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Dec 2010 · 559
Chasing Shadow
Satan Dec 2010
Today i saw christmas trees everywhere i went.
But you weren't there with me.

I saw happy faces and their eyes told me a thousand stories of warmth and peace.
But i did not have you there to share my stories with.

I went back to the place where i had first seen you, wishing i could sense the shadow of your presence.
I found nothing but my own shadow.
Satan Dec 2010
It was cold today and i hastened home like i never had before.
There under my christmas tree i saw your present for me, wrapped up in a beautiful blue box.

This is it, i thought.
I could not wait.
I opened it very slowly enjoying every moment like rain on my skin on a summer day.

And there it was...
The most beautiful present i had ever seen in my life...

Your already-signed Divorce Papers...

My love, it is gonna be the merriest christmas for us to remember...
Now i can have you completely...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to me...
Dec 2010 · 586
The Missing
Satan Dec 2010
It was raining.
I was running.
Seeking for you alone.
Wandering around.

Then i saw you there.
Emitting your beauty to share.
Standing in the rain.
I reached out to hold you with pain.

And the fog rolled down and covered you, out of my sight.
I closed my eyes so tight.

When i opened my eyes,
You had turned into air.
Dec 2010 · 697
Satan Dec 2010
Cigarette will not be killing me.
Nor will beer.
Nor will drugs.
Nor will diseases.
Nor will guns.
Nor will war.
Nor will men.
Nor will evils.
Nor will God.

You **WILL!
Dec 2010 · 504
The Simple Things
Satan Dec 2010
You woke up this morning and saw your little ones sleeping so peacefully.
You watched them breathing and you felt complete.
It is just another simple thing you have in your life.
Still it makes you feel amazed each time
You have plenty of these simple things that make you say your grace no matter what.
Sometimes life is that simple.
All you have to do is love and feel.
Dec 2010 · 1.0k
The Wounds
Satan Dec 2010
I lit my cigarette and sipped my beer.
I had nothing to fear.
I had nothing in my way.
I was not a stray.

Until you came around.
So terribly you came back to haunt.
With your black lipstick of seduction.
And your deadly spines of attraction.

Now i am only a walking set of bones covered with thin skin.
Through my skin they can see my swollen veins.
I am bleeding inside...
My wounds are opened wide...
Nov 2010 · 1.0k
The Boy Who Hated Christmas
Satan Nov 2010
I never liked christmas.
Those ornaments drove me crazy.
To me it's just another celebration coming to pass.
Gloomy and dreary.

Those christmas carols irritated my ears.
They made me stay at home all night long unwilling to appear.
You did not know what had happened years ago.
Three days before christmas away my father had to go.
Nov 2010 · 495
When A Man Loves A Man
Satan Nov 2010
When a man loves a man...
He will destroy everything around.
Nothing is left safe and sound.

Because that man he loves is himself.
Nov 2010 · 539
The Chain
Satan Nov 2010
Men   ...undo...  men.
Devil  ...undo...  men.
God    ...undo...  devil.
Men    ...undo...  God.
Nov 2010 · 962
Satan Nov 2010
I had a bad dream last night...

Someone is chasing me...
And i can not run fast...
I look back and he is there...
Lurking in the dark...
With his hands reaching out to me...
I can not see his face...
But i can hear him saying my name...
I can see his eyes burning with red flames.

My feet feel a thousand times heavier...
But i keep running...
And he is getting closer...
His hands are reaching out...

I scream when he scratches the back of my neck.
His tapering fingers are cold and wet.
Rotten and juicy...

I stumble over and fall hard to the ground.
I turn around fast but he's gone.
Nothing around but thick cold fog.

I woke up screaming...
In my room in the dark...
It was just a very terrible nightmare, i think to myself.
Just a nightmare...
A nightmare...

Then something caught my eye...
Two red flame burning floating in mid-air...
His burning red eyes...

I screamt again...
But it's just the mirror...
I was staring at the mirror in my room.
And staring at those two burning red flames...
Those two eyes...
My own eyes...
Satan Nov 2010
A Politician says love is a waste of time. One can't make such disadvantageous sacrifice.

A Girl says love is seeing and finding yourself through another person.

Satan says love is giving your soul to the one you love unconditionally.

Love sums it all up for us itself...

*Love is a waste of time when you can not see and find yourself through the one you love who has already given his/her soul to you unconditionally.

Nov 2010 · 521
After The Rain
Satan Nov 2010
I look up to the sky...
Staring at the pale grey clouds...
And i feel so peaceful...

So peaceful...
Nov 2010 · 484
Some Of Us
Satan Nov 2010
Some of us were hurt like mad.
Some chose to move on.
Some chose to linger in their pain.
Some chose to find some truth.

Some of us were desperate.
Some for love.
Some for life.
Some for money.
Some for more time.
Some for recognition.

Some of us were broken.
Some survived.
Some went confused.
Some died.

Some of us were killed.
Some found peace.
Some got stranded.
Some got lost for good.

Have no worries...
It's just some of us...
Nov 2010 · 879
The Fallen Angel
Satan Nov 2010
You are like a falling star.
Flashing so beautiful to only disappear.
You are like a scent of a rose fading away caught by the wind.
Cut off hurriedly like apple-rind.

Forgotten and lost you will remain.
In the deep ocean you hide and dissolve your pain.
Nobody is pulling you out of the abyss.
Every attempt to help you has gone amiss.

There in the eternal darkness you shall dwell.
The cuts have made your heart swell.
The light in your eyes is fading away.
Forever lost you will remain on your way.
Nov 2010 · 554
Satan Nov 2010
I saw you there like the first time.
You smiled and my heart chimed.
You came closer, i was frozen on my seat.
Trying to hold my breath and my heartbeat.

You touched my face and looked me in the eye.
You smiled but your eyes could not lie.
I closed my eyes and sighed heavily.
Trying to keep me on my seat steadily.

''I need some space'' you whispered,
Resting your hands on my shoulders.
I did not say a word, i would stutter.
I could hear my thoughts screaming louder.

You had just hung a hung man on the wall of despair and uncertainty once again like an old picture on a boring grey wall...
Nov 2010 · 520
The Fall
Satan Nov 2010
You distracted me...
You abused me...
You tortured me...
You insulted me...
You frustrated me...
You trapped me...
You killed me...

You turned me down...

I am going down...

And i am dragging you along with me...

That feels good!
Nov 2010 · 656
Satan Nov 2010
I am like a leaky roof.
I let tears pass through me wherever i go.
My sorrow has not yet come to pass.
I am still the same person as i was many years ago.

You mutilated my body and you called it love.
You ripped my heart out and put it on a burning stove.
And then you ate it.....slowly...
Excitedly... Unmercifully...
Satan Nov 2010
Your father hates my accent.
I think he's only trying my patience.
Your mother hates my tattoes.
But she's just like your father too.

Your brother and sisters are turning me down.
Your friends don't know for you miles i will run.
They can not feel this kiss, this touch.
Empty spaces i have been through to show you i love you so much.

I killed someone but you have killed me.
You're turning me into a different person.
You see the man in me.
We're sailing towards a new horizon.

Rest your heart on mine.
I am not making love to your father.
I am not kissing your mother.
I am not touching your brothers and sisters.

I am the prince of darkness...
I am a criminal...
I am a murderer...
Whatever i am before them...

I cast your sadness into shadow...
I **** your pain and sorrow...

Náaht tu finnúnf aro'd.....
Nov 2010 · 483
A Quick Interview with Mr.D
Satan Nov 2010
Adam : ''What would you rather be called?''
Mr.D : ''People have been giving me extremely various names. Some of them are my favourites.''
Adam : ''When will you ever stop?''
Mr.D : ''I will. When my task here is done''
Adam : ''what exactly is your task here?''
Mr.D : ''i have people filtered out''
Adam : ''what's that supposed to mean?''
Mr.D : ''i put an end to everything...''
Adam : ''thank you, Mr.D!''
Mr.D : ''you're welcome. I'll be seeing you again....''
Adam : ''??????!!!!!!!!.........''

Death is only another phase of the Universe.
Nov 2010 · 521
Satan Nov 2010
did you
tell me you
love me while
pointing your gun
at me unmercifully
Nov 2010 · 599
Sealed With Blood
Satan Nov 2010
My Prince of Darkness...

Your faithful servant is writting a love letter.
I want thee to know how i feel about her.
She always haunts me in my dreams.
When the world seems to shield from the dark moonbeam.

I love her and i want her heart.
From this world i have come to part.
I only want to be in her world.
Her body and soul i am longing to hold.

I want Thee to know that i will give my soul to Thee.
Such a passion i have is too strong to ignore.
I bind my heart to hers and my soul to Thee.
Take me as i am, my Lord.

Sealed with my blood...
My Dearest Prince, Thine Eyes...
Nov 2010 · 883
Satan's Lover
Satan Nov 2010
i cut my skin and let you in.
Merging our flesh and blood within.
Feeling you inside me, drinking you.
Tasting you...

I see what you see
I feel what you feel
Filling each other's cavities...
Passion of infinity...

Feeding on you...
      Feeding on you...
            Feeding on you...
Nov 2010 · 503
The Christmas Death-Song
Satan Nov 2010
Snow is falling outside.
I want to sing you to your dream, my dear...

''Christmas is here.
And you are so near.
Don't mind the pain you bear.
I do not want to see tears.

You do not fear.
I will not dissapear.
Your heart i will endear.
Like music to your ears.''

I put my hands all around her stiffened body...
I have dressed her up so fancy.
So beautiful........ So cold...... So dead...
She cut my heart into shreds...

Dead yet beautiful you are.
Like a star in darkest night.
Shining from afar.
Reluctantly emitting its light.

I touch your cold face.
Your skin has started peeling off.
But i'm not letting you go
Death is just an empty space.

I want to dance the night away...
Through the storm we'll find a way.

Merry Christmas, love....
My beautiful Corpse Bride...
Nov 2010 · 676
A Dead Man Doesn't Love
Satan Nov 2010
Get over your past, woman!
A dead man doesn't love...
A dead man doesn't touch...
A dead man doesn't make love to you...

Your lover died a long time ago.
Still for him you mourn.

I have been here for too long.
I am running out of time.

Love me or leave me...

A dead man doesn't love...
Satan Nov 2010
Swiftly he moves and disappears into the darkness.
His ****** hands are cold and his mind is restless.
He just took his lover's life as a sign...
Wrung her through fear and pain....

No angel is redeeming her tortured soul.
In her soul remains a dark vicious hole.

''Loreena, my love...
I have loved you so much that it hurts.
If i had not had your love then there would have been no truth.
My feeling would have turned into thin air.
Your life would not have been spared.

Now he has set her free...
From all the pain she was about to see...
Night has grown darker as he walks towards the river
He throws her body slowly into the water
Her skeleton was found sixty-seven years after she was last seen.
Nov 2010 · 811
Aingeal agus Deamhan
Satan Nov 2010
Bloodmark, swords and damnation.
I fought for the lost souls of the nations.
With such unbearable desire and passion.

Fuil ar mo aghaidh....

Secrets of three, veiled yet unhidden.
Lights upon the earth to cast away the forbiddens.
Pain and sorrow to deaden.

Forget thy sins not...
Unreveal thy secrets not...

Mo chroí a fháil ar bhealach...
For God love ist divine...
To those who dwell in His Shrine...

Dorchadas fháil bás...
Darkness finds death...

Solas teacht ar an saol
Light finds life...
Thanks to Keiran and Galman for the irish gaelic translations.....
Nov 2010 · 1.0k
The Falling Rocks
Satan Nov 2010
One rock falls
Another one falls...
Two more fall...

And you little rock...
You will linger here for good...
Nov 2010 · 482
Live Inside Me
Satan Nov 2010
love you
till my blood
runs dry. I want
you so bad, blood i cry.

For you i have torn my soul into pieces
To preserve my heart my memory,
my love. I will never die, nor
will my soul. Come to me,
merge with me. Feed on
me. Live and breathe
inside me forever
Oh my heart
My dear
Nov 2010 · 605
Satan Nov 2010
She stood up so proud.
She was sure she had done nothing wrong.
Her mournful beauty saddened the world.
Her time was near as she saw her own shroud.

As gay as morning blooms....
Yet cold as frozen dews...

''Blood would be shed once again.
No pain if you give your soul to me...
You will come back and walk the earth...''

Decapitated souls lost and stranded.
The head is the crown.

Give me thy soul...
And thou shalt live forever as my bride and walk the earth...

Give me your soul, Anne
Satan Nov 2010
Iy mann mahnd dá laht...
Naht finnúnd ay dá biáhn...

Lost forever, he will never find peace.
Little horn, thorn in the flesh, the unclean.
The Eye that watches the world, The Veiled One.
Hiélo naht urñd da biánh...

Black gaping hole in souls to find.
Such a redeem in restless minds.
Reflected deep down inside.
Shamé'nuun íy thû nam baidh...

Dá Lãht....
Curses for blessings...

Dá Biáhn...
The unheard voices...

Dranna ahr finnúnd bhar tut....*

Why did you betray The Son of Man with a kiss...... Judas???

— The End —