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Mumbai    Don't confuse me with a wee laddie . I'm the trouble next door . ^_^ And I'll still smile as you pass by. Spread love ...


David Nelson Mar 2010
Mystic Starfall

I'm all aflame, with this burning love call,

this unearthly queen, Mystic Starfall,

she turns my head, she lifts up my soul,

afraid that her kisses, will take a huge toll,

when you expect most, she fades in the night,

she hides in the darkness, appears in the light,

I need something, something I can hold,

I reach out to touch her, her curtains unfold,

all this time hidden, what a waste, what a crime,

this beautiful maiden, lost beauty in time,

unmasked from behind, her eyes how they shine,

and now they look down, straight into mine,

this incredible beauty, once afraid to appear,

now is most anxious, to show its so clear,

she has been released, the shadows no more,

my Mystic Starfall, a tigress now, a kitten before

Gomer LePoet...
Sahil Suri  Nov 2012
Sahil Suri Nov 2012
Sitting on the edge of the unknown
hand-in-hand staring at the sky
we whisper sweet nothings
and watch the celestial turbulence
for tonight,
even the stars are falling for you
Betty  Sep 2019
Betty Sep 2019
Fate, I do not know your name

Remove the stars

Shake them from the heavens

Like brightest rain

Cover me in a glittered cloth

Of fire and light

Set the night


Remove the dark

And let me be that spark

Which sets the heavens all aflame