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Matilda Oct 2018
I am childlike
consumed by the concept

your new tattoos might
cover those scars I
scratched the first night

Because underneath the
lattice work of weeds
I named you mine.

So I let my talons
longer, so they might still
scrape you from farther away

But that reminds me:

I once compares our love
Matilda Oct 2018
The first time I left New York
The Architecture chased me....
Screamed in stone:
“Don’t go!”
Matilda Oct 2018
I can do it too

Author essays outpouring love
written in abstract as if not
PAINFULLY pointed-
A spear to stab straight through.

The kind, like a fish hook
which snag prey on the
backwards draw
dragging them in
to dinner.

Except: My written word could
never match that which
i showed in every breath
or act.

Inverse of yours, these fragments
of passion that
I NEVER ******* SAW.
What ******* SWOON?
**** your ******* retrospective

… Because I caught it too.
A precious illness I never want to lose…
I’ll join to idealize you.

Yank on the line harder.
If you stitched it of any substance…
It might not snap.

PS: Now I can see you ripping through
my rainbow scales, to dine on
my cooked white flesh.
Do I even remember how to bleed?
Matilda Oct 2018
You left
And the train roared
Like the panic in my heart
That what had started
Could not stop

You shrink
And water distance
Forcibly pushing by feeding
The gap you created
In all of your fear

— The End —