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Poems presented here will be identified only by a number, as in "Poem #1," Poem #2," and so on. This is for the purpose of ...
James S Taurus


Melissa Hardie Aug 2013
Taurus, bull goddess, strong and proud.
Sometimes lazy, quite often loud.
Mother, protector, stubborn as hell.
Obstinate, difficult, but meaning well.
She sharpens her horns on whoever comes near
And more than her horns, it’s her mouth you should fear.
Creature of earth, Taurus woman is strong.
Won’t let you forget that she’s never wrong.
She’ll love you forever, loyal ‘till death.
She’ll defend you fiercely, give her last breath.
If you love one be thankful, she’ll not let you fall.
She’s Taurus, proud mother, and she’s standing tall.
I'm a Taurus. Thought it would be fun to write about my zodiac sign.
Nell Apr 2014
Boy blue
I couldn’t love you.
I apologize,
See the dark
Sincerity in my eyes.

Red drowned my heart
You knew saving me
Would be dangerous
From the very start.

You took no caution
Refused to yield to yellow
Off on green you went
Bull headed fellow.

Don’t dwell on us
You always did think too much
Tell my memories to relax at night
Mistakes always did keep me up
Shit Asstrology Jul 2015
No, you're **** does not not stink. It's ****. Your **** smells like ****. You are no exception to this truth. If you're a Taurus you probably wipe your *** with toilet paper made of satin. You indulge in fatty and sugary foods quite often, so your ******* satin toilet paper never lasts long. Your ruling planet in Venus, so you see ******* as an art form. You may even decorate your house with your own **** statues. When you're not admiring your own ****, you're constipated because you're too ******* stubborn to take a break from stuffing your face with ****** food.

Advice: Put down the cannolis and take a walk in a rose garden so you'll know what actual roses smell like.