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Sa Sa Ra Mar 2016
Haters reaching out stretching hate to all they can put in a noose She's turning 80 and Love's Love and is willing to yield to the truth Regardless of a lifetime experience telling such and every authority, history book, politician, the clergy of clergy's lies their coverings rotting off thee untouchables of Love like Gold it's going to remain beyond ruse, deception and especially ones brain....... But what has made us great, and not for it's the USA, But for the inspired genius just beyond the First Amendment, in part, the part T. Jefferson coined as Separation of Church and a minimal necessity if humanity is meant to survive itself. If we are seven billion thereabouts we have thereabouts the same amount of personal beliefs... PRAISE that or count that blessing or don't feel an inclination, there is no right or wrong...!!! To shove a belief system down someone's throat, being, brain, heart, civil liberties or have that your AS YOUR FEAR.... With your every BREATH, in your very BED, on a CARDBOARD BOX, a PENTHOUSE SUITE, any ole ALLEYWAY, in need to serve your ****** FUNCTIONS..... Speak your heart, with thoughts pressing through one's mind to ink, to type, to voice and FIND YOU, YOUR KIND HAS BEEN Found by some Predators who want you on a noose, your president, commander in chief..... They are ready on command for some false set of values that say **** and it is in the name of God and Love.... It is written, in some book that cannot be refuted or seen in any other way, yet it is seen 7 billion ways over at minimal by now... They will say it is in the name and claims of 'our founding fathers' '-------------------such 'n such falsely claimed values'. But those who won't tell you what it is about and for thousands, hundreds or so many decades of years. But in the name of , '------------' what does it matter it's exactly the way it's been done just before and the time before that and as far as history records and does not, and none tells any part of any truth to anyone about next to anything. Count we are blessed or not or were and need to be again and it's this thing or that. So easy to swallow the intended deceptions about the Frankenstein no doubt so many will not deny was an effort of intentional making, perhaps with a result beyond hopes and or expectations. Hope that we would swallow hook line and sinker!! The monster is on the loose America, it's not about you or me or even our sons and daughters but the descendants of humankind.... Beyond, Hook, Line and Sinker America, World, Who Knows, When Beyond All That We Swallowed THE WHOLE FISHING BOAT!!!
Sa Sa Ra Mar 2016
Soon beyond a phone boost the internet...
try to get back if ya like but don't over worry,
don't stress for need of hurries...
it's just nice to hear ya truly
we all need more soon really
a day without touching hearts
no matter the otherwise foolish
as the seasons come and go
along with remnants of overdue
of underdones over buried in time
and times of every sentiment and
form of nature's elements and overtures
telling tales, making the love that is life
and wearing it's taking of every sort of toll...
and for whom what every one and form of soul...
Wrap that for me!
With kisses and love;
sell it to the the moon
the stars in exchange for:
a Heart with an Arrow
from within to thee without
that's above and those below

Pierce with LOVE
Or she that is within each
of thee is bleeding, slowly dry
  Mar 2016 Sa Sa Ra
CA Guilfoyle
In this desert
I touch the ocean within,
here where I abandon all plans,
I spend hours watching cloud formations
of flowers blooming violet, red.
I travel to the sanctuary of the soul
each morning, sit silent
at the altar of dawn.
you are speaking
but I can't grasp your meaning
slippery words
My heart was stolen
by a beautiful woman
she taught me to love
like i had never before
and i lost myself in her
living off the beauty there
wanting and asking for more
but she could never commit
and that is how it remained
for many wonderful years
but due to outside pressure
our lives were pulled asunder
i lost her to family
to money and to power
now i am down for the count
but i will get right back up
happy for what we did have
it was a wild crazy ride
and i love her for all that
so i wish for her the best
and i will always owe her
my undying gratitude
for sharing with me completely
her mind, her soul, her body
her beauty as a woman
every detail of her
a sublime intimacy
singed into my memory
you taught me about myself
and plumbed my capacity
to care and to empathize
and to take a chance on love
to that end i still remain
an unrepentent sinner
a believer in true love
and willing to take the fall
whenever love calls
Sa Sa Ra Jul 2015
~When I hear 'Jesus said if you ask in my name it will be done', I hear and understand that what you ask and intend in the name of LOVE is most appropriate, the remedy to the problematic conditions being sought to be overcome and we are creating possibility on our part which nonetheless does not mean that others are an extension of our will, so therefor lead by exemplification. That action is already the first success and fulfillment.
Connect be with the one source and you are doing your part. Do not think that some God is failing you, or you're not connected or ready but that we are interdependent with one another and must understand in our consciousness that which is only a subset of information, that we are blinded by that light, that consciousness (what wakefully we are aware of here) is not the totality of what 'I Am' Is or the We and Any All.
Have faith in love for it is an appropriate force to wield. Otherwise faith is a force we all wield as it is anyway, regardless of other definitions. Bring light to the notion (accept rather than deny) that we do know the difference between what is love, appropriate in real time, as time and all with flows along. We can remain rooted and grounded from within and as love, from which we are first off and All Is Sprung, ANYWAY.
'Every knee shall bow.'
It is love that is in time will not be deniable. Tragic most so when death is the revealer, that is to say when taken to the grave and not while breathing, heart beat, beating here still...
We can try to rebel, experiment this here otherwise. Succeeding in these failings and the tragedies are most acute, always understood at various levels by thee involved, and or till some true forgiveness wipes fresh once again. Ultimately a self correcting force (LOVE that is), having our own will is just an integral loving part of it, itself. It Is All, shares every bit of itself, narcissistic in a wondrous way...we may become It's (possessive yet free, within the bounds of all nature) celebrated witnesses to the infinite perspectives and simple prowess indeed it all and we are nonetheless.
Key; it is all about what is here now already. More so is here, in addition too what we consider beyond, rather than more so all else is within the here now. For anything that might be useful to know, understand or practice for some afterlife...
It is infinitely more pertinent, potent and poignantly powerful in and for the here now of our embodiments.
I have suggested our will, and willingness is the ultimate path maker, breaker and taker. Amazing to understand that all that is most acute that will make what may be a difference none short of what heaven and or hell is like, right here on earth, embodied.~
~Temple body, temple earth!!!~
~This will or which I can call the X-factor is changeable by our whims ultimately and only. That it can shift, be shifted, will and does so even subtly, if acutely aware or not. Though all that can or does follow can be instantaneous, that is our will and the powerful deep reaching impacts.~
I look forward to this;
~'that', 'greatest show on earth'~
~and the 'greater things', his-story, her-story and our story and stories as we claim or seem to know them or not!!! This prowess is wondrous, it is!!!~
Umm WOW!!! heart emoticon heart emoticon smile emoticon
~The problems are here and inherent, illusory yet (may be) easily discerned, solvable yielding an ever increasing wonder of the unfolding futures of universal desires, some would call our 'inherent rights' and some 'our rightful inheritance'. Our past and present will support more so by our gregarious natures than have to have it condemn ourselves and one another with our otherwise self pitying defiant wreckages, by other nature. And remain in some status quo of too many everyday offensive defensive ploys.~
~I leave the further ponderous wonders as they have always been, yours!!!~ ~ heart emoticon heart emoticon R
<3 <3 :) :) R
Sa Sa Ra Jul 2015
I used to sing this song, 'Fire and Rain', well at least in part with depth along beaches up on the cape, Cape Cod just off Wellfleet Harbor sentiment and feelings ran deep. Faithful winds consoled loyally, gifts from the sky I had found too sparse by humanities sake where they should be first off most clear...1976 was a bit more than the loss of a brother by blood. A kind of partner just recently made clear as clear can be...ring a perfect bell, skies you find with purple moons crystalized, two were gathered in some most appropriate spirit...met with powerful company and prowess, resting assured on those fundamentals yet only.
There are various ideas and tales told about this song...reasons all so close to home for those who had any idea really, understood by now. My father who lost his son too already knew about;

Just yesterday morning, they let me know you were gone.
Suzanne, the plans they made put an end to you.
I walked out this mornin', and I wrote down this song;
I just can't remember who to send it to.

Not too long before my father was conceding not necessarily satisfaction with a life lived well all told as he understood more about than could muster. Born into things that still condone not his faults but still a life then miraculous.
He spoke of Suzanne and at least looked forward to 'seeing her once again' in some afterlife and Heaven he was sure was waiting. I know about judgment. There's right and wrong and we can discern these things regardless of what we get into. There is a the verb judgmental, and what does love got to with it. It's about pain and guidance not being processed. I believe he judged correctly Heaven was awaiting, and he would work for it if and as need be there where he may have come short as we all do in at least some small part here. No stranger to adversity and accomplishment with some tough missions.
In some strange way with little information he laid just a bit out like the tip of an iceberg just revealed from the fog by one sunny day. Fulfill a thousand plans and ten thousand remain apparently your wishful thinking.
You don't lay down your life in a day for others. You have spent a lifetime becoming that being. A strange warrior and perhaps corrupt priest in some way. He kept it mostly to himself and beyond being an obvious imprinter he left me in faith 'a mine'.
We all have them, what will actually behoove us all...

Lay out your heart of gold;
fear not, it's only time upon us
that keeps us here in some state
of hope and salvation;
then only hoped for
where the words not spoken
about the path that remains
is only token
is only love

<3 <3 R
"The "Suzanne" mentioned in the lyrics to "Fire and Rain" wasn't Taylor's girlfriend or fiancĂ©e, but merely an acquaintance (Suzanne Schnerr) whom he had met while he was a teenager in New York in 1966-67 performing (with friends Danny Kortchmar and Joel O' Brien) as part of a group called The Flying Machine. As quoted in Timothy White's biography of him, Taylor said that "I knew Suzanne well in New York, and we used to hang out together and we used to get high together; I think she came from Long Island. She was a kid, like  all of us."

Her death "ruled a suicide";

"Suzanne, the plans they made put an end to you."

Taylor here denoting, not a simple suicide. Or suicide at all...:(
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