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Jay Mance Sep 2015
Funny thing is you think that its okay,
breaking my heart the way that you do.
Who would've thought
I wasnt like what you're used to?

You say I was wrong,
I say I was right.
We just say things at the wrong time, putting up a fight.

You said it's goodbye too
but I can't resist missing you.
Why couldn't it be
me and you?

 I've gotta say, cupid got the first hit.
You're such a challenge,
Is it worth it?
I want you more,
More than you could ever realize.
From your deepest demons
To the angel in your eyes.

All this time passes by.
I can't forget your face.
Making my way to your heart,
I need to win this race.

If you want love,
I want the same thing.
I want it all baby.
You are the one for me,
It shouldn't be that hard to see.

We can take forever if we wanted to.
All you gotta say is I Do.
You can open up,
I won't abuse you.
We can do things
If you let me through.

I want you to want me,
want you to need me,
want you to tell me
I'm your everything.
It's there...
I know it's somewhere,
your love for me.
Jay Mance Dec 2013
Wish it didn't matter
what I did then
All that should matter
is what I'm doing
right now..

I'd do anything for you
at all costs
your wish is my command
but I understand.

I should have told you sooner
but we had such a good thing
baby I didn't wanna lose it all.

I kept this secret too long from you.

You know you'll always be
my girl.
Jay Mance Oct 2013
This is a new story,
Like Romeo & Juliet.
or maybe it was a different one...
I dunno
I seem to forget.

Oh wait i know!
its more like Adam & Eve,
the Garden of Eden
Oh yes!
That's a better comparison i believe.

Lets get into it....
Its hard to put in words..
Like explaining an addiction,
or trying to sing in a room full of birds.

I'll start with a description
of a girl that  overdosed on
no prescription.

Brown eyes,
Soft lips,
perfect height,
that hair,
mmm... those hips.

So tempting,
But she is not my Eve.
I'd say she is my apple,
A taste you would not believe.

I knew ahead of time,
what I was getting into.
But I can say I didn't care.
Especially after what I'd been through.
But that's a different story.

I'm in love with this girl,
and its safe to say its real.
Unlike last time,
she loves me too..
This I truly feel.

But to get into the title,
there's just one barrier...
There are these few beautiful people..
One of which Carried her.
They wouldn't approve,
but I continue to push.
against a wall that won't move.

I wanted a piece of that Forbidden Fruit,
despite the warnings to stay away.
But I'm in love what do you expect me to do?
I guess we'll charge it to a part of the game.
Jay Mance Aug 2013
Alright so now it gets silly
No wait its getting real
I've sat by long enough
Its time to say what I feel.
You've spent so much time
Turning me into the Joker
I've tried to stay calm
But **** that this isn't poker.
You might wanna stop reading
Because this will be a long one,
My heart has stopped beating
And my rage burns like the Sun.

Let's recap on some things
Take a look from my perspective.
I wanted to preserve our bond
But I've got a new objective..

You made me the bad guy,
Because I agreed with your mother.
Its as if you forgot the good,
Almost like we never loved each other.

Yeah I called you selfish
But tell me I was wrong.
All the things you kept hidden
I can't remember how long
I waited for you to show emotion
Because that mask was a ******* lie
It's sad,
I saw it all
You were only truthful when you cry.
Oh since he teaches you to love,
Was that a lie too?
A year and two months,
Was it wasted on you?

I've got more to say
But I'll save it for the next one.
I've got to cool down
But this rant its not done.
Jay Mance Jul 2013
Longing dusty roads
Here I come.
Longing winding trails of life
Here I come.
Don't know where I'm going
But I sure know where I'm from.
I don't know
What the futures got for me..

So many highways
So many by ways
As I journey on..

Climb over the mountains,
Cross over the waters..
Deep waters
I gotta move on...

Here I come,
Watching my stride.
Here I come,
Still got my pride.
Here I come,
Watching the line.
Here I come,
Biding my time..
Jay Mance Jul 2013
Lightning strikes
so turn off the lights..

Beware the loss of power
in this heavy rain shower..

Is what I hear thundering?
Maybe its just God's tummy Rumbling...

Gusts of wind blowing
Light flood, river flowing..

The sun comes out and rainbows begin to form...
That lets me know this is the good part of the storm..
Jay Mance Jul 2013
That brings me to my current state,
quickly growing into a better man.
Moving forward at an increasing rate,
no longer expecting her to understand.
But I know I have a clean slate.

A few girls tried to hook me,
but nah I didn't take the bait.
I think I said it before,
I see this path as truly straight.
This newfound freedom,
the feel of change and yes its great.
I can say I'm over you,
and yeah I know you can relate.
But I'm done with curveballs,
just wait till the right girl hits the plate.
I can live my life without you,
so rest assured that there's no hate.
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