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Spirk Burkham Mar 2014
I took the ink blot test
and responded to each blot
with the first thing to come to mind

for the first blot,
I answered:
a headless angel of death.
this was a bad answer.

for the second blot,
I said:
high five with legs chopped off.
this was a bad answer.

for the third blot,
I wrote:
the face of gluttony
this was a bad answer

for the fourth blot
I shakily stated:
I see a mountain of agony
and at the bottom
are two pilgrims
of hope
and ability
carrying the burden of man between them.
this was the first thing to pop into my head.
and it was a bad answer.

it was supposed to show what I think of my father.
I certainly had a lot to say.
but nobody I asked really knew how to interpret that.
so for now,
I am just crazy.
5th blot: bat
6th blot: guitar made out of an emaciated cat
7th blot: clouds
8th blot: the demons of hate and suffering spit roasting the heavens over the fires of hell
9th blot: the family portrait of the proud Frog family
10th blot: paint bombing in paris

just in case you were wondering.
Paul Hardwick  Apr 2014
Paul Hardwick Apr 2014
Blot came to be
blot was,    and seamed to stay there
for nothing else than to be there,
that was what blot was
and that was what blot does.

Blot had two left feet
so moving around was hard
and just because,   life was hard
that's what blot wound do.

now i ask myself
is blot me or you?
Come on budding artist's draw blot.
I see spots
lots of spots like blots of ink
which makes me think
my pen has leaked
but it has not,
where did those spots that look like blots come from?

I know that as spots grow they blot out all the sun,quite sad,
Does that mean that I should clean blots as I spot them?
or should I leave them there to spread and being led right up the path towards the garden gate and having fed on salad
would I write a ballad to a blot that I had spotted or attend a rite to a blot that got wiped out,
I can spot one more
a polka dot of a spot like a blot but I got it,the question is,
should I keep it or let it seep away.
would it blot my copybook if I took one tiny blot to a tiny spot I know to watch it grow.
I expect it would
someone would spot me with a blot
and dob me in.