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Noemi T


solEmn oaSis  Jan 2016
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
" the left and the right "**

daughter, i am always here.
Never fail to obey my command
so i can make you stronger!

son, be matured enough
at your age, always listen to me
for i am your beloved father

both of you knew what i am
going through being a husband again
it's alright,don't you worry
i'm okay! wish me luck, have no anxiety

remember:  i have two hands the left and the right
hold them up high so clean and bright

kids: someday you will realize a poem of mine you are about to pick
just like this one i would like not to end it up yet so it could be an epic
Lorenzo and Noemi, love each other! Inherit from me those legacies of ethic!
Do actions speak louder than words until my words act powerful than speak!
meet my son and daughter guys.
Happy Happy 7th birthday to you Noemi
wishing you to have a wonderful love of wisdom in life!
from your daddy solEmn and Kuya Lorenzo
January 14,2016 thursday