm
Gripping my waist.
These images are so vivid
Why aren’t you here