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sajjad ali Sep 2015
some fantasy poem that didnt go too well :
Adam n eve
the blue lagoon
boy n girl howling at the moon
back to where the story began
the story of woman
the story of man
the garden of eden
the forbidden fruit
the law of the island
the god of stone
the breath of life
the story untold
the universe within
ages pass forth
the serpent dances
twists and turns
the spyder weaves
around the earth
the queen is a fairy
the king is a slave
the throne is empty
who will sit ?
sajjad ali Aug 2015
wish i was blind but i can see ,
me . myself , my unknown enemy
sajjad ali Jul 2015
Rule my Queen over your King
these false Gods cant do jack ****
sajjad ali Jul 2015
If you haven't understood the secrets of life by 27
u never will
sajjad ali Jul 2015
Hello Allah and zuse
salam to the Father
Please stop hating women and gays
sajjad ali Jun 2015
7 birds sitting near a wishing well
wishing to be free of loves cursed spell
wishing upon stars and upon Holy shrines
praying to gods and goddesses and beings divine
but curse loves cruel spell
it kills while alive the lover who lost his way
while seeking heaven found his personal hell
sajjad ali Jun 2015
to created a god needs a secret recipe
ask a goddess and she wont tell
toads and lizards
a strong game plan
poetic wisdom , luck n Fate
the clown the joker the King the Ace
blah blah ha :)
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