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William A Poppen
Tennessee    William Poppen is retired and spends most of his time writing poems, taking photos, and hiking. Published in New Millennium Writings, 2007-08 and The Creative ...
Zachary William
26/Texas    I guess I'll stop pretending I don't enjoy doing this.


One day there was a man named William who had schitzophrenia and autism and
He lived with his parents John and flur and growing up William was being bullied in an unusual way like it looked as though they were taking the fun out of his life and William really wanted to put of his mistakes behind him and live safely with his mum and dad but as William went out people tried to rob him
Which made William upset saying these thugs stole my holiday money because I want to go on holidays but I can't pass these cowardly thugs but
As he got home his mum cooked a nice chicken stir fry
And William was thinking this is nice having him and his two parents enjoying a meal together and then William walked down to his room to watch FOXTEL to make him feel better because he wanted kids of his own but instead he had his mum and dad who were very nice to him and these thugs at the mall who yelled at him if he didn't give him any cash because William was saving for a holiday and he had no idea of where he wanted to go but he wanted to save money and as people asked him for cash and took offence when they didn't get any William said why don't people want me to go on a holiday and when he explained this to his mum and dad they said just learn to relax because I am sure
Nobody really thinks that but William was really upset and sometimes he would accidentally hit the people he loved because of what went on at the mall and William knew his parents loved him but you see he wanted to save money for a great holiday so he could have fun and meet some new people
But William didn't work unless it was volunteer work but he had the pension which gave him enough holiday money to really enjoy himself somewhere and have enough money for accomodation and souvenirs and food but it was taking a while to save the holiday money
And he thought he was being bullied out of enjoying the high life because with just the pension it is hard to live the high life and when someone robbed him William would say
Why do you want to steal my holiday money, don't you think I deserve a flaming holiday ya know get away from **** like you and then they reached into his back pocket and stole $10-00 and William said give me back my holiday money you filthy coward and then they got out a pocket knife and held it to Williams neck and said I am going to steal this money and the next money and every time we meet heee you will give me money and if that is your holiday money, well that is your problem isn't it and William said
I ain't going to give you money
Especially my holiday money
I want to go on a holiday and
William's parents were really upset and tried to say you must try and get him out of your life
Because if you want to go on holidays get away from ****
And william said I can't say no
Because he is tough and he will bash me up and i had fun at school, I want out of this tricky situation but watta we gonna do
And Williams parents both said we need to feed him and help him get away from **** like them even if it is hard to do that
And every time William saw these people he tried to hide because really being a school bully is one thing but stealing holiday money off a vonerable man is uncalled for and William became fitter and fitter as he was trying to get away from voices of his bullies and he yelled out stop trying to get my holiday money leave me alone
And his parents made sure they were always home when he got home and his dad retired early to make sure he was there for William and this was a way for William to rid his head from these horrible voices
He just wants to go on holidays