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4h · 29
Forgetting Peace
The crozier makes but
you break me. You should
stand on burning deck.

This was the poverty
of words teaching non-violence
to rich people.

The pain of biting
human was sharp refusing
the mercy of god.
4h · 19
I Love You
Take a random fall
in the valley of flowers and
see the wounds of moon.

Who was an abettor
when nobody had dared to
touch your body and soul.

The serial cheater
moves on to search new victim.
Rainbow breaks into two.
1d · 21
Set You Free
It was akin.
I want to stay quiet.
Everyone speaks truth
of everybody. Except me. I tell lie
about myself.

Don't look at others.
You will betray yourself. You
have two minds. One for dying
and other to live in rose garden.

No family beside me.
Wordless pains rise. Sometimes
you want to go mad. Thinking
more thinking.

What was the unsung
story of deathless stranger?
Mates, I **** the dreams again.
1d · 34
Going Insane
What you heard was
not true. I am writing my will
after you lost charisma.

I am dying daily, after
reading the smoke signals
coming out of your book.

Can you sing the
ghazal of Ghalib. How will you
agree when you don't agree?
2d · 24
Valley Of Pain
Where do I go now?
Sky is burning and larks are
invoking unheard screams.

In crisis you bow out.
I want to stop breaking of hearts.
O colossus violence is rising.

On the wall sits buddha.
Buddha in prayer. He wants to make
peace. I dream to commit suicide.
Let me do, what I want
to do. Lights on street are gone
and I have to meet my last hope.

Don't bring any wealth
before my eyes. I become blind. Will
not be able to read god's verdict.

Where has gone my
universal pain? I want to walk
in burning woods to final seeds.
3d · 34
Lost Home
Who wrote your name
on the tongue of time? I am not
able to stop the clock.

God, I will never
understand you. What happened
when you were present everywhere?

I ask my lips not to
move. Nobody would know
when you can synchronize?
3d · 32
Unseen Tragedy
Supermoon was coming
nearer to earth. I made you a
killer. Look inside, you got more.

Stung by a wasp.
I want to live like a hermit.
Nothing was left to say.

A large hole *****
humanity. I walk alone to meet
my destiny in ring of fire.
I am rolling down,
down, in dream, thinking of
you pulling a thorn.

A butterfly flirts.
You find shelter in pain. The
power wants to celebrate the dark.

The hands tell your
anxiety. They tremble while
holding a pen writing a name.
You have taken back
what you had given to me.
I offer my sleep to your eyes.

Shared pain was tangled.
Love takes the defeat. The temple
is demolished under moon.

A chandelier crashes
with piercing noise. Pink glow
vanishes from cheeks of sun.
5d · 46
Human Tragedy
I was collecting
the stars to welcome you but
there were left unspoken words.

There was no grit
present in the rocks. No reason
to paint love blue.

Trees were talking.
Can we seal the borders of pain?
Who were the vectors of death?
Thoughtless, feet
of clay carry you to ocean
of fire. How your boat will sail?

Why do you take your
life for sake of migratory
birds that fly away in winter.

Let the humming
birds come back I have to
understand staying in flight.
I suffered like
you. Tell me why you were
destroying yourself?

Why does the black
death wears white gown? Who
had said Om Shanti Om Shanti?

O my country, where
the love has gone? I am
stitching the wounds daily.
6d · 23
What Do You Want
Your trajectory was
rising. People ride the stars
to reach moon at night.

Anxiety of name.
How to draw the figure of
god who was a giver.

It was your decision
to abandon this earth for
a golden chair to sit.
You used to say, I
was your accident, but you smiled
in unspoken words of pain.

Did you ever make
friendship with scorpions? They
don't change their habits.

It was not matched
with tears. Now you will sleep
in my poems, and I sleep on your lips.
7d · 38
Every kiss has a
price. I love you green.
O magnolia I have nine lives.

This was the magic
of drooping eyes under the
sparks of swaying moon.

Who says god was
very cruel. The goddess was
making beautiful dolls.
Oct 19 · 34
Melted Glass
Satsih Verma Oct 19
Sometimes I do not
know what is happening.
I cannot say goodbye.

As you unfold, I watch
your proud surrender. I am not that.
In panic lovebirds fly away.

Once upon a time, life
had a meaning. I loved you.
Now river is changing course.
Oct 19 · 31
Satsih Verma Oct 19
A deep question
haunts me. Who will take
the responsibility to watch the earth.

You make me appear
mad in my poems. How you define
the life when god was burning.

You had become a new idea
for the struggle. What was the
difference between ****** & suicide?
Oct 18 · 32
Moon In March
Satsih Verma Oct 18
You know what I mean.

You replicate the moon,
when someone dies for a cause
at the edge of light
between life and death.

Why in every voice
you appear. Blood ******* has
started. Vectors were ready to strike.

Earth was not my home.
Oct 18 · 53
Thinking Not
Satsih Verma Oct 18
You could not keep pace
with me. I wanted to give you what
I didn't have. I don't like tears.

Do not fall in love.
My heart breaks when it snows
and the viruses laugh.

A periodic pain hurts
when would science fail and
philosophy starts its music!
Oct 17 · 28
Memories Shimmer
Satsih Verma Oct 17
A thought ****** again
and again. I cannot hear your
footfalls. In twilight, moon-

Comes, hugs you and
jumps into burning lake.
My ancient pain stands before me.

I have come faraway
from your home. My hand tremble
when I write your name on water.
Oct 17 · 55
My Dilemma
Satsih Verma Oct 17
I would not make
excuses. My nothingness let
me go beyond myself.

Sometime I ask
other self, why I find you in
pain and sorrow in love and peace?

Will you find freedom
from change, from power
and slavery of past?
Oct 16 · 33
Satsih Verma Oct 16
I am not your
truth. Time filters.
Wait until I change.

Trapped, we fall
together. Centuries back
at the edge of moon.

When I ask who
are you, you become my
shadow under the sun.
Oct 16 · 23
Undying Existence
Satsih Verma Oct 16
It was self-inflicted
wound. You live outside yourself.
Go inside to find the depth.

This was my faith
on unknown. Do we have to
bargain for our truths.

When you see the beasty
of pain, you fall in love without
sensor of agitated mind.
Oct 15 · 27
Broken Peace
Satsih Verma Oct 15
Falling in tender
pain of line drawn between
us. Talking in air.

Bleeding night comes again.
I will not send it back to you.
I was stealing your curves.

Walking in dark
You have a hope. Sun will
rise soon. You will find the truth.
Oct 15 · 29
Not A Dirty Game
Satsih Verma Oct 15
embrace a fireball and jump
into the lake to cool.

You forgot to give
me something under the moon's
shade and went to sleep.

The spider moves
gingerly, like a robot to
catch the god for supper.
Oct 14 · 40
Art Of Punishment
Satsih Verma Oct 14
Can you see yourself
from my eyes in dark.
The moon will not help.

Your face tells the
truth of timeless pain. Why
did you keep the viper in bed?

And then the blood
oozes from all the pores. Was
it the punishment of not believing?
Satsih Verma Oct 14
My soul's half, leave
me alone. Things drop from
my hands, not you.

You become always a
new word in my poems
I will cover inequality.

Will you deceive me
one day like the god without
a temple on road?
Oct 13 · 183
Burying The Past
Satsih Verma Oct 13
A trivial pain
becomes a storm, severes the
words, bleeds the truth.

My legacy travels
with you to discover the ruins
of forgiven mistakes.

Do we belong to
primates, in evolution from
humanoid to god?
Oct 13 · 37
No Vendetta
Satsih Verma Oct 13
I go mad when moon
comes near me.
How you dare the flame?

Such a love. You
prepare to walk on the burning
coals, challenging deep ocean.

When the boat sinks,
I will carry you like butterfly
in the hands to meet the creator.
Oct 12 · 27
Black Stones
Satsih Verma Oct 12
Your color was changing.

Sometimes I wake up in
midnight to feel your breath.
Why does it happen?

Sustained Artemisia.
Deadly poison. I loved to know it.
My head aches, when I
think of my destiny.

The vision fails. You
collect the shards of crashed chandelier
from your eyes.

Agile thoughts restart
the song to drink moon.
Where were you?
Satsih Verma Oct 12
Someone unknown
will come back to say goodbye.
My heart will miss beats.

Sometime you want to
move away from yourself to
find light and come back to yourself.

Panorama dims.
Earth is covered by global fog.
I search my home in water.
Oct 11 · 57
It Bleeds
Satsih Verma Oct 11
Before the dawn
black sky breaks in my eyes.
We were very sick.

You were avoiding
the cross. I cannot pass on twisted
version of beautiful end.

Tiger was alone in den
waiting for a saddened song
on piano for a last time.
Oct 11 · 29
Close-Up View
Satsih Verma Oct 11
I saw you dying for
basics. Your legs were heavy
and then you start walking.

There was no Plato.
Hemlock begins to climb. You
smile and get ready for Odyssey.

Who will decide the fate
of earth. Aristotle becomes sick,
looking at the new tapestry.
Oct 9 · 38
Love To Learn
Satsih Verma Oct 9
Light makes you poor.
There was a back deal for
a wake up call.

What was the nature
of your violence? Did you need
any philosophy to ****?

What was the beautiful
idea to skin a dead religion
unmade by a god?
Satsih Verma Oct 9
I won't come to you
while trying to read you.
Were you like a black hole?

Blues flicker, you brace
for violence. Wherever you go
you carry big bang.

To create your universe
I think there was no absolute.
What you are O god!
Oct 8 · 31
Want To Change Myself
Satsih Verma Oct 8
Waiting for you in
dark before the second moon
comes. Timeless pain casts shadow.

Can you find human
knowledge somewhere for me. The
small pause slips between us.

I want to listen
again Beethoven and see
Van Gogh. Why love disappeared?
Oct 8 · 30
Asking Old Moon
Satsih Verma Oct 8
An abstract romance
will take you to micro love
of nothingness in void.

I start collecting the
evidence, ******* space
and you transcend time.

A rainbow knows the
secret of dark winter, when
snow hides under your skin.
Oct 7 · 45
Bolting Dark
Satsih Verma Oct 7
Some sadness, some pain.
I tell myself, don't be proud
of reaching the peak.

Come on mini moon.
Earth was devastated. Loneliness
plays havoc. I want to-

Run away from myself.
Who will stop me. You had shaded
my storms. I will remain happy till death.
Oct 7 · 36
In Hurling Light
Satsih Verma Oct 7
I will speak less
when words exhaust to find
the meaning of life.

Break a heart to drop
the pride of climbing pink
rose on the white wall.

What was left in
my brown eyes to see a river
weeping in the desert.
Oct 6 · 38
After Rebirth
Satsih Verma Oct 6
Want to celebrate
each day in mud pack. Life rewards
one day daily. My bones glitter.

You trespass the deep
pain and my words bleed.

How come we move nearer
to each other after the fall
to search oneself.

Where the love goes
when a ghost takes
hold of you.
Oct 6 · 40
In Ignorance
Satsih Verma Oct 6
Become a friend of
yourself in light as a stranger,
without sexism.

I celebrate the fall
of towers. You cannot make
a big hole in blue sky.

Can we hold hand
like sun and moon entwined
together in twilight of sunset?
Oct 5 · 46
Call Of Faith
Satsih Verma Oct 5
What a lovely thing,
moon meets the sun in sky.
Were you sober today?

Your almond eyes
ultimately meet the destiny.
You tie a knot in tresses?

It is true you will
go far where an asylum of
trust waits for a blessed one?
Oct 5 · 27
Metaphysics Of Shrine
Satsih Verma Oct 5
It was heart-wrenching
when you wanted to leave this earth,
by royal grave or by burning ghat.

Did you ever come
out from yourself, to find the
meaning of life versus death?

Mathematics of love
was a dark matter. The loneliness of
success had made you a purdue.
Oct 4 · 28
Too Prudent
Satsih Verma Oct 4
Wisdom reinvents.
You were burning yourself.
Just my way don't go.

It is the power game
you never played. You may
be sold out in fish market.

Life demands a pound
of flesh. You walk on cinders
to reach the desert to find gold.
Oct 4 · 25
Collective Loss
Satsih Verma Oct 4
In grey zone of life
I find you under bodhi tree
searching footprints of Buddha.

In war we take off
our shirts chasing the pain of
poverty. Do you doubt yourself?

In grief I was learning
from you. How to paralyze yourself
in voices of fake slogans.
Oct 3 · 39
In Your Own Temple
Satsih Verma Oct 3
Between direct and
indirect lies futurism. How
to take on the inevitable?

Will you leave my
hand? I asked the scented wind.
In sanctuary god takes turn.

You speak via eyes,
how to live in sanctum sanctorum
without dying?
Oct 3 · 32
I Don't Know
Satsih Verma Oct 3
It was most beautiful
your broken heart
in the grip of twilight.

Who speaks the truth
after gaining the heaven a
double edged sword cracks.

I cannot decide
who wins and who lost
in the war of words.
Oct 2 · 44
In My Painting
Satsih Verma Oct 2
You pry out my eyes,
when I look at your hands,
which were rough and cracked.

Were you digging
your future? Pomegranates
always left red scars.

Don't ask the god
who was helpless, sitting
on sun to cool you.
Oct 2 · 54
To End The Poem
Satsih Verma Oct 2
When you walk
on moon in February, I take-down
the clouds to become wet.

Your memory lingers.
I gather the monarchs to
play with my past.

I am not sure, when
the dark moves on to give space
to imprisoned pain.
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