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Baby just talk to me
You have words
Please let me hear them
I know they're about me

it should be known
Trust is a factor
i could hide it
but im a bad actor

this is a bitter thing
i dont want to tase it
so much silence
feels like time wasted

They must be secrets
Yes this i can see
but baby i promise
you secrets are safe with me.
This body is a memory
Like a phantom ache
For fingertips
For lips
For fists

There was the rug-burn

I sleep most comfortably on my belly
No blanket

From when he brought the belt loop
Buckle pinching neck
The carpet not as soft
As curls of fabric
Felt like razorblades and fire
Skin so red and raw
Window open it cooled me like a slow breath
On tomato soup
There were days my body looked like tomato soup

This body is a memory
For the soft against my chest
Puzzle piece breath
In the ways I want to fit

I want to taste your mouth like a cannibal
Lips so full of blood I want to bite them

Some days I want you to single cell me
For simply the fight and the ****

This body is a memory
A gentle tickle
Some things I’d rather forget
Phone book bruises
Elbow torque and knuckle gut

Some things I strive to remember
Beer breath kisses
Head on chest
Hold you like an embarrassed birthmark
Because I don’t want my arm to fall asleep
But I don’t want to move you either
Under the weeping willow tree,
I heard my swan sing one last time,
about truth and illusions,
that broke my heart in to pieces;
winging away from me  for ever,
my broken heart repeatedly told,
**but, how could I stop, a river,
in spate, that won't stop, even if it wants.
The quiet was nice before
But now it's starting to irk me.

It echoes with everything I've been avoiding,
this sinister road on the highway to everywhere.
Instead of no where.

At least no where I would be lost..
Infinite space, time and control.

Stuck in the void means there are no expectations.
Trapped in endless space with only your mind to fill it.
No outside voices, nothing telling you how you should be.

People empower you, want certain things for you, raise you on a pedestal
...You're not even sure you can keep up, to fulfill their desires for you.

But you say nothing...
                                      Keep quiet...
                                                             Float to the background.
As you have skillfully done for years.

Take the situation and control it, own it, make it yours.
Force it to produce the outcome that you, only you wish to see.

Recognize that you desire and work to acquire.
Life is too short to make every body happy, but,
Too long to live alone.
Your lips
Were the first thing I noticed
Gently parted
Breathing in and out

Oh to be your words
Conceived within your mind
Born upon your lips


Your lips are ******* poetry.
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