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sajjad ali Jun 2015
I searched for you everywhere i went
funny you were watching me all around
sajjad ali Jun 2015
it's a Girl
it's a Her
it's a She
cant make sense at 5:30 am ;)
sajjad ali May 2015
i was made of clay and given the breath of life
i was i AM divine
i walk infinite mile from heaven to earth
i have finally found love
I am light I am darkness
I am the Universal Consciousness
I am the serpent i am the tree
I am Eden
I am Eve
spiritual moments
sajjad ali May 2015
The poet died before he was born
lived in a place that was free of scorn
had the love he dreamed about all his life
made Knowledge his girlfriend and Wisdom His wife
tripped out on wine all day
experienced the heights of ecstasy within his own mind
live in paradise and complained at night
talked to god and got sick of the conversation
talk is cheap , fun is in action ,,,,
written something after a few days
sajjad ali May 2015
i walked alone all my life
no companion by my side
my sad fate was sealed even
before my birth
like Cane i must travel the world alone
though i did not slay my brother
first man born last to die
Home is in Her Eyes
sajjad ali Apr 2015
death i longed for you
but you never came
and now i have learned
to live :)
still single though ,  love is very close n in love but ,,,,,,,,
sajjad ali Apr 2015
galaxies n universes
so many of them
surely we'll find a place
where we can settle in !
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