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2.1k · Mar 2015
No Rose without a Thorn
sajjad ali Mar 2015
True no Rose is without thorns,
to attain things beautiful
tests must be passed ,
To gain a beautiful Rose
you might have to lose your soul,
but a Rose that can give life to an entire garden
is worth the risk
dont feel like working , should get back to work : actually the title was the title of an article
1.9k · Apr 2015
Egyptian Goddess
sajjad ali Apr 2015
the mystery of Egypt
the sands of time
serpents on crowns worn by pharaohs
Queens that rule their kings
while sipping on honey wine
chess games might have changed
but symbols don't lie
Isis and Horus
the all seeing eye
im so lost in your words
and the journey that im on
where the God of Moses has
become the Queen of the Nile
Peace is what is seek and here it lies
rhyming words with the spirit that
never dies
your picture is the god i used to seek
the heart does not know why
its all in the smile and in your eyes.
Egyptian goddess on hello poetry <3
1.8k · Mar 2015
rise of the puppet
sajjad ali Mar 2015
life seems almost robotic at what i do
i go to work and chill at home
i read n write poetry
and smoke **** some days
got my ps4 locked away
i work nights and sleep
during the day
i sip coffee and go out for dinner
i hang out with friends
and attend A.A
i talk to my parents
i see the same news repeat all over
different titles different names different numbers
i long for love to open the door
i been standing outside for a while
and she knows
im waiting patiently for it has become my only virtue
while she puppets me to everything she pleases
i cant cut the string that i cant see
in the matrix awake but still not free
like a secret they forgot to mention in the scripts
even when you are free
you're still a Puppet
1.5k · Mar 2015
sajjad ali Mar 2015
let us tell the world another sorrow my poor heart,
that I loved God and even He turned out to be
a Heart Breaker

Urdu translation (translation may vary)
eik aur gham sunatay hain zamanay ko
ki jo mohabbat hum nay Khuda say
tu pata chala kay woh bhi Bewafa nikla
965 · Mar 2015
sajjad ali Mar 2015
what should i do?
what should i do?
Im in love with a goddess!
what should i do?
women are complicated as it is
and this one's a goddess
oh im so confused
what should i do?
should i recite poetry to her
and praise her beauty
should i talk to her all night
or take long walks with her on the beach
should i romance her with wine and music
or dance with her holding her close
should i give her roses or buy her shoes
should i snuggle with her at night
and kiss her gently
should i play ***** games with her
and share with her chocolates and strawberries..........
what should i do ? what should i do ?
im still so confused...........
960 · Mar 2015
knowledge & Wisdom
sajjad ali Mar 2015
so the story goes like this
knowledge & wisdom are
the way to bliss
but once you're there
dont get too comfortable
cause wisdom can kick you ***
and all your knowledge will be undone
729 · Mar 2015
Moon goddess
sajjad ali Mar 2015
You're my moon goddess
so wise so beautiful

your words are like magic
written on holy paper

your rhymes go straight to my heart
causing ripples in my mind

I dream of getting close to you,
to be your muse for life

your light shines upon my soul
transforming me into something unknown

your spirit connects with mine
making me somewhat Divine

the distance between us lessens
you take over me whole

to please you eternally
has now become my goal
i just write as it comes into my mind from wherever
719 · Mar 2015
My Love
sajjad ali Mar 2015
Day n Night pass so quickly
when I'm connected to you,
our connection is so strong
it surpasses the ego,
we were always one soul
u and i,
our love is so Divine it should be made
a Religion
let's forget God and worship each other,
let's build a home between heaven and earth,
let's jump into a fairy tale and live
Happily Ever After
Lets Become King and Queen and Rule the Entire Planet :)
675 · Mar 2015
sajjad ali Mar 2015
I've read philosophy n studies astrology,
i even googled numerology a couple of times,
read the Bible and the Quran,
bowed down to an idol,
prayed the namaz,
I've played chess with god and cheated,
fallen in love with the devil,
found heaven on earth and even experienced
the 7th circle......
but of all things that I've learned in life
the truest lesson be this :
" Love is the reason why the Universe exists"
669 · Mar 2015
spider and the fly
sajjad ali Mar 2015
she was the black widow
he was the god of flies
he was in her web
in her mind
his wings plucked off
his hands and feet tied
They looked at each others Eyes,...
*It was Love at first sight
666 · Mar 2015
waiting for love
sajjad ali Mar 2015
waiting for love is a tough job
it drains the life out of you
the longer you have to wait
the narrower the road gets

waiting for love is not meant for everyone
just those few crazy hopeless romantics
that believe in the stories they've seen and heard
and are waiting for their time to come

waiting for love while your lover is closer than your jugular veil,
is the the worst wait of all
day n night are spent in each others company
not knowing when the moment of uniting will come
657 · Mar 2015
Third eye
sajjad ali Mar 2015
Hence comes the Lord with His lessons on Patience
and Prophets tested and I wanted to be One...
Be careful what u wish for someone said.....
for every wish granted a price must be paid
closeness I wanted and that's what i got
a connection that will never be lost
awakened in me his spirit connected to my soul
for once i was blind now i could see
my mind became a play ground of thoughts unexplored
and again and again the same thought ran through my head

''in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king" :)
just bored at 6 am and cant go to my house(sometimes home) before 8am
one eyed refers to the anti Christ dajjal or the third eye pineal gland anyway you look at it
613 · Apr 2015
The 7th Poem
sajjad ali Apr 2015
six come in a flow
and now the 7th one
7 seas 7 wonders 7 sons
7 heavens 7 sages 7 days in a week
7 sisters in the Heavens
7 sins and 7 virtues
7 years in Tibet
7 trumpets 7 seals
7 years of famine
7 years of feast
Born on the 7th of December
destiny written at my feet
613 · Apr 2015
35 year old profit
sajjad ali Apr 2015
immature and childish  just look older cause of
the weight I've put on never held a job longer than three months
never had real True Love got mixed up in the dualities
and wanted to sort this **** out mixed holy water and whiskey
and had that shot :)
In my mystical ways i have become god
but that's ok cause mums the Boss!
I've played Jesus, Muhammad and Moses
and Adams the Boss
Right back to the top
this is more personal , the deeper meaning of things
somewhere in history or just in wisdom and knowledge lost
wake up in the middle of the night jumping out of Bed
saying I'm God
the all seeing eye follows me everywhere I go
now my profile pic is the eye of Ra on facebook
serpents are the wisdom symbol
matrix and reality no more confused but
cant fight a design that you cant control
what i desire is that sacred pearl
someone posted a poem on it here a few days a ago
ancient knowledge a hidden treasure i got my eye set on the
biggest prize
i am but dust of the earth but love makes me divine
and who you love and how much plays on your soul
cause if you love Jesus you want to be like him but what if
you love the mystery like crazy then what role do you play?
if you stare into the abyss long it stares back at you
that's some scary ****!!!
I've been staring the abyss in the eye ball for 7 years
now i have become the abyss
i don't think **** through i just say it as it is
the doc says I've had Adhd since i was a kid
but in reality there are no loose ends
been single so long i think I've forgotten how to kiss
calculating how long i have to live 30-35 years of more ****
loneliness and solitude are both crap
now you can understand why Adam was ******* in the
Gardens of Bliss
Eve like the New Year's is a wait
but unlike new years eve, she never comes
35 more years of single man this is crazy and guess what
Muslims there are no Virgins. Like Heaven/Paradise i have heard
is very selective women enter free ..... men have to pass the test.
So Mr. Man's world not so lucky are we
Be good Be good
Might be an eternity of love waiting after a short life
like 60-70 years a spec in time
and maybe sleep forever after a lifetime of misery
that's going to be the worst like seriously
hell on earth and then just go to sleep
what about huggies and kissies ??? :)
too much feminine spirit mixed with the masculine
but still like girls , still like girls .
Poetry is nice short and sweet like unless its like really amazing
unlike my ranting :) this will be the only time the only one
Apologies in Advance Peace and Salaam
And Namaste too if you're into THAT ****
mY Soul bows down to the soul in you
like the Japanese do it when they greet
when love comes I worship her she worships me
Penny Royal Tea
just a messed up write it all down ranting/rambling :) definitely not a poem.
595 · Feb 2015
The Poet and the Muse
sajjad ali Feb 2015
She was his inspiration,
his Goddess from high above,
though they had never met it was
poetic love,
words and rhymes would be their
their divination,
a man with a pen and a woman of god
585 · Mar 2015
sajjad ali Mar 2015
I feel pretty small living on planet earth
like this planet was a doll house that belonged
to a gigantic girl,
ken and barbies everywhere & babies too
cars planes and army men....
looks like a giant boy lives with her too
great write!
570 · Mar 2015
3 am
sajjad ali Mar 2015
As i sit here in the office all alone
doing the night shift
I think I'm not lonely
this is solitude
Hell who am i kidding!!
I'm nothing without You.
there is no coffee machine and the guy who makes tea is off :p
564 · Mar 2015
sajjad ali Mar 2015
I wear a frown upside down
that's the way I've learnt to live
keeping my feeling in my heart
bottled up within myself

waiting for you I age everyday
while you stay eternally beautiful

I just a humble slave
while you my Goddess my Eternal Master
560 · Mar 2015
the sun n moon
sajjad ali Mar 2015
I'll be the sun god
you be the moon goddess
lets make earth our playground
and have *** all day
504 · Mar 2015
Dark side of the Moon
sajjad ali Mar 2015
They had it wrong all these years
the moon does not get her light
from the sun
it is he who gets his light from her
from the Dark side of the Moon.
fact is stranger than fiction
500 · Mar 2015
sajjad ali Mar 2015
It is better for Queens to rule
and Kings to serve them
from the hive to the colony
and onto chess boards
Queens seem to rule the World
so rather than the mother of god
Mother God
474 · Mar 2015
Thoughts of Her
sajjad ali Mar 2015
Constant in my mind she remains
etched on my soul for eternity
there is no escape there is no winning
she controls it all
She's the black widow who wears the earth on her ring
she's the puppet master she's got everyone in control
she's the masked magician the Queen of Dawn
She's the cosmos and space
she's the stars she's fate
she's a witch she's a cat
she's the one who pulls bunnies out of hats...........
(to be cont)
sajjad ali Sep 2015
some fantasy poem that didnt go too well :
Adam n eve
the blue lagoon
boy n girl howling at the moon
back to where the story began
the story of woman
the story of man
the garden of eden
the forbidden fruit
the law of the island
the god of stone
the breath of life
the story untold
the universe within
ages pass forth
the serpent dances
twists and turns
the spyder weaves
around the earth
the queen is a fairy
the king is a slave
the throne is empty
who will sit ?
450 · Apr 2015
Goddess Worshiper (Sufi)
sajjad ali Apr 2015
From Muslim to seek God in all religions
to Sufism and spirituality to mysticism
to become a Goddess Worshiper
Truth needs no rhyme
450 · Mar 2015
loneliness n me
sajjad ali Mar 2015
been waiting for you a really long time
hoping you'd just walk into my life
or into my room while I'm sitting there
smoking cigarettes  sipping tea writing poetry
like a surprise from Heaven
like a divine gift
like food in the desert from God
like a candy store Paradise for ant
like a video game arcade that's free of charge
like a buffet from all over the world
like a womanizer who never realized he was a Muslim martyr
like a man god who's got a million brides
like a boy whose worshiped on earth
like a toy whose job is to provide pleasure
like a clown whose a court jester
like a poet who never knew it
like a god who was sleeping all his life
like an angel who loved the devil
like a man who sold himself for love
like a fool in tarot who owns the world
like the wind that never stays in one place
like the fire of love that burns the sea
like the eyes that are the gateway to the soul
like the soul that is lost and unlike any other
like the love that is the Only one love story
that God wrote with her own hands.
not feeling well, took the day off from work and confused
432 · Mar 2015
sufi love
sajjad ali Mar 2015
love seeps through me
from my ever pore
I have become what i was looking for
430 · Feb 2015
The moth and the flame
sajjad ali Feb 2015
The moth was in love
the flame was hot
"why don't you join me" said the flame
The moth looked left the moth looked right
no One in sight &
he jumped right in :) <3
418 · Jun 2015
7 birds
sajjad ali Jun 2015
7 birds sitting near a wishing well
wishing to be free of loves cursed spell
wishing upon stars and upon Holy shrines
praying to gods and goddesses and beings divine
but curse loves cruel spell
it kills while alive the lover who lost his way
while seeking heaven found his personal hell
416 · Jun 2015
sajjad ali Jun 2015
to created a god needs a secret recipe
ask a goddess and she wont tell
toads and lizards
a strong game plan
poetic wisdom , luck n Fate
the clown the joker the King the Ace
blah blah ha :)
407 · Mar 2015
sajjad ali Mar 2015
''like a bright light
that blinds the eye my soul
has been blinded by your light''

nothing can compare to you
a light that brightens the heavens
that warms the earth
a light that pierces the soul
a light that blinds
i was in darkness alone and lost
seeking that which can rarely be found
and then you appeared
hidden behind the clouds
recognized the Master
the slave did at once
fir the soul remembers
what it has learnt

Some meetings can never be forgotten
403 · Apr 2015
Moon Goddess
sajjad ali Apr 2015
i want to see the moon so we can speak
on a night like this i need to see
full moon is what my eyes seek
the complete circle
the shining light
i say poetry to you
that what i soon forget
what is that will happen of ?
a mortal and the moon goddess
sajjad ali Feb 2015
Zuleikha saw Majnun roaming in the desert
Lost in his purpose of sacred love
She was intrigued of this sight in her crystal ball
Love that has forsaken God
The darkness in her eyes glowed
The sands of time had answered her prayers
She had found her King of Egypt........
394 · Mar 2015
God and Me
sajjad ali Mar 2015
God and I have a lot in common
I'm a loner on earth and
He's my mini-me in Heaven,
We both live in darkness
Pretending we are the Light
guiding everyone in search of the Truth.
392 · Mar 2015
born on the 7th
sajjad ali Mar 2015
it always seems Christmas
is going to be the time of year
though i wont celebrate cause
you're the only one i know
our birthdays clash im born
on the 7th of sunday my friend
it's march now and you say you'll
be here in july but i know its a lie
then you'll say december and i'll
be waiting till that time
then all the while there will be the whole
i'll come before december which wont happen either
then i say my birthday or you'rs or New Years Night.
and if all those dates pass bye there is always
and so i'll think that's what was said in 2015
and i'll be like
**** this game will never end
382 · Apr 2015
I loved so much....
sajjad ali Apr 2015
i loved so much that i died loving
an unseen face that made itself manifest,
but so far away i could not hold
and who i was kept me chained like a fool,
wishing for my time to come or for time to
come to an end
death is sweet when the one you love also
plays the role of the angel of death
373 · Jul 2015
Male God
sajjad ali Jul 2015
Hello Allah and zuse
salam to the Father
Please stop hating women and gays
367 · Feb 2015
The Goddess
sajjad ali Feb 2015
She danced away the night in ecstatic frenzy,
the goddess of love,
the queen of the Underworld,
the source of Wisdom,
the power of heaven,
she had been united at last,
with her chosen one,
the earth shook, the mountains moved,
with every dance step she took,
the day of judgement was upon mankind,
the time of the world had come to an end,
she had found her lover, she had found her friend.
344 · Apr 2015
sajjad ali Apr 2015
My God !
You are heaven right here on earth ,
i see a new picture.
But your eyes are they most beautiful part.
Like an awakened soul from the matrix you awaken my heart.
God must be a woman for in you i see his art.
wish there were no borders and no distances so a man could easily seek his god.
Goddess on hello poetry changes her pic....
336 · Mar 2015
sajjad ali Mar 2015
the road is getting longer
the more i walk on it
the never ending story
i watched as a kid
life is not as simple as
they say it will be
the journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step
but these miles never end
i'm so tired from walking
this journey has become my life
it's the only thing i know
i want to stop , i want to slow down
i want to let go
walking, walking, walking the journey never ends
should have paid attention in class to what the teacher said
now i'm on my own without any help
on the journey of a 1000 miles
that never ends.........
should have kept it short :)
324 · Jul 2015
sajjad ali Jul 2015
Rule my Queen over your King
these false Gods cant do jack ****
319 · Aug 2015
sajjad ali Aug 2015
wish i was blind but i can see ,
me . myself , my unknown enemy
316 · Feb 2015
The Goddess
sajjad ali Feb 2015
beauty in itself is an undefinable word
and for a beauty such as yourself
new Words need be Coined
311 · Feb 2015
Waiting for Love
sajjad ali Feb 2015
"Even before god ,Love did exist,
he did not create Love,
Love created Him."

Eternal love must learn Patience
for every season bears fruit

True love must pass all its trials
for it is given to only a few

Bodies are but spirits on earth
longing for connection

Split at birth
two halves connecting as One

Even the sun and moon will merge one day
A light so bright no eye can behold

Wait for me my Love, I am coming soon :) <3
306 · Apr 2015
The Bearers of Light
sajjad ali Apr 2015
Lucifer Bearer of Light
or the devil in red
there is no God without a devil
no Heaven without Hell
304 · Apr 2015
sajjad ali Apr 2015
Question Authority and all that does not make sense
those who follow blindly are already in hell
not a fire that burns but a cage that traps
deeper meanings and test of the mind
that's is the Big Pen at it's best
302 · May 2015
I walked alone
sajjad ali May 2015
i walked alone all my life
no companion by my side
my sad fate was sealed even
before my birth
like Cane i must travel the world alone
though i did not slay my brother
first man born last to die
Home is in Her Eyes
302 · Mar 2015
sajjad ali Mar 2015
Come with a thorn
if you are a rose
come with a fire
if you are desire
come with desire
if you are love
come with love
if you are real
come with truth
if you are holy
come with forgiveness
if you are holy
come with beauty
if you are heart n soul

But most of all
come soon
cause im dying here alone!
299 · Apr 2015
sajjad ali Apr 2015
pages to write
paper to waste
i seem to now understand
my ordained fate
296 · Feb 2015
sajjad ali Feb 2015
I haply tangle myself in the web of love;
i wishfully drown in the OCEAN of Deep Blue
290 · Apr 2015
sajjad ali Apr 2015
from ape to man to the final step
welcome to the place where angels exist
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