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Nov 2010
Snow is falling outside.
I want to sing you to your dream, my dear...

''Christmas is here.
And you are so near.
Don't mind the pain you bear.
I do not want to see tears.

You do not fear.
I will not dissapear.
Your heart i will endear.
Like music to your ears.''

I put my hands all around her stiffened body...
I have dressed her up so fancy.
So beautiful........ So cold...... So dead...
She cut my heart into shreds...

Dead yet beautiful you are.
Like a star in darkest night.
Shining from afar.
Reluctantly emitting its light.

I touch your cold face.
Your skin has started peeling off.
But i'm not letting you go
Death is just an empty space.

I want to dance the night away...
Through the storm we'll find a way.

Merry Christmas, love....
My beautiful Corpse Bride...
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