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F    my name floats in the wind with my thoughts and emotions. it's unattainable yet dangles before my eyes for myself and the world to see. ...
22/F    My poems are based on true events, my own or someone else's. I am an Exceptional Student Education Teacher. I do not like to read ...


Damon Sherry Apr 2017
My Muscle Does Not Determine My True Strength
My Appearance Does Not Determine My True Beauty
My Mind Does Not Determine My Personality
My Heart Does Not Determine My Care
My Body Does Not Determine My Figure
My Family Does Not Determine Who I Am
My Friends Do Not Determine My Attitude
My Flag Does Not Determine My True Colors
My Standards Do Not Determine My Morals
And My Life Does Not Determine Yours I Am My Own Kind Of Person And I Am Proud To Be Who I Am, I Am Beautiful And Amazingly Unique In My Own Way....Don't Let People Take That Away From You...
jeffrey conyers Feb 2013
Success is determine by effort.
Which doesn't always have to do with wealth.
You determine the out come.

Love doesn't always have to the a hurting thing.
Your conscious guides you in many things.
Besides, you have the power to determine the out come.

There's no reason to hold on to a fool.
Cause soon you'll become one too.
When your heart is telling you they no good for you.
You determine the out come.

Don't be like those in society.
That stays in a relationship for the child sake.
Then profess of their mistake.

Love is worthy to be cherish.
When you determine the out come.
Be determine, to start a new year.  Live a life of boldness, getting rid of all fear.
Be determine, not to turn around, starting the old again.  Keep your eyes on what's ahead, to keep you from a life of sin.
Be determine, to bring something good to the planning table.  Use your mind that's filled with wisdom, all because I know you're able.
Be determine, to assist the poor, especially, those without food.  Lift up your hands to God, as one of those, who wants to be used.
Be determine, not to be influenced, by those who wants you to turn back.  Show them you will be strong, and you will not" crack."
By, Author & Poet, Sandra Juanita Nailing