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Zoo Boxer Jan 2016
I held a rose
I loved her at night
How I admired her petals
Perfect in my sight

Drunken from her scent
I stumbled and I fell
And in my shameful descent
Fell my vase as well

But my rose just kept growing
And facing toward the sun
She even brought me light
She knew that I had none

I wanted to feed her
I love her with my soul
But my vase was still broken
My rose felt alone

As her petals got brighter
I marveled and said
"my rose is so lovely"
It rang throughout my head

I searched for a light
And thought I found a source
I wanted to share it
But my rose stayed her course

I wondered and wandered
Found a well and filled my cup
We cried when I got home
For the drink wasn't enough

My rose still grew bigger
I thought it a sign
'Til one day my rose
Was no longer mine

I adore you my flower
My heart's stricken with grief
I mourn you when I'm upright
I cry until I sleep

Sometimes I can still smell you
It hurts me all the more
I pray that you still feel me
My heart beats at your door

I'll never take you for granted
Oh, what a fool I've been
You'll see when I'm replanted
You'll long for my garden

Oh lovely, I will find you
You'll be my light again
I'll repair this vase like new
I'll fix it until then
Zoo Boxer Apr 2015
I made it to Nashville in time to kiss you on new years and we could exploit our chemistry and invoke our alchemy like cheat codes when the level got too hard and we were low on extra lives. We could get through this. But your phone was already off by the time my eerily empty airbus taxied into your city. I hit my knees alone in a sea of people counting down in unison.

My heart fell with all those lonely shiny ***** that find their welcome is worn right as the party is really getting started.
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— The End —