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In you I find my childhood friend
Leaving you is thirsting without water
Kissing the locks of your hair
I am bewildered
by your magnificent beauty

Your heart, your juicy lips
are my consoling towers
The depth and tranquility in your eyes
are pools
from which I dare not escape

My heart longs for you, searches for you
The shining sun is not bright enough
The moon moans at my pitiful provisions
My angel,
please don’t leave me breathless

O wild, willowy, naughty, nimble
Don’t tease me anymore
Tantalized and mesmerized I am
Come to me now and make love
I wander no longer
I prefer to wait at my master’s chamber
To eat
To drink
To talk of love
He flames my heart
With desire
Never felt before
Enthralled and awestruck
I lose my senses
His love
All night long
I am consumed
In a hot passion

Don’t ask!
I don’t
We ever sleep or endlessly frig
Can I even count?
If you were an eagle
Soaring high
And I were the valley,
Would you come down to feast?

If you were a blooming flower,
Purple, red, and yellow,
And I the earth beneath,
Would you ever touch me?

If you were the sun
Shining brightly
And I a tree in the forest,
Would you rise to give me warmth?

If you were the waters
In the rivers and in the clouds
And I was just a barren desert,
Would you ever rain on me?

If you were a mighty ocean
With all the turbulent waves
And I a lonely boat amid them,
Would you ever sink me down?
Kissing you:
Feelings immense,
Crazy, warm, cozy,
Soft, sensual, passionate,
Willfully sinking,
An instance of being intimate.
Tasty and juicy, our sensations progress,
Salacious arousal,
That moment of touch of feelings,
Intense sense of the lesser-known organs.
Our hands roam and get caught up in the search,
An instance of being intimate,
Unexplainable, savorinesses indescribable,
Something that has to be known by oneself.
Such are you my beloved,
Such is your love.
In the poetry of kissing
There is no right way to kiss
No two are exactly the same
Boundless, this art of kissing
Sometimes deeper
Other times just the lips

Holding it longer and shorter
Together laughing about it
Variety is the added hot spice
Tenderly ******* your partner’s lips
Take a deep breath
To delicately
compliment her
From the top of her long, silky hairs
To her beautiful, sun-licked, shining face
To the tip of her soft, curved *******
To midway between her sweet, warm thighs
To the bottom of her long, strong feet
She is one great puzzle
A great treasure to be hunted
A mystery to be admired
A land to be explored
A journey to be undertaken
I walked hurriedly to her home
On a wild moonlit night
She is in her inner chamber
Painting a picture of us
Naked brush, naked canvas, naked mind
On a moonlit gusty night

There she stands
At the corner of the wooden window
Holding hands with her shadow
I approached gently toward her
Only to discover
That the shadow is mine
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