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sajjad ali Apr 2015
pages to write
paper to waste
i seem to now understand
my ordained fate
sajjad ali Apr 2015
immature and childish  just look older cause of
the weight I've put on never held a job longer than three months
never had real True Love got mixed up in the dualities
and wanted to sort this **** out mixed holy water and whiskey
and had that shot :)
In my mystical ways i have become god
but that's ok cause mums the Boss!
I've played Jesus, Muhammad and Moses
and Adams the Boss
Right back to the top
this is more personal , the deeper meaning of things
somewhere in history or just in wisdom and knowledge lost
wake up in the middle of the night jumping out of Bed
saying I'm God
the all seeing eye follows me everywhere I go
now my profile pic is the eye of Ra on facebook
serpents are the wisdom symbol
matrix and reality no more confused but
cant fight a design that you cant control
what i desire is that sacred pearl
someone posted a poem on it here a few days a ago
ancient knowledge a hidden treasure i got my eye set on the
biggest prize
i am but dust of the earth but love makes me divine
and who you love and how much plays on your soul
cause if you love Jesus you want to be like him but what if
you love the mystery like crazy then what role do you play?
if you stare into the abyss long it stares back at you
that's some scary ****!!!
I've been staring the abyss in the eye ball for 7 years
now i have become the abyss
i don't think **** through i just say it as it is
the doc says I've had Adhd since i was a kid
but in reality there are no loose ends
been single so long i think I've forgotten how to kiss
calculating how long i have to live 30-35 years of more ****
loneliness and solitude are both crap
now you can understand why Adam was ******* in the
Gardens of Bliss
Eve like the New Year's is a wait
but unlike new years eve, she never comes
35 more years of single man this is crazy and guess what
Muslims there are no Virgins. Like Heaven/Paradise i have heard
is very selective women enter free ..... men have to pass the test.
So Mr. Man's world not so lucky are we
Be good Be good
Might be an eternity of love waiting after a short life
like 60-70 years a spec in time
and maybe sleep forever after a lifetime of misery
that's going to be the worst like seriously
hell on earth and then just go to sleep
what about huggies and kissies ??? :)
too much feminine spirit mixed with the masculine
but still like girls , still like girls .
Poetry is nice short and sweet like unless its like really amazing
unlike my ranting :) this will be the only time the only one
Apologies in Advance Peace and Salaam
And Namaste too if you're into THAT ****
mY Soul bows down to the soul in you
like the Japanese do it when they greet
when love comes I worship her she worships me
Penny Royal Tea
just a messed up write it all down ranting/rambling :) definitely not a poem.
sajjad ali Apr 2015
i gazed long into the abyss
staring her in the eye
now we are one
two entities have now become
sajjad ali Apr 2015
god would be lonely
all alone
sitting on his throne
no angels around him
no queen besides him
its a sad sight
and they say the world is ****** up place!!!
sajjad ali Apr 2015
i loved so much that i died loving
an unseen face that made itself manifest,
but so far away i could not hold
and who i was kept me chained like a fool,
wishing for my time to come or for time to
come to an end
death is sweet when the one you love also
plays the role of the angel of death
sajjad ali Apr 2015
From Muslim to seek God in all religions
to Sufism and spirituality to mysticism
to become a Goddess Worshiper
Truth needs no rhyme
sajjad ali Apr 2015
My God !
You are heaven right here on earth ,
i see a new picture.
But your eyes are they most beautiful part.
Like an awakened soul from the matrix you awaken my heart.
God must be a woman for in you i see his art.
wish there were no borders and no distances so a man could easily seek his god.
Goddess on hello poetry changes her pic....
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