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20h · 28
In Me Alone
I have nothing to give
except my heart to live in your
eyes. I will not tell what I will do.

Near god some saboteurs,
or carnivores are awakened. It should
not have happened, would never be.

You author the ephemeral
muse, changing the times. You always see
the sun and moon sees you.
1d · 76
Every kiss has a
price. I love you green.
O Magnolia, I have nine lives.

This was the magic of
drooping eyes under the
sparks of a swaying moon.

Who says god was
very cruel. The goddess was
making beautiful dolls.
You used to say, I
was your accident, but you smiled
in unspoken words of pain.

Did you ever make
friends with scorpions? They
don't change their habits.

It was not matched
with tears. Now you will sleep in
my poems and I sleep on your lips.
Too careful to forget
me. The spring will bring the slaps on
the face. Scores of pain will release butterflies.

A dream wears a
body. The moon was sleeping with
me to explode. I will start burning.

They killed the hummingbirds.
I stopped to talk. O my god, eternal bones
become axes to **** you.
Your trajectory was
rising. People rode the stars
to reach the moon at night.

Anxiety of name.
How to draw the figure of
god who was a giver.

It was your decision
to abandon the earth for
a golden chair to sit.
Your trajectory was
rising. People rode the stars
to reach the moon at night.

Anxiety of name.
How to draw the figure of
god who was a giver.

It was your decision
to abandon the earth for
a golden chair to sit.
7d · 43
In Eclipse
Myth of my path was
weird. It does not take a turn. Only
stops midway. You can take hemlock.

I peel off the light
of the moon. Now you can walk under
the stars like a bride.

When the pain stops,
nobody knows. The penultimate
narrates the endless rain of tears.
Jul 7 · 53
What was Original?
Satsih Verma Jul 7
You want to offer
your eyes to celebrate the ceremony
of the break up of life in the bright sun.

What will the flesh
say to the soul? What was the wish of God,
cutting the sky in small temples?

How to disobey your
death? The shepherd was lost to
sheep. You forgot your home?
Jul 6 · 50
Will not Revenge
Satsih Verma Jul 6
I'm here, not
there, where you are not. Who
gives the life to a stone?

Let me read your
heart. I want to know what you
think. When life betrays.

And you want to
gamble. The water and Agni
move away from each other to know god.
Satsih Verma Jul 5
When will your lips
move? Nothing comes to my heart.
Avoidance hurts the mind.

There is some lie
in the truths, and truth in some lies.
So it is difficult to balance the god.

I am eager to read
clarity in the ***** water. The arguments
were always wrong.
Satsih Verma Jul 4
Thoughtless, feet
of clay carry you to ocean
of fire. How your boat will sail?

Why do you take your
life for the sake of migratory
birds that fly away in winter?

Let the humming
birds come back. I have to
understand staying in flight.
Jul 3 · 54
Let me Think
Satsih Verma Jul 3
Beheading happens
in roses. Gods want to smell the
man, when the bubble bursts.

Transparency helps.
The blue lake fills up after years.
Why did I let you go away not to come?

This was the decline of love.
The tragedy has burned the face of
religion. Pain of stopped blood was heartbreaking.
Jul 2 · 61
Absconding Dreams
Satsih Verma Jul 2
Let me do what I want
to do, Lights on the street are gone
and I have to meet my last hope.

Don't bring any wealth
before my eyes. I become blind.
Will not be able to read God's verdict.

Where is my
universal pain? I want to walk in
burning woods to find sacred seeds.
Jul 1 · 68
Human Tragedy
Satsih Verma Jul 1
I was collecting
the stars to welcome you but
there were left unspoken words.

There was no grit
present in the rocks. No reason
comes to paint love blue.

Trees were talking.
Can we seal the borders of pain?
Who were the vectors of death?
Jun 30 · 64
Pain was Innocent
Satsih Verma Jun 30
Again I sat down to
open the book of sufferings. What is
equation of a corpse and the god?

What was a unique
morph from Kalidas to Beethoven?
Read the best thoughts of Vedanta.

Why did you fall on fire?
Walk slowly on ice, which was not
corrupt. Her colour is pure white.
Jun 29 · 74
Touch Me Not
Satsih Verma Jun 29
Where do I go now?
The Sky is burning and larks are
invoking unheard screams.

In crisis you bow out.
I want to stop breaking hearts.
O colossus, violence is rising.

On the wall sits a buddha
in prayer. He wants to make
peace. I dream to commit suicide.
Jun 28 · 50
The Virgin Pain
Satsih Verma Jun 28
Loneliness. The bee
bites. An instinct was to meet
now the sting of love.

If I survive, will you
pay the price of keeping death at bay?
Where has the pain of Venus gone?

Beyond the fable
lie the tears of a broken rock
getting ready to meet the clay.
Jun 27 · 120
Walking Moonly
Satsih Verma Jun 27
Never- before you had
come on my wall. The flash point
was seething with boiling plasma.

A blood bath repeats
the history of violent empires. The
implosion comes with ingenuity.

Speaking less brings the
judgement of wise pains. In rapture.
love proves thicker than blood.
Jun 22 · 64
The Fog Comes Deep
Satsih Verma Jun 22
My brain was grey.
Lives in you. The thoughts quarrel.
Can I have my pain back?

Blind lover, how come
you predict? The clots are increasing.
The religion of pacifism fails.

The ecology sinks.
Panorama looks black. Our fights
are engrossed in digging gold. I am the god.
Jun 21 · 228
Going Insane
Satsih Verma Jun 21
What you heard was
not true. I am writing my will
after you lost charisma.

I am dying daily after
reading the smoke signs
coming out of your books.

Can you sing the
Ghazal of Ghalib? How will you
agree when you don't want to agree?
Jun 20 · 74
I Love You
Satsih Verma Jun 20
Take a random fall
in the valley of flowers and
see the wounds of the moon.

Who was an abettor
when nobody has dared to
touch your body and soul?

The serial cheater
moves on to search for new victims.
Rainbow breaks into two.
Jun 19 · 162
The Unknown Dying
Satsih Verma Jun 19
Do not expose the
suffering. Your fingers will quiver.
But this was not your failure.

The path makes itself
when truth walks with you. But the
wind will not be decisive.

The unknown questions
have answers. A supermacy of heart
is on mind when you stop thinking.
Jun 18 · 74
Forgetting Peace
Satsih Verma Jun 18
The crozier makes
you or breaks me, but you should
stand on a burning deck.

There was the poverty
of words teaching non-violence
to very rich people.

The pain of biting
humans was sharp, refusing
the mercy of god.
Jun 17 · 80
I do not Need the End
Satsih Verma Jun 17
Walk with infidelity,
going away with sun to come in
night. Not comfortable to sleep with stars.

A poem in winter has
its own bite, when the body burns.
The soul evaporates to print pain.

In memory of Bo tree
I want to sit for ever. I
have survived all your screams.
Jun 16 · 61
Moon has two Faces
Satsih Verma Jun 16
My closing words were
said, the land was sinking under your
feet. I will go into melancholy.

You were partnering my
tears. How does it turn lousy? Rosary
of thorns? Don't make your own funeral.

When God is angry, life
itself will take a nemesis. You stand
alone when it rains from a broken heart.
Jun 10 · 75
Moon has two Faces
Satsih Verma Jun 10
My closing words were
said, the land was sinking under your
feet. I will go into melancholy.

You were partnering my
tears. How does it turn lousy? Rosary
of thorns? Don't make your own funeral.

When God is angry, life
itself will take a nemesis. You stand
alone when it rains from a broken heart.
Jun 9 · 63
Talking to God
Satsih Verma Jun 9
You look very big like
super moon, when you come near
me to smell my breath.

Moratorium. I have
decided not to decipher a
cipher, Your memory interrupts.

The medieval pain
awakens the dilemma to ****
or not to **** the actors.
Jun 8 · 74
The Agenda of 'I'
Satsih Verma Jun 8
It was vilified. The
breakdown initiates and the flames
want to die, but the ash burns the skin.

What was your escape
from the rivals to smash the cage?
You sell the heaven for peace.

Ah, the wars never die.
The language, culture and religions
play the game and the god dies.
Jun 7 · 69
Why were you Hiding?
Satsih Verma Jun 7
A slice of embrace
chops off the little moons. Lips
on lips. I will never be the same.

Baby thoughts are opening
in your chest. Do we accept
the destiny of tired legs?

I sit alone at the
banks of the holy river to wash
my ***** hands for a miracle.
Jun 6 · 79
Pain Lives in Eyes
Satsih Verma Jun 6
Can you tell me, where
the tunnel ends. The curve has
flattened. There was no light.

In pillars of wasteland,
why did we reach there?
Death-kissing starts now.

The power of questions
will not mitigate your arrival.
Where will we drown?
May 30 · 70
My Map Burns
Satsih Verma May 30
Brooding. It was a dark
secret. You wanted to catch perfection,
Trying to temper my wrongs.

Whole and complete, you
will never find out the morals and faults
Only you fear a prophet. I sort animals

Your life was always a
slaughterhouse. Nobody was saved.
I bleed daily to give the answer.
May 28 · 69
I Will Die Again
Satsih Verma May 28
I think, not to think.
Scares in silent night. The candle
fails to burn. Do you ignite the muse?

Why the inquiry of pain
grows dim to discover the cause of threat.
The will to write needs a new language.

In the water a thought
dies. I remember T S Eliot. The waste
land devours the beauty of roses and butterflies.
May 27 · 67
The Power
Satsih Verma May 27
Death enters through
a hunter. A black fish jumps
to make water *****.

The reason is that
the color of human hair is gold
and blood becomes a glacier.

Where will the moon
take bath in summer? Don't
declare that clouds are dried up.
May 26 · 75
Are You Real?
Satsih Verma May 26
You were poised to leave
your love, and deliberately ****
your dreams. Autopsy done. Time elapsed.

I am given a hemlock.
I will not give up a word to become a god.
The mystery of man will never be solved.

What is the pain of
living to become a robot? You
were the master not the servant of lies.
Satsih Verma May 25
Take heart I say
to myself, leaning against
the wall to end sorrow.

Solar year, O red
and green pain, don't invite the
wounds. Don't cry moon, don't.

Standing in the pulpit
I invoked peace to stop the hands
of clock. Time was moving very fast.
May 24 · 79
Leaving the Kingdom
Satsih Verma May 24
When life stops, will
you learn what death is? A living
death solves idolatry one day.

Why do you run for
more? Am I wrong? When I want
to stop you, you were searching pearls

The exile gives a real
meaning to meet the god at the end
of land. A rebel faces the truth.
Satsih Verma May 23
Can you heal my
insomnia? Raise the bar
and eat your words.

You have stopped
singing. Take me moon I
am getting very hot.

Why people are dying
without blood? Someone
was sending the message?
May 22 · 78
Looking Straight
Satsih Verma May 22
The light walks with
me, and shadow guides. The moon
comes and goes in the screams of inferno.

Let us talk about humankind.
It rubs wolves and snakes. Where is the
genuine evolution of man going?

Can I create safe
world by my poetry. The republic love
can take us to Buddha's tree.
May 21 · 143
Cut my Wings
Satsih Verma May 21
Why do we fight without
words? Delimitation was to drag
the truth. Religion breaks into pieces.

It was not
meet the eternal existent, or can
be seen. I am. You are not.

My philosophy is to
underline the pain of life. The
power of the unknown has no meaning.
May 20 · 123
Life Long Friend
Satsih Verma May 20
Life has become blue
O moon, why did I let you in
under my skin.

How come you want
to change the world ? First I
ask you to stay in my heart.

Now would you be
adorable? God! you have
been arrested by a man.
May 19 · 68
World was Turning Hot
Satsih Verma May 19
You came closest to me.
Brilliant stars came in between us.
Now one by one each star is burning.

A poet was a mystic
to find the difference between birth and dying.
And he left the body untold.

I am not getting
the peace by waterfall from the eyes
of an extraordinary winter of poems.
May 18 · 88
Thinking In Curves
Satsih Verma May 18
I want to forget
my gains of deliverance in―
reopening the economy of pain.

My logo was simple
to carry your own cross to prove―
that I can rise from dead.

The numbers hurt.
I cannot touch the awards for
throwing my dreams one by one.
May 17 · 78
Truth was Cruel
Satsih Verma May 17
I am forgetting. Sad
and broken. Life betrays. Rocks
the heart. In core the pain spikes.

The questions what,
where and why. Sorrow and emptiness.
All the things happened to hurt.

I seek mercy. God
has failed. I want to read the stones.
What was engraved in small letters?
Satsih Verma May 16
I lost my soul.
You shouldn't have left like
a thread from a needle.

What could not be done,
was to take liberty with the alphabets of
life. Why pain comes without words?

Something turns my
past after anointing my young
poems of abdication.
May 15 · 65
Dragging My Load
Satsih Verma May 15
Killing myself
creating a new man, breadth
by breadth without birth.

Ash smeared on your
forehead, you move towards setting
sun. Flames write your message.

On the chest of dead.
There will be no past, no future
in the dust of fallen warriors.
May 14 · 60
Make my Path
Satsih Verma May 14
Hiding the thoughts
in mind space. Will not come
near the heart. I am often lonely.

Were you a volcano?
Will you cry now? Antiquity
plays a role. I won't see the lava.

This was hypocrisy
in the soundless night. We are listening
variant songs. Who was coming without foot falls.
May 13 · 98
Going Incognito
Satsih Verma May 13
Don't drink in the eye
of the storm. Go and sit on
the seat of judgment.

Stars are beginning
to walk in sunlight. Tulips want
to be born again without moons.

So sad that I cannot
recall your face and I give
up my name for you.
May 12 · 62
Mirror of Big Lies
Satsih Verma May 12
I start with one
word, to become an autistic. No
gifts to spoil you. You have come down.

Ignorance was the teacher.
No path comes from history..
No need to agree with the god.

Want to live in water.
Want to kiss one's own death.
Nightingale rejects the small tree.
May 11 · 141
Let's Write Off The Moon
Satsih Verma May 11
Once you were a
walking tree. Drifting. No one
stops planting the seeds.

The pangs. Moons clap.
A renegade makes a temple to die.
Therewas no other space left.

I will not call you.
Your book has been soiled.
I cannot read my own writing.
May 10 · 71
Waiting to be True
Satsih Verma May 10
Your heart breaks.
My Mind was hurt. Tracing the pain
to know the poem's survival.

Nature and rhymes.
I translate the sorrow to flowers,
making a conduit god.

But who was responsible
for infidelity, as you like it to turn the
identity into dharma of consciousness.
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